What a world we live in.

Can you imagine a clothing style where women … especially fat women…wear low rise pants and skirts so their guts can hang over for all to admire?

Can you imagine a dress style in America where young men walk around with their pants hanging under the cheeks of their ass, so their underwear is completely exposed? And parents say it’s okay?

Can you imagine youngsters on a dance floor doing nothing other than dry sex with clothes on? Welcome to 2009, folks.

Can you imagine admiring performers like Frankie Avalon, Frank Sinatra or Ray Charles singing lyrics about raping women, killing cops and using drugs…and our kids make them rich by buying millions of their records? Welcome to gangsta rap. And these guys win Grammy awards. Well…after all, Elvis wiggled his pelvis, right?

Can you imagine school officials strip searching a 13 year-old girl, because she was caught with an Advil? Or suspending a 9 year-old for giving a Cert mint to a friend? Again, welcome to 2009. It just happened in Manassas, Va.

Can you imagine arresting a 19 year-old for having consensual sex with a 17 year-old girl, then sentencing him to prison for ten years? Genarlow Wilson. Google him.

Can you imagine a college senior with no criminal record, being sentenced to life in prison with no parole, for introducing a cocaine buyer to a seller? Google Clarence Aaron.

Can you imagine, a world where murderous pirates ravage the high seas for years on end, by the thousands, kidnaping hostages like snatching stray puppies, killing people, firing on innocents every day aboard vessels, and when they are captured…guess what? They are released… to do it again? Har har har. The laughs on us.

Can you imagine the reactions from Thomas Jefferson, or even Harry Truman, when we tell them our Homeland Security Secretary says immigrating illegally into the U.S. is not a crime?

Napolitano: “…when we find illegal workers … some of which is criminal, most of that is civil, because crossing the border is not a crime per se.”

Can you even imagine what the founding fathers would think if they were told we have allowed almost 20 million aliens into our country illegally and our taxpayers will foot the bill for their health and housing costs.

Can you imagine capturing enemy combatants who have sworn to kill as many of us as they can, and then releasing them back to their army to kill again…while the war still wages? Are you shaking your heads?

Can you imagine someone like Adolf Hitler being called to speak at an international summit on human rights, racism and tolerance? Of course not.

But can you imagine, Ahmadinejad, the Jew-hating, gay-hating, nuke threat from Iran who swears to annihilate Israel, being invited to speak at an international summit on racism and tolerance? Of course not. Wait. Imagine it again because it just happened in Geneva, where representatives of the European Union and other delegations walked out.

Can you imagine a leader of a major country claiming the Holocaust never happened, and people still listen to him… and applaud?

Can you imagine Dwight Eisenhower bowing waste level to anyone, yet to Nikita Khrushchev, even though he knew that the Soviet Union had designs on conquering the west? Of course not.

Can you imagine a president bowing to a Wahhabist Saudi King, who spends kazillions investing in the west for the ultimate purpose of controlling America and Europe? A Saudi king who presides over a nation that considers women chattel, who rewards suicide bombers for killing Jews, whose Islamic teachings are about hate and subjugation of women, who practice and condone honor killings and beheadings. Bowing? Our president? Of course not. But..wait…it just happened.

Can you imagine a U.S. president declaring that our country is going to cut back a missile defense system, while countries like North Korea and Iran are testing long range missiles, ostensibly for the purpose of carrying nuclear bombs that will destroy innocent people in our country, or our ally nations? That’s like dropping your gun belt while you’re in a duel to the death.

Can you imagine someone who failed to pay $34 thousand in back taxes for four years, being confirmed as the Secretary of the Treasury?

Can you imagine a member of parliament from the Netherlands being subject to criminal charges because he loves his country and speaks out against a rising threat the very existence of its culture? Can you imagine free speech relegated to the Dempsey Dumpster? Can you imagine that same Dutch diplomat being refused a visa to the UK to give a talk, because they were afraid of what Muslims would think?

Can you imagine capitulating to a country (Saudi Arabia) that demands religious tolerance in America, but imprisons anyone in their country who so much as carries a bible in their possession?

Can you imagine living in a European country (France) where a particular culture routinely goes about intimidating, terrifying and rioting everywhere, and then that country arrests an international celebrity for complaining about it… five times! Google: Brigitte Bardot.

Can you imagine an American government that sends troops 12,000 miles overseas to confront radical Islamic terrorists, yet pays no attention to thirty-five (or more) such radical enclaves right here, nestled in the confines of our own United States.

Can you imagine an America where the world of communists and radical Islamists are supporting and revelling in the new leadership of our country, and we don’t think it’s a problem for our grandchildren?

Can you imagine winning the gun war, but losing the propaganda war…and then, the tactical war of infiltration?

I can.

Can you imagine…in the wake of WWII and the holocaust … disregarding a document penned by a major international organization which spells out the war plan for conquering the west? We have done just that. “The Project” is no different than Mein Kampf…yet, we ignore.

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Can you imagine Americans naive enough to let it happen all over again, only this time it is us who apologizes to the rest of the world for being us. And we think that’s going to appease?

Can you imagine telling the world that we are not at war with Islam, when Islam — or a major radical sect within — has made it clear they are at war with us? Very, very clear.

Can you imagine fighting the Japanese and Nazi Germany, then claiming we are not at war with them, but we’re just fighting bombs and airplanes? How is that different than saying we are at war against terror?

 Can you imagine kissing the butts of those who would annihilate us…and we know that. But we do it anyway?

 What a world. I’ll take 1940, 1960 or 1980 anytime. At least we had pride.