Dear Mr. President,

Now that your term is near an end, you’ll be doing what all lame-duck presidents do just before leaving the Oval Office; issuing dozens of pardons and commutations to America’s prison inmates. As of December 23rd, you’ve issued only 191 presidential pardons. Some may think that admirable, but the truth is, all of them came after the convicts already completed their sentences. Among those pardoned, were drug dealers, embezzlers, unlawful gun dealers, tax evaders, thieves, one bomber and a host of others. Besides the pardons, you’ve commuted nine sentences, thereby shortening prison time for those convicts.

Contrast your record of compassion to that of other presidents: Wilson 2,480 pardons, Truman 2,044, Hoover 1,385, Lyndon Johnson, 1,200, plus Clinton, Reagan and ford, all of whom pardoned over 400 each.

It’s time, Mr. President, to right a grievous wrong.

It’s one thing to pardon people who made a habit of committing of crime, it’s another to pardon those who lived a life fighting crime on behalf of Americans. I’m talking about those who make Americans safer, who risk their lives every day on the front lines of the war on crime, who are there for you and me when we need them in times of crisis.

There are several of those who are serving long undeserved sentences in prison. Among them, Border Parol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, serving eleven and twelve years respectively for shooting a criminal in the buttocks, a career criminal who was trying to smuggle nearly a thousand pounds of drugs into the U.S., and who was given special privileges and rewards in exchange for his testimony against these officers. And from there, he arrogantly continued to smuggle and break American laws, while the prosecutor’s office turned a blind eye in order to nail the cops.

The detailed facts are arguable. Yes, they may have fudged on their reports, yes the Monday morning quarterbacks may have found violations of procedure. Perhaps they deserved admonishment and even charges. But did they…and their families… deserve a decade of life inside prison walls while their wives and children were sentenced to survival without a father in the home?

You know the answer to that, Mr. President, and so does every American who has followed case. Please don’t hide behind the law and swash it all with a lame explanation that they were convicted by a jury of their peers. We all know there is no such thing as a jury of our peers in today’s world. And regardless, if those jurors knew that the criminal had been given special rewards for his testimony, and that he was arrested again for smuggling drugs into the U.S. before the trial date, it’s unlikely the officers would have been convicted. And, if the jurors knew that —according to a technicality in the federal law — any convicted person who commits the “crime” while in possession of a firearm is automatically sentenced to a minimum of ten years, it’s unlikely the officers would have been convicted. However, the prosecutors, led by your appointee, Johnny Sutton, purposely did not reveal these facts to the jury. Consequently, Ramos and Compean — who are required by job description to possess a firearm on duty, got nailed for the maximum…and so did their families.

Non-criminals are wrongly serving time, Mr. President. Criminals who prey on society, are not serving time. How does one explain that?

You know the facts, but for those who don’t check out this link:

Click here: Ramos-Compean:

While you are at it Mr. President, consider some other officers of the law…some of whom may have made errors in judgement, but certainly did not deserve long prison sentences away from their families, lives wasted, non-productive.

Stephanie Mohr is one of those. A K-9 cop with Prince Georges County, Maryland, Officer Mohr allowed her K-9 partner to bite a criminal who was caught atop a commercial building at 1 a.m. in the morning, a criminal with a past record of drugs and theft and who was in the country illegally. She was convicted on testimony from another cop in big trouble, who was given special treatment in exchange for his testimony..saying the dog bite was unnecessary.

She had served with distinction as a decorated officer with several commendations for putting her life on the line protecting citizens of Maryland. She is now serving her fifth year of a ten year prison sentence. Her child doesn’t have his mom at home in all this time. If ever there was overkill in the criminal justice system, this is it. Stephanie Mohr does not deserve ten years behind bars.

Click here: Mohr Case Profile

There are others. Check out:

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So, Mr. President. Now that you don’t have to run for office any more, and the favors are all paid back to your political backers, it’s time to do the right thing.

You once called yourself a compassionate conservative. Time to put up, or shut up. Pardon these cops, and give them and their families, their lives back. You have the power…until January 20th. I implore you in the name of humanity.  Use it.