The Twenty Greatest Movies Of All Time

On lighter side…again.

There are some movies that I can watch over, and over again…though I’ve seen them ten times before. Most pictures that I’ve seen once, have no interest in a second time round. But there are a few that simply captivate, whether it be the acting, the plot, the settings or the story line. I have probably watched The Godfather a dozen times, same with the sequel. When I’m surfing my remote and I see Titanic on the channel, the surf comes to a halt. Love that movie.


Coming up with my ten greatest all-time movies was simply too daunting a task, so many eras, so many genres, comedy, action, drama, musical…it was impossible to narrow to ten. But I can offer an opinion on the twenty greatest movies of all time. (Within my scope of reference) These are the pictures I will watch again, and again, like a brain-dead couch potato.  (Which can feel pretty good sometimes)

Here’s my top twenty:


The Godfather

The Godfather II

Schindler’s List

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

The Shawshank Redemption



Some Like It Hot

Raging Bull

The Deer Hunter

Sophie’s Choice

Million Dollar Baby


Scent of A Woman

Singin In The Rain

Dances With Wolves


 The Wizard of Oz

The Exorcist


Planet of the Apes


Your thoughts?