Radical Islam: What Can Americans Do?

Since the release of my book in 2006, “Militant Islam In America,”I’m often asked to speak at civic organizations and other forums to discuss this profound menace to America. In doing so, I always infuse an important caveat, that I am not a scholar nor an expert in this field. But I do have a background of an investigator, and that’s what I have done… collect facts and assemble them in one document. After being commissioned by a European publisher, I embarked on six months of investigation, studying about fifteen books by scholars and experts, plus hundreds of documents and studies, many from both sides of the issue, plus the Koran, the history of Islam and the story of Muhammed. 

One important question that invariably comes up from the gallery: What can we, as Americans, do about this? It is the most valid of all questions. There’s no easy answer, considering our precious constitution, and particularly, the First Amendment rights.

In my book, I specify several points that, I believe, would make a difference in stemming the tide of this advancing menace. I’ve done some amending since, but here are my humble observations:

1) Call it like it is. The American people must recognize that we are involved in a global war. (Not just Iraq/Afghanistan) Our country was invaded and attacked by a foreign enemy in 2001, and their goals to destroy our way of life, by any means — violent or otherwise — have not waned. If anything, they are emboldened.

2) Declare war. We — as a nation at war — must identify the enemy and stop calling it a War on Terror. There is no such thing as a war against a strategy, or a war against an emotion. The enemy is clearly; Radical Islam. Their minions, clerics and leaders have made no secret of their declaration of war with us, so why do we tap dance around the truth?

3) Educate. Good hearted, well-meaning Americans must get out of denial and become better informed on this issue so they understand what we are facing, and what our grandchildren will be facing in future generations. It’s not until then, that people can vote intelligently, and express their outcries against tyranny and subterfuge. Americans should read and understand the Koran, learn the history of Islam, and its founder, of Muhammed, read the doctrines of the Muslim Brotherhood, and etc. Knowledge is power. I’ve been disappointed to learn how uninformed and ignorant the American public, in general, has been. Most important, Americans must be wary of those who would deceive us in the name of their fascist/religious goals.

4) Take off the gloves. It’s time for truth in media, and truth from our politicians. Stop the insanity of political correctness which, according to Michelle Malkin, is the “handmaiden for terror.”

5) Profile. When it comes to the public safety, profiling is vital. I can cite numerous examples when profiling has caught serial murderers, robbers and terrorists. It’s simple reality. It’s more important to save lives. Everyone who is remotely informed knows that 99 percent of the world of terror during the last forty years is generated by a single ideology: Islam. Yes, it is a religion that may have been hijacked by radicals, but it’s been hijacked by over 200 million of them — Jihadists — who want us dead.

6) Identify deceit. Recognize that radicals are lying when they say they are merely expressing religious freedom. Islam is not just a religion, it is an ideology that controls life, and it is a strict set of laws. In strict Islamic countries, there is no separation of religion and state. They are the same.  Unfortunately, thousands of radicals use subterfuge and pose as “moderates” to achieve their ends. 

7) Energy. America must stop talking and start acting on all other forms of energy so that we no longer must cower to the yoke of the Saudis or any other enemy nation for foreign oil. This means, natural gas, coal, wind, solar, Ethanol, and drilling everywhere and anywhere where we, in America, have our own natural abundance of resources.

8) Enemy immigrants. Stop allowing enemy immigrants into the country on student visas and other avenues from nations who foment hatred toward Jews, Christians, and Americans in general.

9) Halt illegal immigration. We need to get tough on illegal immigrants, and on nations that encourage illegals from entering this country. Complete the wall along Mexico, much like it was built south of San Diego which halted 90 percent of illegal entries. Start prosecuting employers and corporations who knowingly hire illegals.

10) Schools. Withhold subsidies and grants to any college or university that accepts money from nations that harbor radical Islamics or promote anti-American propaganda. Remember, we are at war.

11) Mosques. Conduct investigation and surveillance on Wahabbi supported mosques in the U.S. (which is 80 percent of all mosques) and strip any mosque of exempt status that teaches Islamic hate to their congregations, and collects any money that furthers the cause of jihad. Further, any nation that demands religious freedom in the U.S., must agree to employ that same religious freedom in their own country. Radical Islamic mosques serve as the Trojan Horse in America.

12) Restrict foreign investments from nations who aid and abet our enemies, including investments in banks, colleges, real estate and major corporations. If we declare war, we can do this.

13) Muslims stand up. Muslims in America, and throughout the world, who claim to be moderate must stake a stand and openly decry hatred and intimidation in the name of Islam. Give moderates a voice to stand up, if they are willing to do so, not only against terror but against Islamic subterfuge whose goals are to crush the American way of life. Someday, we should hear a Muslim sing the national anthem on television, or lead a stadium in the pledge allegiance to the flag, or make a speech about how great and wonderful this land is – despite our faults. Someday.

14) Kids. Put a stop to Islamic infiltration and religious teaching into public schools under the banner of “cultural diversity.”

15) Outrage. Americans need to invoke outrage at radical Islam’s continual efforts toward infiltrating and changing this nation into an Islamic republic by the end of this century. Outrage is what put a stop to the proposed Arab contract to provide security to our ports two years ago. Outrage works. All it takes is knowledge, education and guts to confront our leaders and our media.

That’s a start…