I’ve hesitated to speculate where Barack Obama has garnered his enormous record-setting mountain of campaign funds. His change of heart ( better known as flip-flop) from vowing to accept public funding, to vowing to rejecting it, was undoubtedly triggered by an awakening that money would continue to pour in from the private sector like Niagra Falls until the election is over.

Poor black communities? Doubtful. Movie stars, rock stars and generous liberal moguls, perhaps, but that wouldn’t assemble that much continuous cash on hand. Pro-choicers? Some, perhaps. Besides refusing public funds, Obama has also vowed that he will not accept donations from special interest groups as well.

Interesting to note; more than half of his $400 million has come from private donors sending under $200. The war chest is almost double that of John Kerry’s in 2004.

We do know that the Islamic world, not only inside the U.S., is licking their chops to see Obama elected. Some have openly declared their interest in seeing him win the Oval Office. Not only American Muslims ( www.muslimsforobama08.com ) but Palestinians overseas have formed phone banks to raise money for his campaign. Click here: Amanda Carpenter :: Townhall.com

What don’t we know? That worries me even more.

It’s common knowledge that the Saudis — who are saturated in an endless sea of petrodollars — are very interested in American life, and our government, as indicated by the billions of dollars they funnel into our schools, universities, banks, prisons, media, real estate and other institutions.

But it’s illegal for foreigners to contribute to an American political campaign. Right?

Of course. But it’s not illegal for the Saudis, or Yemenites, or Palestinians, or another other foreigners to send money to American Muslims, or other supporters, as cash gifts. From there, the money can find it’s way into political coffers via the Internet as small donations under $200, from which donors need not be identified. Ergo…foreigners are fully able to finance an American campaign under the radar, and no one would know the difference. It’s not provable, but it sure is feasible.

I’m not saying this is a fact, only a possibility. There must be a reasonable answer for the avalanche of funds that continue to keep pouring into the Obama camp.

Why is this important?

For the same reason it was important to know where the G.W. Bush machine amassed their campaign fortune in the last two elections. A large part of that came from corporations and industries who held special interests in getting their guy elected, like: Construction, Agriculture, Hotel/Restaurants, Pharmaceuticals, Munitions, Oil, Religious fundamentalists, and more. That, in part, is why we have such a problem the last seven years with illegal aliens. Bush owed favors, and employers of illegal workers received them.

Once in office, the electee is beholden to those who helped him win. It’s called; payback. Favors are owed. It’s the American way.

When and if Obama wins the election, he will take care of those who took care of him. (As will McCain) And if the Muslim community worked that hard, and raised that much money for B. O., you can bet that the CAIR, (Council for American/Islamic Relations) and other Islamic organizations in and out of the U.S. — radicals and moderates — will rejoice in the streets. The advancement of Islamist interests in America will accelerate like a stuck gas pedal. One of those interests (no secret) is the eventual Islamization of the western world.

As I documented in my blog of two weeks ago, the malevolent Muslim Brotherhood is in the process of working toward that goal now, with little resistance. Their strategy has been articulated in their document: “The Project.”

If you haven’t read it, I hope you do. Click here: WHAT AMERICANS NEED TO KNOW

Numerous articles have been written which expose Obama’s leanings toward Islamists around the world, including his relationship with cousin, Raila Odinga, Marxist and radical Muslim who has promised to invoke Sharia law throughout Kenya, once in power.

In a future blog, I will point out several more recent relationships that the Obama camp has had with questionable people, all of whom should raise eyebrows. Naturally, those in love with the Teflon candidate will likely turn a blind eye before raising any eyebrows.

The entire message here, is that we must question Barack Obama’s relationships, his actions, his motives and his true loyalty to America. Forget about speeches and words. Politicians will say anything to get elected, then do what they darn well please once in office.

If Joe Blow was running for the presidency, and being touted and supported by folks like David Duke, the KKK or the American Nazi Party, wouldn’t folks wonder: Why do these radical groups support this guy? Why is he…their guy?

Back in the 1970’s, when asked by Bob Woodward about tracing corruption and abuse in the White House, it was Deep Throat who said, “Follow the money.”

I invite voters to investigate. Think beyond impressions and party line. The information is out there. Check it out.

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