Greatest Comedians Of All Time

Always loved a good comic.

Maybe I’m just an old fogey who, like most old fogies, think the old timers were better than what the modern day produces. When I surf cable channels, like the Comedy station, I try to find good humor without a litany of four-letter words, crotch-grabs, sexual denigration, and constant references to body parts, but it’s futile. What is it that the audience finds so funny? Comics today think the funniest word on the planet is the oft repeated, “MF.” Alas, I sit laughless.

In today’s world, viewers of sit-coms are manipulated by canned laughter. Class B television actors recite lines and suddenly we hear an uproarious response to an inane comment that’s about as funny as a sore throat.

Whatever happened to the variety show before a live audience? Jackie Gleason and all his characters? Same with Flip Wilson, Carol Burnett, and Sonny and Cher. And for those of us who can remember, the age-old “Colgate Comedy Hour.”

Having come from a show-biz family, I am always looking for a good comedy, on television, stand -up, and in movies to rival such classics as “Some Like It Hot,” and “What’s Up Doc,” both of which starred non-comedians yet were among the funniest ever. Who can deny that Mel Brooks’ “Young Frankenstein” and “Blazing Saddles” were not among the comic classics, or “Liar Liar” and “Silver Streak.”

So…who were the most talented comedians of all time? Most of my top ten are long gone…but they sure knew how to evoke pure laughter from an audience.

My top ten:

Jackie Gleason

Carol Burnett

Robin Williams

Red Skelton

Johnny Carson

Jerry Lewis

Harvey Korman

Richard Pryor

Bill Cosby

Jim Carrey

Honorable mention (meaning, could easily be a top tenner also)


Sid Ceasar

Eddie Murphy

George Carlin


Steve Martin


Lucille Ball

Tim Conway


Mel Brooks

Flip Wilson

Bob Hope

Don Rickles

Art Frank


Let’s see your picks?