Will Obama Help Protect Israel

Hamas exists for a single purpose: The destruction of Israel. Everyone who is conscious, knows that. They’ve made that no secret.

 They’ve also made it no secret that they want to see Obama become our president.

Please watch this one minute video:

Click here: YouTube – The shocking video of terrorists supporting Barack Obama!!


Besides Hamas, the Palestinians have set up phone banks to raise money for Obama’s election. He is their choice, for us. While there may be “peaceful” Palestinians, there are millions more who support the destruction of Israel, which is a publicly stated goal since 1948 that has never wavered. How do we discern the “peaceful” from the “hateful?”

There is evidence which link Obama to radical Islamists not only in the U.S., but around the world. You read it all already, you’ve heard it all. Many choose to dismiss it all as “exaggerations” and “smear campaigns,” and then turn their back to reality. Why? Because they want a democrat in office, at all costs.
What are we doing?
What absolutely amazes me, is that so many of my Jewish friends, who are supporting Obama, have such short memories. Jews have been the target of hate and annihilation over four millennium. Yet, they still allow themselves to be led, like lambs to the slaughter.

Thousands of Jews voted for Hitler in 1933, because they wanted change and a better economy. They got both. They listened to the words, and disregarded “Mien Kampf”.

Castro was a change agent, and a charismatic speaker, and who had the support of the U.S. and much of the world because he seemed to earnest. He kept his lies secret until he assumed office. It wasn’t until he was in power that the real Castro came out, and united with the Soviets.

True, if elected, Obama will have the Constitution and a congress to deal with. But with presidential power, and a rubber stamp congress, coupled with the seething hate toward GWB and co., he will have the weaponry by which to initiate “change” in America, from which we may never recover.
And, when the showdown occurs for the survival of Israel, (as it has many times in 60 years) will Obama be there for the Islamists, or for the Jews? It may well come down to that — one or the other — particularly…as Senator Biden predicted…if his mettle is tested within six months.
That’s the time when sitting down and “talking” is past, and the guns are firing. These people want Israel destroyed. When the moment arrives, and the choice must be made, will Obama be there to support Israel, or will he acquiesce to the Arab world that wants Israel destroyed?

Jews have been marched down the path of destruction before, more than once. This is not a hate article, not a smear. From the bottom of my heart, I fear Barack Obama an impending danger. I hope I’m wrong. I really hope I am wrong.
But, my Jewish friends, I must ask: Is he worth the risk?
Click here: YouTube – The shocking video