In February, I posted a blog exposing the international (and domestic) problem of Honor Killings wrought from the religion of peace. If you missed it, here’s the link:

Click here: Marshall Frank » HONOR KILLINGS:

While this practice has been going on for 1,400 years, the world of Internet and free press is putting on the heat, causing embarrassment to Islamic radicals around the world because this barbaric practice is being exposed. It may be easy to justify and conceal such actions within a closed culture, but it’s pretty tough to convince non-believers (infidels) that murdering your own daughter because she failed to wear a head scarf, dated a non-Muslim, or resisted an arranged marriage, is acceptable, even to the most leftist of liberals. Religion is one thing. Malicious murder in the name of religion, is another.

Turkey is a nation which claims to be 99.8 percent Islamic. Yet, they are considered — by comparative standards — one of the more “moderate” Islamic countries, where women are not even required to wear a head covering. Nevertheless, strict Islamic standards are usually imposed within families, to and including arranged marriages. Any woman who resists an arranged marriage brings dishonor.

With over 200 honor killings a year in Turkey (and at least 5000 world wide… that we know of), the government has recently passed tougher laws by imposing life sentences for anyone guilty of such a crime.

Not to be dissuaded, that’s why the rate of suicides in Turkey has suddenly taken a turn upward. And, 75 percent of those suicide victims are now women. Why kill for honor, if you can force a woman kill herself and save you the embarrassment, and a prison sentence?

According to a recent report by WorldNetDaily, this is how it’s done: Rather than commit murder, the woman/girl who has dishonored her father/husband, is ordered into a locked room… and provided a choice of gun, noose, or rat poison. She might take an hour, a day, or seven days toward starvation until she kills herself. The death is then recorded as a suicide, not a murder and…voila, father/ husband is off the hook, the girl is dead, and family honor has been preserved.

Now, that’s moderation.

The practice of honor killings around the world, to and including many in the U.S. by “moderate” Muslims (brought out in my last blog, same subject) begs the question: To what degree of intimidation and terror, do women of Islam endure life within the Muslim culture? Sure, they can drive and go to school in the U.S. and Turkey, but are they able to exercise free will without fear of violence or death by so-called “loved ones?”

Such a happy thought.

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