Someone recently asked to clarify my position on why it’s inappropriate for the president of the United States to be making speeches to school kids in their classrooms. It was a fair question. After all, his speech seemed relatively innocuous, mostly advice about staying in school, and so forth.

Here’s the problem, in a nutshell.

It’s wrong for any politician, republican or democrat, senator, governor or president, to be electronically feeding information into children’s classrooms. It’s just as wrong for Bush and Reagan as it is for Barack Obama. Here’s why:

No politician anywhere, no matter who, commits to such an endeavor without first weighing and deciding the political benefits. It’s a calculated move, not just by the president, but by his team of advisors. Those who think altruistically, that it was some heartfelt need to pass his thoughts on to youngsters en masse, live in dreamland.

The political benefit is simple. While the outer message may seem harmless, there is a more subtle message being spoon fed to kids; This president is a really great guy. This president is to be admired. This president is a hero. Wowie, what a great president.

I realize this was only one speech, but it’s a beginning. It all starts with baby steps. And it should be stopped in its tracks.

Folowing the speech, there are no counter politicians to make other remarks.  Thus, it’s a one-way indoctrination effort, which in turn, is designed to sway the minds of those kids when they reach the voting booths in 2012 and 2016

I’m sure this is a carefully thought-out plan, not so much by Mr. Obama, but by the powers behind him within the party, who are thinking ahead to the next election. Fifteen year-old kids vote next time. Even 11 year-olds will vote in 2016, perhaps for the chosen successor to Mr. Obama. The kids are a fertile reservoir for mind games.

One doesn’t have to be a historian to know that this is an old ploy, having been used by government despots in years past, that being, to reach out to children where minds are fresh and pliable. The most extreme, or course, was Hitler. But, it was also used by Mao, Stalin, Castro, and Ho. Reach out to the children. Gather the youth. It’s an old, but effective, tactic.

Mr. Obama was not wrong to tell kids to stay in school. But there are parents, teachers, sports figures and rock stars our there, all kinds of role models and heros, who are doing just that, who aren’t manipulating kids for political gain. We should keep politics out of the classroom, and to do that, we must keep politicians out of the classroom. All of them.

Recently, there has been a hoopla about kids being indoctrinated to sing praises of Obama in the classroom. Some say, it’s a one-time anomaly, but it’s not true. That’s also reminiscent of oppressive nations in years past. Administrators and teachers who endorse such a policy, should be fired. Parents, meanwhile, should express their outrage and demand these things be stopped. It’s not any different than indoctrinating kids to love Allah, God or Jesus in public schools. That’s not what the kids are there for.

To be further aghast, here’s a trio of videos which exhibit these kinds of indoctrinations. Pay particular attention to the third link:

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