The fat lady has sung. The two-year political marathon is finally over. No other nation on earth takes nearly two years of campaigning to elect a leader. Not even close.

The media won’t know what to do with themselves with all that dead air time, without a national candidate to bolster, harangue, adore or excoriate.

Barack Obama, to his credit, was brilliant. Then again, brilliance is his strongest asset. Congratulations are certainly in order. Despite differences in thought and opinion, we must all try to gel together in support of our new president, as we do with all new presidents.

I have made no secret of my fears of an Obama presidency. I’ve made some readers angry, even visceral, by writing these blogs trying to share vital information about a candidate that I felt might do great harm if elected. I thought it important that people know these things, and not turn a blind eye, clouded by eloquent oratory and a liberal yearning to see the first minority in the White House. My suspicions come honestly, not only from an enormous well of information out there from other writers and investigators, but from detailed research.

Cops are always on guard for deciphering deceit. They are the ultimate cynics. That’s why cops rely on evidence to make a judgement. That’s why cops gather intelligence information on people based on who they associate with. For me, it’s still in the blood.

I recently had a good friend tell me, that he hoped I was wrong about Barack Obama. I told him, “I hope I am wrong too. I hope I’m very wrong.” That being said, the president-elect now has four years to prove himself, and prove all the naysayers — like me — wrong.

If that be the case, I will be the first to own up. I hope that happens. No one will be happier than me.

I have a new book being released this month “Criminal Injustice In America.” Much of my time will be devoted to marketing, thus my blogs will have to take a rest for a while. Thanks for all your heartfelt responses over this past year, whether in agreement or not, they are appreciated. I only ask that people be respectful, not only to me, but to each other.

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