Folks who cannot present a legitimate argument to counter an issue, or enter into dialogue over differing points of view, have a way of dismissing what they don’t agree with by using one-line labels. That’s the quickie, no-brainer response.

When I write about the threat of a Radical Islamic threat in the United States, I’m accused of DEMONIZING all Muslims.

When I cite specific reasons why Senator Obama may not be a fit candidate for the presidency, the best some folks can do is accuse me of SWIFT BOATING the man.

Then there’s the all-encompassing, wrap-it-up-with-one-word, McCARTHYISM, whenever I express concerns over the surreptitious infiltration of Radical Islam and their quest to destroy our country from within.

I appreciate all the responses from people, whether we agree or not, but it’s very disappointing when the best anyone can do is call names and assign labels. It sure tells me they haven’t done their homework.

Let’s talk more about each one of these inane metaphors.

Demonizing all Muslims: First, people should read, and not assume…because we all know what happens when one assumes? It makes an ass of u and me. If the metaphorians would actually read, and see what’s written, not what they think is written, they’d notice that nearly all my references to the threats posed to the U.S. are grounded in Radical Islam. I often note that the greatest majority of Muslims in the world are peace loving people, and that (according to most experts) approximately 15 to 20 percent are in support of Islamic jihad, which are the Radicals that scare the devil out of human beings all over the world, including other Muslims.

Am I demonizing Radical Islamists? You bet I am. Because 15 percent of the world of Islam equals more than 225,000 million hate-mongers who are financed with billions of petro dollars and are unafraid to die in order conquer or kill you and me. These are the people who are brainwashed from birth, and then brainwash their own youth, to hate America, hate Jews, hate Israel and will rejoice when the Islamic flag flies over the White House. I will demonize the enemy of America as much as I possibly can, so long as the information is true and it helps to wake up the comatose.

Swift Boating Obama: Paralleling Obama’s multi-faceted and dubious background to the single-issue of John Kerry’s Purple Hearts, is not just apples to oranges, it’s comparing a single apple to an entire orange grove.

John Kerry got whitewashed by the swift boaters who created doubt about the authenticity of his heroics in Viet Nam. A single issue which — in reality — had no real bearing on his credentials to be president. But it was a ploy that had a negative impact on his election.

Want to start with Senator Obama? Hundreds of questions have been raised regarding his credentials to be president. Here’s a brief sampling, in consideration of word count.

* Start with the easy one first. He hasn’t done anything. Obama ran for U.S. Senate and hit the deck running for president without establishing a notable record in office. In all, he has spent less than 150 days on the Senate floor, and never initiated a significant bill that passed through congress. His voting record in the Illinois state house, as most people know, is replete with abstentions. Obama’s inexperience — especially in these times — is a major red flag concerning his qualifications for the Oval Office.

* Twenty years of a chummy relationship with a pastor who hates America, who accuses the United States of deliberately injecting AIDS into black people, who declares that the 9/11 attack was the chickens coming home to roost…tells me a lot about Barack Obama. Those sermons didn’t just begin when Obama ran for president. He and his family sat through that kind of hate-mongering, racist hoopla Sunday after Sunday for twenty years. It tells a lot more about Obama’s character than anything Kerry did or didn’t do in Viet Nam.

* Knowingly a member of a church that has embraced racist, Jew-hating, Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrahkan for twenty years.

* Years of close personal relationships with the likes of William Ayers, admitted, unapologetic, Weather Underground, terrorist/bomber.

* Why Palestinians have formed phone banks to support his presidency.Click here: Palestinians for Obama

* Why he is so well-liked by Hamas, Ahmedinijad, American Muslims in general, as well as the American Communist Party? Click here: Marxists/Communists for Obama

* His questionable association with Raila Odinga, Marxist, radical Islamic terrorist who bullied his way into the prime minister’s post in Kenya with a promise to impose Sharia Law.

* His wife’s disparaging view of America, from her own lips.

* His association with rabidly anti-Israel Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi.

* His association with sleeze bag, Tony Rezko.

That’s a start. Swift Boating? Please.

McCarthyism: When a writer says something negative about radical Muslims in America, or elsewhere in the world, he/she is often likened to Wisconsin’s Senator Joe McCarthy in the 1950’s and his fear mongering about the threat of communism.

Fair enough. But there are huge differences.

Communist infiltrators and their supporters of the 1950’s numbered about five to ten million and were primarily based in Russia and Eastern Europe. Radical Islamist numbers are over 200 million and they are based in more than one hundred countries.

Communist infiltrators were afraid to die, like most humanoids. No one ever told the Soviet youth that they were going to heaven to meet up with a harem of virgins if they killed infidels in the name of Allah. When an enemy is brainwashed to welcome death, we face a frightening dimension unparalleled in history.

Cold war communists did not have anything close to the scorecard for successful terror strikes and mass murder, as radical Islam.

Communism didn’t have multi billions of petro dollars to spread around the world, not just for terror, but for infiltrating our nation’s infrastructure, our universities, our prisons, our law enforcement, our government and our media, and for indoctrinating our own youth within.

Communism never used the protective umbrella of the First Amendment’s right of “religious freedom” in spreading their hate and propaganda.

The communist scare compared to Radical Islam, is a platoon compared to an army.

I’m but one American who has self-educated and become aware of the menace that faces our country if we don’t wake up and accept reality. My mission is to share this information with as many people as possible. To dismiss these warnings as “McCarthyism” is the easy way for critics to beg out of a dialogue when they haven’t made the effort to study the issue beyond the NY Times and CNN.

Am I a fear monger? Guilty, as charged. This threat is as real as the keyboard I’m pounding. I just hope Americans who are in denial begin waking up before it is too late.

The same comatose mentality in Europe accused Churchill of being a fear monger back in the 1930’s. Rather, they embraced the naive ideology of Neville Chamberlain, because he told everyone what they wanted to hear.

Sound familiar?