Perhaps it’s time for Jimmy Carter’s admission into a nursing home.

In a recent town hall meeting in Atlanta, Mr. Carter expressed his feelings that the outburst by South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson (“You Lie”) at the president, was an act of racism. He further added, “There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president.”

Is that the best you can do, Mr. Carter? Are you unable to dispute the level of truth-skewing by President Obama? Can you not stick to the issue at hand, without accusing people of a motive you cannot support?

Please, news media. You paid no attention to Reagan’s comments in his post presidential years, please do the same with the man who should never have been president in the first place.

True, Joe Wilson’s spontaneity was uncalled for and he was reprimanded for that by the House. He also apologized to the president, not for what he said, but for the rudeness of the moment.

That being said, it would only take a pea-brain to equivocate any and all anti-Obama feelings as “racism.” Seems, when pro-Obama people run out of any intelligent debate on an opposing argument regarding the president, they reach out for the last resort — the race card.

I have had friends accuse me of racism because of my opposition to many of Obama’s beliefs and policies. I would ask: Is that the best you can do? Can you not debate the issues without injecting race? Race doesn’t enter my mind when I criticize the costs of his health care plan, why does it enter yours? Race doesn’t enter my mind when I worry about his selling Israel out to the Arab world, why does it enter yours? Race doesn’t enter my mind when I distrust his character and worry about his past sordid relationships, why does it enter yours?

So, who’s the racist?

Was it racism when millions of people disagreed with Colin Powell’s sales pitch to the UN? Was it racism when millions of people disagreed with Condi Rice on matters in international diplomacy? Is it racism when readers disagree with syndicated columnists, like Walter Williams, Clarence Page and Thomas Sowell, all who happen to be black?

In many of my past writing, and in my book “Militant Islam In America,” I sharply criticized President G.W. Bush for his chummy and harmful relationship with the Saudis, and for starting the unnecessary Iraq war. Does that make me a racist, because President Bush was white?

Now comes former president, Jimmy Carter, who cannot think of another reason for people to disagree with Mr. Obama, other than the fact that he happens to be black. And we listen to him.

Shame on everyone who buys into that.

Cal Thomas wrote a compelling article, same subject, which covered the issue better than I. Some of you will say, “Well, what else, he’s a conservative!” To those, I would submit: We can learn from smart people on both sides of the aisle. I have learned from liberal writers, as well as conservative. Because Thomas is usually conservative, that doesn’t automatically render him incorrect.

Read his op-ed.

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