I urge everyone, especially doubters and skeptics, to reach out and obtain a copy of a DVD documentary titled, “The Third Jihad.” This film is one of the best to date, which brings out in stark detail, the threat to the western world of radical Islam’s plans toward eventual domination.

Narrated by Phoenix physician named Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, himself a devout Muslim who loves America, who brings insights, knowledge and credibility to the topic. The film also features other intellectuals and scholars, including Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who illustrates succinctly, but without doubt, that the process of conquering the west is not going to be by terror, but by gradual infiltration of all our institutions until Sharia Law eventually replaces our own constitution. It may sound off the charts, but it happens to be a fact. And the best weapon in the hands of our enemy, is our own blind ignorance.

 The film is divided into a number of segments including quotations by radicals throughout the world, including many within our own country. Those of you who are still enamored by the organization CAIR, need to take a step back and watch this video.

When you see these fanatics demonstrating in the streets, they are the same “moderate” Muslims who are working in our retail stores, our schools and our government, who we love and defend.

This is not about Islamophobia. Dr. Jasser points out that the jihadists are a small percentage of the world of Muslims, but they are a formidable force to be reckoned with, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, and zillions of petro dollars from the mid-east, which I’ve often written about in my blogs and my book. All of this is verifiable, for those who would bother to check it out.

Political correctness and self-defeating capitulation is burying the UK, France and other nations in Europe. In truth, the enemy doesn’t need bombings, terror or Al Qaeda. All they need are the threat of terror, and birth rates, which are four times that of western women. A matter of mathematics, considering the fact that the world is now home to 1.4 billion Muslims, and growing rapidly. When all is said and done — as will be witnessed by our great-grandchildren, the good and decent Muslims, such as Dr. Jasser, will be caught up in the revolution, while Jews, Christians and even atheists will be subjected to a horrid life of subjugation.

And we do nothing, (WE meaning, the American people in general…including politicians and the media and all the naysayers) but bury our heads and make excuses…while people like myself are ridiculed and called names. All the evidence is out there, for the asking. It’s just a matter of opening one’s eyes.

I have asserted in a number of writings, that our greatest threat is not from terrorists, but from the deceivers who pose as moderates while infiltrating the infrastructure of the United States, much the same as they are doing in Europe. The film points out a number of such examples.

Thus, while we use our resources around the world in the form of military might, the enemy is waltzing through the back door, literally and figuratively. This is not a war that will be won with planes and guns.

Earlier this summer, the new administration appointed two devout Muslims to high level security positions in the Department of Homeland Security. One only has to access Google, to see a plethora of articles and blogs disclosing their backgrounds and dangers this poses to our sleeping nation. Start with this one, then search beyond:


Click here: Obama Appoints

When I watched “The Third Jihad” earlier this evening on the American Life cable channel, they offered DVDs for sale via a 1-800 number. Not uncommon, right? But what followed was curiously uncommon. My wife called to buy a copy, and — of course — she was put on hold to wait for someone to answer the call. Wait she did, not for ten minutes, not for twenty minutes, but for almost two hours listening to a recorded message saying “Your call is important….be with you in a few minutes.” No one ever answered.

Two Hours!

 I can’t prove it, but it came to mind: Thousands of people could easily be motivated by a sinister source to flood the lines with an unyielding response of calls that would basically jam the system. The network is world wide…and in the age of cell phones and text, an easy chore for the well organized.

Get a copy. View it. And, be prepared.

 Click here: The Third Jihad