Movie Reviews 2


Vicky Cristina Barcelona
It’s a comedy. It’s a drama. It’s a romance story. Actually, it’s all three.

Remember Javier Bardem, who won the Oscar for his portrayal of the psychotic killer in “No Country For Old Men?” Imagine him with a haircut, walking up to two beautiful American women in a Barcelona restaurant who he never met before, and politely asking — with his Spanish accent — if they’d like to join him for a weekend where they could have fun and make love.

That sets the stage for one hour and 36 minutes of a fabulous movie about damaged relationships, unpretentious love and people daring to take chances. I generally don’t care for empty-headed “chick flicks,” but trust me, this one doesn’t fit that category. It’s sure to flop at the box office, which means it’s of no interest to the youth audiences. But it is of interest to serious movie goers who still seek that rarely made attention-grabber, rife with great acting and interesting twists in a story that passes the time quickly because you stay so engrossed.

For the guys, it’s about Scarlett Johansson, Patricia Clarkson and Penelope Cruz, each playing crisply different characters, each beautiful, each gifted actors.

For the ladies, it’s about Bardem, his charm and his unabashed admiration for the opposite sex.

For movie lovers, it’s about fun, entertainment and good acting.

Do take the time to see “Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona.” It has three down sides.

1 – Directed by Woody Allen, not my favorite, but he excels in this one.

2 – The title is a loser. Surely, Woody could have done better.

3 – It only scored $3.7 million in the first week-end out. But don’t let that sway you. The best movies are not always best at the box office.

Rating: 8 ½

The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emporer

 Stay home. Don’t rent it when it comes out, unless it’s for your ten-year-old kid.

It’s an overdose of graphics ad nauseam, shallow plot, the usual chases and crashes where the protagonist never gets hurt, but he kills everyone else. Surely, Hollywood can think of something more original. Brendan Fraser may be locked into a stereo-typical character that he may never shed, especially after the previous “Mummy” pictures, and “Journey To The Center Of The Earth” (which wasn’t so bad.) It’s time to put the Mummy to rest.

We walked out after 45 minutes.

Rating: 2

 The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2 

We walked out of this one too.

Did I mention “chick flick” earlier? This picture was made with one audience in mind: teenage and young adult women who have no interest in quality art.

Four friends go their separate ways in various parts of the world then meet up to share their experiences. Sounds good. It’s not.

The four primary actresses, all of whom have made many movies, have a got a lot more to learn before they will ever see an Oscar nomination. The directing shares equal blame.

Pretentious, staged, stilted, implausible, shallow, are several adjectives that come to mind, not to mention the absence of any chemistry between the girls and the men actors.

To be fair, some critics gave this picture good reviews, which is one of the reasons we went to see it. Perhaps it’s time for the reviewers to be reviewed.

Rating: 2