This is a dark introduction into select segments of the Islamic world which CNN and The New York Times rarely tells you about.

Getting to the point: 4/11/2008: 13-year-old Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow was killed on 27 October 2008, by a group of 50 men who stoned her to death in a Somalia stadium in front of around 1,000 spectators. She was accused of adultery in breach of Islamic law. In fact she had been raped by three men, and attempted to report the rape to the militia, and it was this act that resulted in her being accused of adultery.


According to strict Shariah law, which is still practiced in many extremist nations, a married female who is raped must produce four male witnesses to validate her claim, otherwise she is considered guilty of adultery and then stoned to death.


12/1/2009: It applies to the male gender as well. Three men are stoned in Iran after being charged with adultery. Two die.


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June, 2009: Bangladesh. Nearly 3,000 acid attacks against women and girls have been reported, many under the age of 18. The main reason for the attacks are dowries and refusing love proposals. Acid is tossed into their faces marring them for life. Most assailants are not prosecuted.

Click here: WLUML: News and ViewsHundreds of years to present: Virtually millions of young women have been, and still are subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM) otherwise known as female circumcision. While some African countries are attempting to curtail or even ban the practice, which is considered a rite under strict Islam, it still goes on today…in the 21st century. Some girls are victimized as young as age seven.

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Honor killings.

July 2008: You might think this practice is limited to foreign lands only. In Clayton County, Georgia, a Pakistani man, apparently upset that his daughter was rejecting an arranged marriage, strangled his daughter to death with a bungee cord. She violated his honor.

January 2008: Sarah and Amina Said, 17 and 18, were stalked and then shot to death in Texas by their enraged father for having boyfriends outside of Islam.

I mention these two because they took place, not in Iran, Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, but here in the U.S.

Thousands of honor killings occur within Islamic families every year. This is an age-old practice whereby a male member of a family (usually a father) who feels that a female has disgraced the family and her religion, is justifiably killed, sometimes in horrible fashion in order to make an example. Burning, strangling, mutilating. Often, people look the other way and there is no prosecution.

Jeff Jacoby wrote a shocking article about this barbaric practice in August of 2008. Do take time to read:

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2009: Being gay in some parts of the Islamic world is tantamount to suicide. Of course, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed there are no homosexuals in Iran, but — just in case they find any — it’s death by hanging. Check out:

Click here: Homosexuals Get Death Penalty

Yahya Jammeh, president of Gambia, orders beheadings for anyone found to be practicing homosexual relations. Saudi Arabia has frequently imposed public beheadings upon homosexuals, though there is some evidence, at least for the sake of public opinion, that their stance has softened some in the last few years. But as a whole, tolerance does not exist for homosexuals in most of the Islamic world. Joe Kaufman wrote a comprehensive piece on this:

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Wife beating is not only performed by millions of Muslim men, it is condoned in strict Islamic teachings and in the Koran itself. The foregoing link is a telling article by Silas which spells it out in detail, including the specific verses in the Koran which identify men ordained as superior to women with absolute authority over the gentler sex.

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Many of these behaviors take place behind closed doors and rarely if ever come to the attention of authorities, not only in Iran and other Islamic nations, but the U.S. as well. A woman who dares to think about reporting her husband for beating is signing her own death warrant.

Imams have been known to video their instructions on the right and wrong ways to beat a wife. Listen to this cleric from Qatar. Click here: YouTube -Only a rod will help!

One Saudi Doctor is a bit more subdued as he explains the rules for wife beating in this (ahem) training video. Click here: YouTube – Wife Beating in Islam – The Rules

Then there is the issue of religious freedom. We Americans consider freedom of religion as a fundamental right. We are taught to believe and respect that from the crib. But that doesn’t exist everywhere. In strict Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia (our friends?) the preaching and/or practice of any non-Muslim religion is strictly prohibited. The mere carrying a Christian bible in public can bring a prison sentence. Worse yet, if a Muslim is caught in possession of a bible, he may be executed. Check out this 2005 article by Ali Al-Ahmed, a progressive Muslim


What is ironic here, is how insistent Saudis are within America in using First Amendment rights to proliferate Islam under our religious protection. While Christian and Jewish worship is absolutely prohibited in Saudi Arabia, they have financed over 80 percent of the 3,000 mosques currently in operation inside the borders of the U.S. And, whenever there are issues raised by people like myself and other writers who expose these things, we are called “intolerant” of their religion. Is that not the ultimate hypocrisy?

By now, you get the message.

Bear in mind, these violations of human rights and abominations to basic decency is not necessarily widespread among all Islamic nations, and/or Islamic communities within the western world. But there are millions who practice these horrors with great fervor.

Some will tell you these incidents make up a small, isolated faction of the Islamic world. Think again.

There are 1.3 billion Muslims in the world, the majority of whom — I believe — only wish to live in peace and not be uninvolved in the on-going jihad. However, according to scholars and experts such as Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, Brigitte Gabriel, and Steve Emerson, about 15 to 20 percent of the Islamic world can be considered jihadists, sympathetic to jihadists, and/or in support of jihad in one form or another.

Defined: Jihadists are those extremists who are actively engaged in fighting to establish Islam as a sole world religion, and which would be the sole basis for governing our lives. Some will use violence, others, subterfuge, intimidation and infiltration under the guise of moderation. Either way, there is one bottom line: Our children’s children are to eventually live under Islamic rule.

These are the people who are our enemy. According to the percentages proffered by known experts, their numbers would comprise an enemy of over 200 million. They currently exist within over 100 countries throughout the world, including the United States. And they are growing in numbers at a much faster rate — four to five times — than westerners.

That’s a far more formidable enemy than the WW II Japanese and Nazis combined, multi-plied twenty times over. And, they have no national border, no uniform, no clear identity. But they are here. They are determined.

If anyone doesn’t understand the progress that jihadists have made in the last twenty years, just talk to anyone living in Europe, i.e. France, Germany, England, Sweden, etc. We’re close behind.

Brookley Rene Beamer, age 4, may live to see the end of this century. She lives in Missouri. I don’t wish for her to live under the conditions mentioned heretofore in this article. I want for her to be a free-spirited human being with all the rights still afforded to Americans without subservience to men or any other authority not of her choosing, free to believe as she wishes and to determine her own destiny.

If the jihadists have their way, she’s in for some serious problems.

All this considered, digest this fact: While this is such a critical world-wide and national problem which looms greatly on the political horizon, it was never even mentioned one time in two years of presidential debates, not by candidates, not by the media. If we have to be so politically correct, if we cannot stand up and identify the truth, if we cannot be forthcoming about the most serious underlying threat there is to world peace, then we are in serious trouble.

By the way, Brookley Rene Beamer is my great granddaughter.