Last week, I posted my top ten greatest movie actors of today, and it generated forty responses many of whom presented their own suggestions. Now it’s time for the female side.


Coming up with the greatest living actresses was a tough one, because I tried to focus mainly on pure acting skills, body of work, power in performance and versatility, though I’ll be the first to admit…as a red-blooded male animal…the influence of beauty was hard to overlook.

In the case of Halle Berry, who I consider among the most gorgeous creatures in the film business, one only has to look at her numerous and varied roles in which her dedication and skills shine through, far and above many in the field today. And, just like Charlize Theron, Berry has plunged herself into several roles where her character was far less than beautiful.

Here’s my list. Remember, these actresses are still living, and active in the world of movies. There are many more…it was tough to confine to ten names only:


Meryl Streep


Jody Foster


Glenn Close


Renee Zellweger


Hillary Swank


Halle Berry


Shirley McClain


Sigourney Weaver


Mary McDonnell


Judi Dench



Your vote?Next week, the ten greatest movies.