Jews, Unite!

It’s time to go after the Egyptians and make them cough up reparation for the slavery your ancestors endured 3,500 years ago. And while you’re at it, might as well tap the Spanish, Arabs and Germans and see what you can hustle.

Why not?

Then, let’s fork over a couple hundred billion of America’s tax dollars to African-Americans as payment due for the years of slavery their ancestors suffered from 1619 to 1865. Good reason to hustle more freebees off the taxpayer.

Recession? Trillion dollar debt? So what.

Some eight years ago, it was the Reparations Assessment Group who convened to punish white America for crimes of yore. Lawyers Johnnie Cochran and Alexander J. Pires Jr. filed that lawsuit but it never went anywhere.

Now, we have the honorable (pardon the expression) Representative John Conyers, (D) of Michigan, who is sponsoring H.R. 40, The “Commission to Study Reparation Proposals for African Americans Act.” The whole idea is to muscle through a bill that will force descendents of slave owners to apologize and pay up kazillions for the dastardly crimes of their ancestors.

Excuse me? Ancestors? My mother’s grandparents immigrated from Norway in 1880. My father’s parents came over on the boat from Eastern Europe in1892. They weren’t here during the slave era.

You’re about a hundred and thirty years too late, Mr. Conyers. My apology is that I have nothing to apologize for. I have nothing to pay reparations for, nor do my ancestors. The same goes for 200 million other Americans of European, Asian and Hispanic ancestry whose distant relatives weren’t even here in the slave years. Matter of fact, the current population of slave-era descendants is far less than the descendants of those who immigrated here since the Civil War. What have they got to apologize for?

This is nothing more than a high-powered effort to exploit the race card and rake billions from American taxpayers for acts committed in another era which they had nothing to do with.

This can get catchy. Of course, Mr. Conyers is ignoring the millennium of slavery perpetrated by Muslims throughout the mid-east and Northern Africa from Muhammed’s time through and into the 20th century, which not only victimized blacks, but Europeans as well.

While we’re at it, why not titillate our two million Native Americans into litigation and start paying up for dispossessing them from their rightful homeland?

The majority of Americans think the government was dead wrong in sending a two million Americans into Viet Nam, another country’s civil war. 65,000 never came home, and for what? Maybe each one of those families ought to sue?

While we’re at it, the Salem, Massachusetts town government ought to pay the descendants of alleged witches who were wrongfully hanged and imprisoned in the aftermath of the inquisition of 1692.

Where will this end?

And who’s to collect? What about people of mixed race, who are not only descendants of slaves, but slave owners? Well, I suppose they can just pay the money to themselves.

And how does one determine that a person is black? In most places, the 1/16th bloodline qualifies a Native American for Indian status in reservation politics and benefits. Should the same apply to Blacks? And how do we determine who is 1/16th and 1/8th and 1/4th and so on, when a good number of these folks come from fatherless homes?

Then, there are descendants of slave sellers, many of whom were black as well. Perhaps they can scam a few billion for propagating the very sin they’re getting paid for.

And what of those who are nearly all white, but happen to have a great-grandmother in the lineage who was black? Eligible for the big bucks?

What about the descendants of Americans from the northern states who opposed slavery all along? What do they pay for?

Then, there are descendants of Jamaican Americans, Haitian Americans and Nigerian Americans all of whom are ready to collect, though they have no relationship to former slaves in the U.S.

Americans of Italian ancestry, as well as Polish, Greek, Spanish, German, French, Arab, Indian, Canadian, Russian, South American, Cuban, and more, have nothing to apologize nor pay reparations for. Yet, it’s their tax dollars that are at risk while the money grubbers a la John Conyers lick their chops.

In truth, the few bonafide ancestors of slave owners that are still among us have nothing to pay reparations for. Most are hard working folks of the 21st century just like everyone else who abhor the mere concept of slavery. They are guilty of nothing.

Meanwhile, the government will have to gear up and argue to defend or quash this absurd proposal designed to do nothing more than suck dollars from taxpayers and into the pockets of 36 million African-American citizens.

If this is supposed to improve race relations, I’ve got a Stradivarius violin to sell you for a twenty bucks.

It’s all for money. Nothing else. Just like sharks, they caught the scent, now they’re going after it.

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

There are more African-Americans today in this country than the entire nation’s population in 1860, which stood at 30 million, then. Census figures put us at 300 million citizens today, twelve percent of which are Hispanic and another four percent Asians. They pay taxes as well.

Minority congressmen like John Conyers are supposed to be trail blazing toward a color blind society. But that’s far from true. If the thrust of his efforts were toward a harmonious, truly color blind society, the divisive subject of reparations would never be raised. In truth, the likes of Conyers, and all those like him, kindle the very flames of hatred and racism they purport to detest, all in the name of big bucks.

Americans should speak out. The issue is soon going before the House Judiciary Committee. Write letters. The following link provides the names of all members on that committee:

Click here: Committee Members

Meanwhile, if the Conyers organization ever becomes successful, then all other ethnic groups whose ancestors suffered at the hands of slavery should start-up their own demand for reparations. That pie is big enough for a piece to everyone. Right? it?

Just what this country needs…a new wedge between the races.

The PDF file for H.R. 40 is available by clicking the first link in the opening paragraph of the following report:

Click here: H.R.40