Greatest All-time TV Sitcoms?

Finally, a few thoughts on the lighter side.

Most people will call me an old fogey, but the truth remains, I cannot find any modern sitcom shows that match the great writing, acting and humor of by-gone days when many of the shows were performed before a live audience and canned laughter was not always needed to instigate laughter.

I realize Seinfeld, Everyone Loves Raymond and Frasier were all big hits, but I often found myself scratching my head at the sound of uproarious laughter when there was nothing that funny about the dialogue. Rare did those shows trigger a belly laugh to compare to The Honeymooners and All In The Family.

Okay, enough with the rant. Here’s my list of the top ten sitcoms of all time:


All In The Family

The Honeymooners

I Love Lucy

The Jeffersons

The Cosby Show


Night Court

The Golden Girls


The Nanny


Five Honorable mentions:



Dick Van Dyke Show

Different Strokes

Three’s Company

The Odd Couple


Okay, your choices?