I figured it would be Sen. Kay Hutchinson of Texas, or Christine T. Whitman of New Jersey, both conservative republicans and both women. Well, I was partly right, he picked a woman. But I never thought Sarah Palin, in my wildest imagination.

Whether it was a good choice or not, John McCain has done what he’s best known for: thinking outside the box, being a maverick, doing the least expected.

Like most folks who follow politics, I’ve done some homework. This is what I see as the pros and cons of her nomination.


 * Experience. That’s a no-brainer. The Obama pundits will certainly seize upon her less than two-year reign as a state governor, which follows a six-year mayoral stint and four as a town councilwoman. McCain’s emphasis on Obama’s lack of experience thus becomes nullified.

* Strong pro-life. Half of the voting populous is pro-choice.

* Too young. John F. Kennedy was younger when he took the oath of office. Obama is only three years older.

* Too many domestic responsibilities with five kids, one of whom has Down Syndrome.

* Far right wing conservative. This is only negative to those who are far left wing liberal.

* Has a daughter who got knocked up at seventeen. (Some say that’s a negative)

* Has a husband who was arrested for DUI twenty years ago. (GW Bush was busted for DUI in 1976.)

I’m struggling here folks. Help me out.

Okay, let’s do the pros.


 * Her two years as governor and six as a mayor giver her nearly eight years of government executive experience. That’s more than John McCain has, yet Barack Obama.

* Established a clear record of intolerance to corruption, standing up to the old republican guard of Alaska.

* Refused federal monies for the “bridge to nowhere.”

* Chaired Alaska’s Oil and Gas Conversion Commission, then resigned because of republican corruption.

* Enjoys an 80% or better approval rating from Alaskan citizens.

* Cut taxes

* Encourages off shore drilling in Alaska to help the U.S. wean off foreign dependency.

* Made good her promises to cut expenses, by standing up to big oil interests, advocating expansion of natural gas.

* Helped to imposed a tax increase on oil company profits.

* Rescinded 35 appointments made by the previous governor after taking office.

* Outstanding mom, wife and sportswoman.

* It distances McCain from G.W. Bush and sends a message that he is his own man, not beholden to republican politics as usual. Palin’s selection nullifies the worn-out bromide that McCain is four more years of Bush. The Alaska governor is known for cleaning up republican politics, and that will scare anyone in the Bush/Cheney camp.

I could make these lists five times longer. And yes, any writer can slant such an article to favor one or the other, depending on his/her leanings. They all do it, we know that.

The bottom line is not who it is that helps the new president get elected, it’s who best serves the interest of Americans if the president could no longer serve in office.

I think we should sit back and watch and listen for the next two months, not only the main contenders, but the number twos on the tickets. I have a feeling Mrs. Palin is going to surprise a lot of people. She reminds me of a female JFK.

Country first.