Okay. By popular demand…and because this blog site dared to name the ten most gorgeous female actresses of all time, it is only right that we try to come up with the best looking male actor of all time. This — obviously — was a little more precarious as I don’t generally get awestruck over the physicality of male actors as I might the ladies. But, I also have eyes, and I think I can objectively come up with a top-ten list of — what I consider — the most handsome men on the silver screen over the last eight decades.

Remember, it’s the eyes of the beholder. I suspect there will be more women responding to this issue…but here goes:

* Tyrone Power

* John Derek

* Antonio Banderos

* George Clooney

* Paul Newman

* Denzel Washington

* Richard Gere

* Errol Flynn

* James Dean

* Rock Hudson