Liberals, moderates and conservatives, lend me your ears. It’s time to unite. In the interest of all Americans, it’s time to put the issue of Barack Obama’s eligibility to rest. Everyone should want that, even those who ardently support him.

The only way that can be put to rest, is if the president authorizes the release of his original birth certificate from Honolulu. Only he can do that. And, thus far, he has refused.

Some readers will say that it doesn’t matter, they don’t care where he was born. I agree. I don’t care either. I think Henry Kissinger and Madeline Albright could have been presidential material, but…alas, the constitution prohibited them from running because they were born as citizens of another country. I would even support a constitutional amendment that permits naturalized citizens to run for president. But we’re not there, not yet.

What I do care about, is honesty. What I do care about is anyone in public office who places himself/herself above the constitution. And more than anything, I do care about the jeopardy this country is in, if it turns out that the man sitting in the Oval Office is not legally qualified to issue orders or sign documents which are vital to the interests of this country, domestic and abroad.

Exhaustive research has been conducted by reputable citizens, followed by dozens of lawsuits which challenge Obama’s eligibility. These are not just rumors. They are bonafide questions and allegations based on an array of documents, witnesses and biographical history. They are questions that need answers.

The best response so far, has been an Obama support group web site that displays a copy of a “Certification of Live Birth” bearing the president’s name, mother’s name, father’s name, date, and race denoted as “African.” (There is no “African” race. Africa is a continent, and at best, a nationality)

This link provides the aforementioned certification for review:

Click here: Fight the Smears: 



This next link provides a generic copy of what a “Certificate of Live Birth” (note: not certification) from Hawaii actually looks like (person’s name whited out). It is not even similar to the document proffered by the Obama camp. You’ll notice, it provides space for parent’s signature, name of hospital, name of attending physician, address, and more. This is the document, bearing the birth record of Barack Heussein Obama II, that millions of Americans, and the lawsuits are asking for. Check it out and compare:

Click here: http://www.cfourstrategies.com/colb.jpg 



It begs the question: Why the hold out? What is there to hide?

Some readers will say it’s not important. In truth, it is vitally important for three reasons, none of which have anything to do with being liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat. The most important, is reason Number #3.

1) It’s essential that no American, especially the president who has sworn to uphold the constitution, can be bestowed status that is above the constitution. We are all required to live by the laws of the land, and no person in elected office, Mayor, Senator, Congressman, Governor or President is exempt. If a president is exempt, it sets a dangerous precedent for 300 million people.

2) If the allegations should ever be revealed as true, that Obama was actually born in Kenya, or that he’s not a true citizen of the United States for any reason, it will have been the greatest sham ever pulled off by a commander-in-chief. It will reveal Mr. Obama as a consummate fraud, and that he knowingly ascended to this high office under false pretense, not to mention flagrantly violating the law of the land.

3) Above all, if he turns out to be legally unqualified, every day that passes with Mr. Obama acting as president is another day in which laws are broken. Every bill he signs into law, will be null and void. Every executive order he gives, will be illegal. Every treaty he signs with another nation, will be invalid. It will create the greatest constitutional crisis in the history of this country.

All these concerns can be allayed, with a simple letter, signed and certified by Barack Hussein Obama II to the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Honolulu, authorizing the release of his true and original Birth Certificate for public scrutiny.

Simple as that.

Each day that goes by, makes this a more critical issue.

I hope, with all my heart, that the allegations are untrue. I don’t want to see this country go through another crisis. If and when we American’s are provided the proof, I hope the accusers will admit they were wrong, and we can lay the issue to rest and move on. I also hope the new president will finally acquiesce to Americans who insist on truth, and agree to release his true birth certificate. If he does not, it certainly raises the question: Why not?

Wouldn’t you?

Some folks are going to say this article is a Republican vs Democrat ploy. That’s very weak. Answer: I’m an Independent. This issue should be of paramount importance to all sides of the political arena.

Some folks are going to say I’m just trying to run a liberal out of the Oval Office. Answer: the likely replacement will be a liberal, probably Joe Biden.

Some folks are going to say I’m writing this because I’m a racist. Those who don’t know me, get a pass. Perhaps, those folks should learn take a course in reading comprehension.

To friends who do know me, and still accuse me of being a racist, I have one thing to say: You’re not my friend.

Truth — That’s all we ask.

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