This subject is about as important as nothing. (And nothing can be pretty important sometimes.)

Most of us have thought about them, talked about them in light-hearted conversation, and some of us have even fantasized about them.

What female movie actress would you vote the most beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous of all time…in their prime, of course? Can’t get-your- eyes-off when she walks into a room. The consummate Ten. While this may be more of interest to the male audience, I’m sure the ladies have some opinions of their own. So, acting skills aside, let’s hear your votes. 

Here’s my list for the top ten. Who’s yours?

* Elizabeth Taylor

* Hedy Lamarr
* Halle Berry
* Grace Kelly
* Sophia Loren  
* Charlize Theron
* Rita Hayworth  
* Selma Hayek
* Marilyn Monroe
 * Catherine Zeta-Jones