If Barack Obama stood naked on Times Square at noon, dealing a kilo of cocaine while smoking a joint, then robbed a bank and detonated a bomb in a federal building, his loyal followers would find a way to blame it all on G.W. Bush. It just wouldn’t matter; he’s Barack Obama. That makes it okay. To even think of arresting him is tantamount to “swift boating” the poor man. There are some folks who can do nothing wrong.

It reminds me of Mayor Marion Barry, who was not only accused, but actually caught on video dealing and using crack cocaine. But did the voters of Washington D.C. care? No..they re-elected him anyway. He’s Marion Barry.

The issue is not so much, the legal technicality, whether he was born here or there, though that is important. This is about deceit and dishonesty, unveiling an humongous lie. Those who will say this is not sticking to the political issues, are right. This is not about the issues. But it is about character, and about trust, and that is just as — or more — important as an issue.
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It reminds me of O. J. Simpson, who left behind an ocean of hard evidence directly linking him to the murder of two people, and a black jury only wanted to hear one little phrase: “If the glove don’t fit, you gotta acquit.” Hey…he’s O.J.

I’ve made it no secret that an Obama presidency scares the hell out of me. Not so much for myself, but for what it would portend to my kids, and their kids down the road, and to America’s future. Many, not just me, have written about his sordid relationships with sleazy people who are clearly anti-American, but what does that matter? He’s Barack. Anyone who tries to expose him must be… what else? A racist!

I believe nothing he says in speeches. I do believe the last twenty-five years of his life, the parts we know about. Heaven knows, what has gone on behind closed doors.

If any other politician had ties to the likes of terrorist William Ayres, racist Jeremiah Wright, crook Rezko, Jew-hating Farrakhan, Marxist Raila Odinga, and etc., they would have never made it past the first primary. The media would have had a field day, excoriating his sleazy past and create enormous doubts about the true motives of the person running for president. Not Teflon Barack.

Now comes the latest, which will surely raise the ire of Obamamaniacs, issuing more accusations of racism and swift-boating. Is Barack Obama legally eligible to be president? Has Obama and his cronies, deliberately created a sham to hoodwink voters and circumvent the law?

Actually, this issue has been floating around the e-mail circuit for over a year, but no one (until now) has made the effort to follow through, to demand answers, to bring it to the courts…if necessary. Question in my mind: Why is it necessary? A forthright candidate would make it unnecessary.

I’ve attached a ten-minute video featuring Phillip J. Berg, the attorney who has filed suit in the federal courts to remove Obama from the ballot, based on legal issues, that he is not constitutionally eligible. There appears to be evidence that Obama was actually born in Kenya, not Hawaii, and that he…and the DNC…are stonewalling, refusing to produce the certified documents which would prove he was really born in Hawaii. There is evidence, apparently, that a B.H.O. Jr, white mom, Kenyan father, was born that same date, in a Kenyan hospital. If so, records have been doctored up for a long time. If not so, then someone has concocted an amazing plot for a novel.

Any other candidate would have no hesitation is producing such documents. Why the stonewalling?