It’s about time.

For years, writers and scholars who are tuned in to the problem of militant Islamic terror AND infiltration have been crying out for so-called “moderate” Muslims to speak out and openly distance themselves from radicalism. Authors such as Daniel Pipes and Robert Spencer have long been advocating for people within Muslim communities to assimilate as Americans, denounce extremism and openly show support for all people, of all faiths, who want to live in a multi-cultural society without intimidation, without threats and without fears that our country will soon be ruled by Islamofascist fanatics.

Meet Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a physician living in Pheonix, Arizona, who has done just that. He is a national hero. Little needs to be said, this 30-minute video says it all. In it, Dr. Jasser declares himself a proud Muslim, but with the same fears and concerns that all Americans have concerning radicalism. In the video, he validates almost everything I, and many others like me, have been warning for some time:

* That a huge conspiracy exists to infiltrate American society for the purpose of eventually forming an Islamic nation.

* That the Muslim Brotherhood and its stepchild organizations, such as CAIR and the MSA (Muslim Students Association) are carefully engaging in a long range plan to Islamize the United States.

* That the strategy is in writing, penned by American Muslims

* That political correctness is serving our enemies well

* That “terror” is not the only aspect of radical Islam that we should fear. That Jihad wears two hats; one of violence, the other of deception.

* That strong movements are under way to replace constitutional law with Shariah law.

It is my fervent wish that other prominent Muslims across America will follow the lead of Dr. Jasser, and start speaking out with a huge voice, that they do not want to be associated with radicals, that they openly denounce the tactics radicals are using throughout the world, and that they wish to set an example of how “moderate” Muslims can, and will, live among us as Americans, with love for fellow human beings, whether they be Jewish, Christian or atheist.

To those who have criticized my writings on this subject and have called me a bigot, among other names, openly or in private, I say to you: Listen to Dr. Jasser, a Muslim. Then tell me I have been wrong.

I’ll also accept an apology.

The video is mostly in English. Some text is in French. (Curiously) For more information, do Google Dr. Zuhdi Jasser. One video about his workings has been banned by PBS.

This is not only enlightening, it is an education. Take the time, please:

Click here: http://e.blip.tv/scripts/flash/showplayer.swf…