Seems the Attorney General of the United States is waging a vindictive campaign, under color of law, to seek, discredit and perhaps indict and punish operatives of the past administration who engaged in an ill-defined interrogation technique called “water boarding.” It is also very obvious to anyone with half a brain that the ultimate goal is to nail the biggest of fish in the Bush administration who supported and/or approved of these practices.

This is, in fact, a war tactic. It’s a war of politics at its worst, a war that plants the seed for further breakdown of our security infrastructure which can only endanger our forces overseas and our citizens on the domestic front.

Seven past directors of the CIA – from both parties — have sent letters to the president imploring him to stop Eric Holder from continuing on this dangerous path. He hasn’t.

The present CIA Director, Leon Panetta, has pleaded with the president, to pull the reins on Mr. Holder. He hasn’t.

Of course, we all wondered why the president appointed someone to be CIA Director who had absolutely no background in that field. Now I have a better idea.

The risks are dire:

1 – Damaged morale with the ranks of all governmental intelligence units will inhibit the will to do their jobs, and do them effectively. This will translate to doing less, which translates to peril for our nation, because “intelligence” is the most important weapon we have in this kind of war.

2 – Damaged morale in the CIA and other intelligence units will create fear and mistrust of our own government leaders. If operatives feel distrustful of their superiors, they will be less likely to take risks. It’s common sense.

3 – Our image overseas as a trusted partner among our allies will diminish. After all, if we can’t trust ourselves, how can they?

4 – The infighting and mistrust within the ranks and among our allies, is exactly what our enemies hope for, for it weakens our resolve, and thus, our effectiveness.

One can only wonder what the true motive is behind these actions.

There has been much discussion about the definition of “torture” especially as it applies to water boarding. In fact, water boarding involves no maiming and leaves no injury. Its intent, to be blunt, is to scare the crap out of someone who is thought to have vital information which can ultimately save the lives of soldiers and/or innocent people. And, it has done just that.

This administration would have us believe that the CIA of yore had gone on a torture spree. Not the case. These methods were used sparingly and rarely. In fact, it’s been used on three suspects, all of whom are confirmed terrorists, one of whom planned the 9/11 attack that killed 3000 people. (Khalid Sheik Mohammed) And, the confessions derived therefrom have saved countless innocent lives that were on-tap for a terror attack at the U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles, California.

Kudos to the CIA… or any law enforcement agency…for preventing innocent deaths.

Anyone want to compare the interrogation techniques that are used by our enemies, none of which seem to come under scrutiny by any other government body, including the United Nations?

Beheadings, eye gougings, being burned alive, stoning deaths, torturing genitals, amputations, broken arms, legs, backs and necks, dental removals…all teeth, thrown alive from airplanes, etc. Shall I continue?

Oh, my. We wetted three terrorists. Let’s try to arrest the formerVice-president.

In case our esteemed leaders haven’t figured it out by now, the enemy doesn’t give a damn about any Geneva convention. We’re playing a game where the enemy may cheat all they want. But our side cannot cheat.

If one side of a football came can cheat beyond imagination, and the other side cannot cheat, guess who’s going to win?

War isn’t pretty. Most important, more than anything, is winning. If we don’t win, we won’t be around for the next war.

All of this gives cause to look a bit deeper into Mr. Obama’s hot pick for our chief law enforcement officer, Eric Holder. Who is this guy?

* He’s the guy whose law firm (before his AG appointment) has been representing seventeen of the Yemeni terrorists at the Guantanamo Base in Cuba. Three thousand pro-bono hours by attorneys inside the firm of Covington &Burling. A study of released detainees who returned to the battelfield and/or become suicide bombers is horrific with tales of innocent carnage.

* He, along with the administration, is pushing for Gitmo detainees to be brought into the U.S. to stand trial. Though they are not charged with any domestic criminal charges, this means they will be entitled to legal representation…at the cost of the American taxpayer. Imagine taking a group Nazi soldiers as POWs in WWII, and transporting them to Virginia so we could provide them lawyers?

* He’s the guy who brokered the prison commutations (by President Clinton) of 16 members of FALN in 1999, a Marxist, Puerto Rican domestic terror group responsible for untolled numbers of bombings, killings and maimings in New York City and other places. Google it.

* He’s the guy who brokered the controversial pardon of sleazeball tax evader, Marc Rich, whose wife had donated huge sums to the Clinton campaigns and to his library.

* He’s the guy who’s behind the new requirement that soldiers advise all captured enemy combatants, in Afghanistan and Iraq, of their Miranda Rights. Every American cop and lawyer knows, that the Miranda rights rule applies to suspects arrested for domestic crimes within the United States, and it has nothing to do with issues involving a foreign war. Can you imagine how the Army squad sergeant feels standing there before a Taliban terrorist, telling him not to talk, and we’ll give him a free lawyer if he wants?

Who side is this man on?

Eric Holder left a $2 million salary, which included a separation pay of another $1 million plus a lucrative retirement plan, to take a government job for $186,000 a year.

Naturally, the bigger question, is why was he appointed in the first place? And why is the president approving this, contrary to the advice of so many experts in the field?

I’m afraid to ask: What’s next?

I agree that water boarding terrorists should not be employed, except as a last resort. But if it saves innocent lives and secures the future of America, as it allegedly did in the case of terrorist Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, I vote to look the other way in deference to a higher priority: The preservation of our union.

This kind of war cannot be won with guns and planes. Intelligence is the most important ingredient for success. Without it, we’re dead in the water. The needs of national security must trump Eric Holder’s witch hunt. If it doesn’t, the consequences will be grim, and we’re in big trouble.