One more notch.

Not surprisingly, England’s legal eagles are capitulating in the face of fear and intimidation. Rather than following the lead of Australia, where that nation’s leaders told the radicals if they didn’t like their laws, they could leave.

Not the United Kingdom. Weak-kneed top judge, Lord Philips, has stated that he supports the notion of having Islamic Law (Sharia) intervene in matters of marital and financial disputes. So much for English Law. And, this man is in line to head up the British Supreme Court.

It’s creeping everywhere, like cancer. The British Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, also argued earlier this year, that capitulating to Sharia Law was unavoidable, and that it would “improve social cohesion.” Fact is, it’s social erosion. Where will this lead to in another twenty years? Fifty? Where is the foresight of our world’s leaders?Click here: Another Big Endorsement of Shari’a in the UK

It’s not just England. Last year, a German judge capitulated to Sharia Law when she denied a divorce to a Muslim woman on the grounds that Islamic laws permit wife beating. After all, it’s part of the culture. Hey girl, marry a strict Muslim, and that’s the risk. Tough. This judge canned German law in favor of the laws of radical Islam. Muslims make up 3.3 million people in Germany, (and growing) that’s quite a voting block.

Throughout Europe, in Spain, France, Netherlands, Denmark and Norway, Muslim youths are increasingly becoming more vocal in their demands for separated legal systems from their host countries. Assimilation?

The United States? It’s on the way. Give it a few more years.

It’s only because I had to delve into a major research project to write a book, that I have some knowledge about the downside of Sharia Law. Allow me to pass it on to folks who are unaware.

* Women are the possession of men. In places where strict Sharia is practiced, they are considered much the same as owning a camel.

* Sharia law permits wife beating. Click here: Islam Wife Beating -Video

* When a man wants a divorce, he must stand and announce three times to her: “I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you.” Bang it’s over. When a woman wants a divorce, it is a major affront which either ends up in a court room or on a morgue tray. In some places, a woman’s request for divorce is prohibited. Abuse is not grounds.

* A divorced man has no obligation to support his ex-wife or his children.

* A divorced woman must remain single, or she can lose custody of her children.

* An arranged marriage can be conducted without the presence of the bride, so long as the guardian consents.

* Muslim women may only marry Muslim men.

* A married woman who is raped, and dares to report it, must produce four witnesses, and they must all be males. If the rape is not confirmed by law, she is to be stoned to death for adultery.

* Homosexuality is banned. In some countries, Sharia Law calls for the death sentence.

* The punishment for thievery is amputation of hands. (In Iran, an eight-year-old boy was forced to lay his arm under a truck tire as it rolled over. He stole a loaf of bread.)

* Under Sharia, those who gamble or drink alcohol can be flogged/whipped.

* Highway robbers are to be crucified and mutilated.

* Death penalty to Muslims that criticize Muhhammed, the Koran or Sharia Law.

* Apostates (those who leave Islam) are to be killed.

That’s a sampling. For more details and examples, I suggest visiting web site:

Click here: American Thinker

Yes, there’s a lot more to it, such as dietary laws and such. Other religions also have rules and customs regarding marriage, diet and inheritance, but none so barbaric as what is imposed upon homosexuals and women who live under strict Sharia Law.  The problem, is that these radicals are hell-bent on exporting Sharia to the west.

Americans are a selfish lot. We can’t see beyond our noses. We think about the “now” and think not about the “tomorrow” when our children and grandchildren will be dealing a lot more with these issues.

One only has to reflect twenty years back, and remember such words and phrases dealing with Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia law were rarely heard or written about, especially inside of western nations. Today, it’s pervasive. Imagine what it’s going to be like in another twenty years.

Cal Thomas wrapped it up best, in his last article. He wrote:

“There is no due process under Sharia law. Lord Phillips has signed the death warrant for his nation if his opinion becomes the law of England. It’s one thing to fight a war and lose it. It’s quite another to willingly surrender without a struggle.”