Rep. Joe Wilson (R. SC) was out of line during President Obama’s speech when he shouted, “You lie.” He admitted as much and apologized…not for what he said, but for his impulsive and disrespectful outburst.

Wilson’s point was in response to the president’s reference to illegal aliens, and that safeguards are supposedly in place that would preclude them from accessing free health care.

Many folks, besides Mr. Wilson, simply don’t believe the president. Not entirely, anyway.

As Paul Harvey would say, “…The rest of the story…”

The issue of providing health care for illegals is a major stumbling block for the administration in getting the bill passed. It’s bad enough that foreigners feel they can blatantly break our laws by the millions with impunity, but to be afforded jobs, social services and health care at the expense of American taxpayers is considered outrageous. The bill, as presented by congress and addressed by the president, does exclude illegal immigrants, but does it matter if there is no way to enforce the bill? Does it matter if millions of illegals have phoney social security numbers? Does it matter if millions of illegals have managed to obtain state drivers licenses…which opens the flood gates for their social services?

In a recent article by David Patten, for, Steve Camarota, from the Center for Immigration Studies was quoted with some interesting comments. Here’s part of the article:

Supporters of so-called ‘Obamacare’ point out that the measures being drafted all specifically forbid illegal aliens from gaining coverage. But conservatives say those stipulations are useless without the normal enforcement procedures which Democrats omitted.
“Obama is correct,” Steven Camarota, director of research for the Center for Immigration Studies, tells Newsmax. “The legislation states illegals won’t get the affordability credits [to pay for their healthcare]. But Wilson’s comment is correct in that the normal enforcement mechanism was excluded from the bill. I think that’s the fundamental question.”
Camarota’s organization has estimated that due to the lack of enforcement provisions — which were specifically excluded from the legislation when it was being drafted — healthcare reform would benefit 6.6 million illegals at a cost of some $31 billion.

“In that sense it is disingenuous.” Camarota tells Newsmax, “to argue that the bill is excluding illegal immigrants. I’m not going to say lie. It’s disingenuous. It’s not entirely correct. And that’s a big deal.”

Rep. Dean Heller, R-Nev., had offered an amendment that would have prevented illegal aliens from receiving government-subsidized healthcare under the proposed plan. The House Ways and Means Committee nixed the Heller amendment by a 26-to-15 vote along straight party lines.

Many states give illegals drivers licenses, which will be sufficient to get free healthcare under the plan. Critics also contend that millions of illegals already have counterfeit Social Security cards or other fraudulent documents. There also is no enforcement mechanism in the legislation to prevent illegals who use fake IDs from also obtaining taxpayer-subsidized health insurance.

GOP representatives introduced the amendment to provide a way to weed out non-citizens from the program. A description of the amendment on Heller’s Web site states, “The underlying bill is insufficient for the purpose of preventing illegal aliens from accessing the bill’s proposed benefits, as it does not provide mechanisms allowing those administering the program to ensure illegal aliens cannot access taxpayer-funded subsidies and benefits.”

 Here’s another angle to ponder:

 Illegal aliens may indeed be constitutionally excluded from health care benefits, but what about the impending legislation for immigration reform, which is certain to rise its head once again from within the White House and Congress during the next two sessions? Illegals may be excluded, all right, but not after they are given amnesty by new legislation. That, conceivably, will dump 12 to 20 million new legal immigrants into the social service rolls, including health care.

It will also give some politicians a whole new, juicy voting block.

There’s always a method to the madness.