People like myself often write blog articles which necessitate documenting or validating information. Credibility is important. Therefore, I generally avoid off-the-wall opinions unless I can back them up with solid reasoning or hard-cold facts.

In this case, I offer my beliefs and/or opinions about the so-called “war on terror” based primarily on my past research and investigation into the world of Islamo-fascism in order to write a book titled, “Militant Islam In America.” These “beliefs” are not anchored in hard-cold facts, though there is plenty of information out there — historical and current — that should wake up any American with an IQ more than two digits.

These beliefs are also born of a 30-year career dealing with criminal minds and the art of deception.

These are opinions. Simply opinions. Digest them, ignore them, consider them, or ignore them. As you wish.

I believe there is no such thing as a “war on terror.” Terror is a tactic. Terror is an emotion. It’s not an enemy. The constant use of that term essentially redirects our focus from other equally serious strategies our enemy is using.

I believe that our media and government representatives carefully avoid identifying the true enemy by name, thereby using the politically correct cliche “war on terror.” I believe our enemy, and the enemy of the western free world, is unquestionably, the radical side of Islam.

I believe the radical (jihadist) side of Islam, globally, is far more formidable and wide spread than Hitler, Mussolini or Hirohito every imagined.

I believe we cannot win a war against an enemy unless we are willing to identify that enemy without reservation.

Our enemy has identified themselves in a number of documents and actions, yet we’re too stupid and ignorant to look at the mounds of data before our very noses.

I believe our enemy has declared war on us, but we haven’t declared war back. An invasion of Iraq and/or Iran is not declaring war back. The enemy is not confined to those borders.

I believe we have much to fear outside the realm of terror. I believe “terror” is but one of many tactics our enemies are using against the western world, but the western world is either too stupid or too intimidated to understand that.

I believe there is a cabal of high level Islamic forces, above the level of Osama Bin Laden, that is coordinating the jihad movement on a global level. I believe those forces are rooted in the Muslim Brotherhood.

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I believe the Muslim Brotherhood is the umbrella organization from which the jihad movement thrives, receives orders, organizes money, and forms sub-units including terrorist organizations like al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah, and domestic intimidation organizations such as CAIR, the Muslim Students Of America and more.

I believe that “moderate” or non-jihadist Muslims exist in the world, and in the U.S., but that their voice is either too weak or too intimidated to make a difference. They are afraid. So, in the overall, they don’t matter because they will have no influence in stemming the tide of jihad.

I believe our enemy has unlimited financial resources via petro-dollars from the mid-east.

I believe, on a national level, our greatest threat is Wahhabist Saudi Arabia. I believe they are so-called “friends” to our face, but enemies behind closed doors. I believe the Saudis provide the well from which the jihadists drink. (Money)

I believe every president since Carter has made grievous mistakes in sucking up to the Saudis because of the money and power they wield.

I believe the reason we have not been attacked by Islamist radicals since 9/11/01, is deliberate. Why? The growth of Islamic influence in America is succeeding according to the long-term, grand plan, and any new terror attacks would only bring negative attention to themselves. That, in turn, would erupt into unwanted laws and law enforcement investigations on the domestic front. If I were Osama Bin Laden, or the head of the Muslim Brotherhood, I’d issue an order, “No more terror attacks in the U.S. Everything is going too well. Don’t screw it up.”

I believe it’s possible that the 9/11 attacks were a diversionary tactic to focus the attention of Americans — people, media, politicians and military — to terrorism overseas. If so, it worked. All our resources fighting radical Islam and terror shifted to Iraq and Afghanistan, which has left our nation vulnerable. In doing so, with our attention diverted, it provided a clear path for Islamic radicalism to gain a foothold in the infrastructure of American institutions, including our universities and colleges, our banks, prisons and government itself. In essence, we bit the bait. We shifted focus away from our domestic side, looked everywhere else, while the enemy has been strolling in through the back door.

I believe this is an incremental project on the part of jihad, which will move so gradually, it will hardly be noticed, especially by those whose heads are buried deep into the sand. And when it is noticed, the best tactic for the jihadists is intimidation. (i.e. global riots after the Danish cartoons, preventing speakers from presenting anti-jihad talks at universities, keeping the media in check, etc.) It works.

I believe we are nearing the slippery slope. If we do not alter our strategy soon, it’s likely that our great-granddaughters will be wearing Hijabs — or even abayas — by the end of this century, women’s rights will become laughable, Sharia law will prevail and the constitution will become impotent, usurped by the Koran. Freedom of speech will be relegated to the history books, if they even exist. Not long after, Jews will become extinct, and Christians will be subject to dhimmitude (special tax for non-believers).

I believe we will have no one to blame, but ourselves…because all the signs have been there, and we ignored them.

I believe when the jihad is near to fruition, conversions to Islam will be massive because people in general are cowards, and feel a need to belong to the majority. Massive indoctrination of children will bring about closure to the jihad movement, and in following generations, the world will have become enveloped by Islam…just like it did in all of the mid-east and north Africa.

These are things I believe. I hope I am wrong. I truly hope I am wrong.