Americans will soon tire of our new president sucking up to the Muslim world by denigrating our country as the one to blame for all their problems. Mr. Obama would be wise to realize that he was elected president of the United States, not planet Earth.

The Iraq war stands as the convenient wedge for which the president apologizes, calling it a “war of choice.” While that may or may not be true, I’m sure it doesn’t set well with the families of fallen American soldiers to hear Mr. Obama make such a global announcement, as though our sons and daughters sacrificed and died for a wasteful cause.

In fact, long before any war with Iraq, relations with the Muslim world has long been a source of consternation, particularly since radical Islamists have been murdering innocents around the world by the multi-thousands in the name of Allah. One could cite hundreds of terror attacks, not only in America and Europe, but also in southern Asia, and throughout Africa, including hundreds of thousands killed in Algeria. Many of the victims have been fellow Muslims, deemed martyrs by radicals because they died for the cause of Jihad.

Listening to the president, one would think the mid-east Palestinian crisis is wholly the fault of Israel. We forget about the pre-WW II Arab Muftis from the mid-east conspired in the late 1930s and 1940s with Hitler to participate in the “final solution.” Truth be said, the hatred of Jews is long standing, not just in the current era, but for 1400 years since the living days of the prophet Muhammed. Jewish hatred has been taught to Muslim children around the world by their parents and clerics for centuries, long before Israel was even an idea, yet a country.

While he revels in Muslim plaudits for every mea culpa and talks tough about demanding Israeli concessions, the entire tone of his speeches in Egypt, and earlier in other mid-east countries, draws concern among many Americans about where his true loyalties lie. His many references to the past shows disrespect, if not contempt for his predecessor. (“The U.S. has been arrogant, derisive and divisive”) It seems highly inappropriate and unprecedented for a new president to hop around the globe pointing out how the past president was all wrong, and he is all right. One might remind Mr. Obama that nearly 60 million Americans voted against him.

Reaching out to the Muslim world is one thing, but this borders on groveling. Yes, we need better relations with the 1.2 billion people on this planet who practice the Islamic faith. But respect doesn’t come from words of conciliation, it comes from deeds. Besides, it’s not just America’s job alone. The world of Islam must assume much of the responsibility to mend these estrangements, for it is the radical side of their religion that has caused havoc in all four corners of the world — for a very long time. And, that radical side are not all terrorists. How many thousands of non-terrorist Muslims danced in the streets of New York, Chicago and London when they heard about the successful mass murders of 9/11?

Instead of accepting blame on our behalf, the president would do better to balance his addresses with some well-deserved praise for our country, pointing out how generous American taxpayers have often been there to defend and protect Muslims everywhere.

* Thousands of American servicemen have been buried in military graves after defending Muslim nations from aggression and human rights violations in Bosnia, Croatia, Somalia, Kuwait and Afghanistan, twice. (Once in their defense against the USSR) Why wasn’t this mentioned?

* Every time there is a crisis caused by earthquakes, tsunamis and cyclones, America is at the forefront deploying resources and technology around the world, saving lives and bring order to the lives of millions. It matters not whether the victims are Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Jewish. He could have pointed that out.

* The United States taxpayer provides over $20 billion in foreign aid to 150 counties in the world. Of the top fifteen recipients, eleven are Muslim nations, including Egypt, Afghanistan, Jordan, Indonesia and Pakistan. Worthy of mention?

* According to the annual Index of Global Philanthropy, nearly $100 billion in foreign aid is provided by America’s private sector. This comes from foundations, corporations, religious organizations and private individuals, much of which is dedicated to Muslims throughout Africa and Asia.

* The president failed to point out how Muslims in the U.S. enjoy full religious freedom — contrary to many of their own countries — and that many thousands of Muslims are granted student visas every year to attend American institutions of higher learning.

* While America’s leader portrays our nation as an abuser of human rights (i.e. Gitmo, Abu Graib, Iraq invasion, etc.) he boldly bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, calling that nation a friend of America. Meanwhile, he fails to hold them accountable for gross violations of human rights that are routinely practiced in that country with impunity. (beheadings, honor killings, subjugation of women) Neither does he mention how the Saudis have rewarded the families of martyrs (murderers) with cash rewards for killing Jews. Neither has he mentioned that Saudi Arabia finances 80 percent of the mosques in America, yet if Mr. Obama, or anyone else, so much as carried a Bible in the streets of Riyadh, he would be imprisoned.

* Criticism of the past administration may draw applause from Muslims, but it overlooks how Mr. Bush continually defended Islam and referred to it as a “religion of peace,” much to the chagrin of relatives from the 9/11 attack, and thousands of other victims of terror from around the globe.

One day, perhaps, the Muslim world will present a great leader who will rise from within to denounce not only terrorism, but global jihad, and show us all that it is possible for non-Muslims and Muslims to live in peace, everywhere. That … is what is needed, rather than a president basically denouncing America. Mea culpas from an international Islamist leader, and an outstretched hand of conciliation, agreeing to work side by side with the free world to rid it of terror, jihad and human rights violations, would be most welcomed on this side of the Atlantic.

Then again, is it possible that the Islamist world already has that leader?