I don’t generally answer responses to my blogs, but I can’t pass this one up.

Readers come from all sides of the spectrum with varied points of view, which is the way I like it. Some are supportive, some come up with new ideas, others castigate. That’s okay. It stimulates thought and sometimes we can even learn something we didn’t know before.

A Mr. Herbert Herman wrote about my article on Islamic Intimidation and had this to say:


“…the virus of Islamophobia. Your message caters to xenophobic demagoguery and serves the extreme right. It is reminiscent of Hitler’s ranting against Jews.”


Digest that one for a moment. 

First, I want to thank Mr. Herman for his comments and for weighing in with his viewpoint.

Mr. Herman accuses me of Islamophobia. I have news: Mr. Herman is right on. I am definitely Islamophobic. And, he should be too.

Perhaps Mr. Herman and folks like him, should do a little more homework. If he did, and opened his eyes, he would also fear the rise of radical Islam like most Americans who live in a conscious state. (Note the adjective: Radical) I was once one of those glowing, tolerant people who thought Islam, in general, was being wrongly condemned and only a small radical group of terrorists were responsible for acts of violence.

Then came 9/11, an invasion by a foreign enemy and a promise from their leaders that more would follow around the world. (Which it did) It’s not just because all 19 suicide fanatics and their leaders were Islamic radicals that I began to fear Islam. Like millions of others, it triggered me into doing homework. I began searching for information about Islam beyond newspapers, television and political rhetoric. I wanted to know how valid the threat was, for my children, and their children’s future. I read the Koran. I read the history of Islam. I read the life of Muhammed. I read and listened to all the edicts from Islamic clerics around the world vowing to kill infidels and create an Islamic caliphate in London, Madrid and Washington D.C. in the next 100 years.

The more I delved into the issue, the more I realized this is no Timothy McVeigh situation where a small group of fanatics are responsible for causing havoc. I learned that Islamic radicals (and there are millions) have been on a quest to conquer the world since the death of Muhammed in 632 A.D. It is their duty to Allah. For 1400 years, it has never abated.

Then, there is…of all things…Evidence. You know, those documents, quotations, and events which actually happened, and which foretell what is likely to happen in the future. Folks like Mr. Herman elect to ignore the preponderance of evidence while spouting ethereal idioms off the cuff and burying his head in the proverbial sand. He thinks it will just go away if we don’t look at it. That’s a prescription for self-destruction.


* Over 16,000 acts of terrorism around the world in the last twenty years, in the name of Islam. Over 200,000 dead in Algiers, alone. Click here: Insurgency in the Maghreb

* Fifty -three peaceful Americans held captive in Iran, 1979 … in the name of Allah.

* Eleven Israeli athletes murdered in cold blood at the 1972 Olympic games, for Allah.

* The senseless, unprovoked 1985 killing of sixty-nine year-old Leon Klinghoffer on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean…in the name of Allah.

* The bombing murder of 241 servicemen in their barracks in Lebanon, 1983… in the name of Allah.

* The suicide bombing of the U.S.S. Cole in 2000 killing 17 Americans in the name of Allah.

* Bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, killing six and injuring over 1,000…in the name of Allah.

* The WTC invasion in 2001 killing 3000 innocent people…in the name of Allah.

* The bombing and killing of 191 innocent people in Madrid, Spain, 2004…in the name of Allah.

* The bombing and killing of 52 innocent people in London’s subway, 2005…in the name of Allah.

* The bombing/killing of 202 innocent people in Bali, 2004…in the name of Allah.

* Nearly 600 Israelis murdered by Muslim suicide bombers between 2000 and 2007…in the name of Allah. Click here: Suicide and bombing attacks

* Thousands of rockets and bombs that have exploded throughout Israel killing hundreds, for no other purpose than to kill Jews and destroy that nation…in the name of Allah.

* The barbaric beheadings of Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl, video-taped so the world can see…in the name of Allah.

* Multiple demonstrations around the world in which radical Islamics hold signs claiming “Islam will rule the world,” and “Behead those who defame Islam.”

* Inciting riots throughout the world killing dozens, all because of one cartoon.. In the name of Allah.

* The establishment of al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist cells throughout the western world, for the purpose of infiltrating and bringing down America… in the name of Allah.

I would love to exist in a world where diversity is tolerated and respected. I would love for all Muslims of the world to practice their religion and care not what religions other people practice, much like they do in Indonesia and other places. That’s utopia. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it is. About ten to fifteen percent of the Islamic world maintain a jihad state of mind, and are either actively engaged in a long range effort toward world dominion, or are in support of it.

Am I Islamophobic? You bet your sweet bippy I am. I’m scared to death. Because, like most of us who elect to be better informed, I see what’s coming down the road, and it’s not going to be pretty for those of us considered “non-believers.”

Upon completing a six-month research project to write a book about Militant Islam In America, I emerged with sense of responsibility to help awaken and inform as many Americans as I could. The only way this threat can ever be thwarted is by public awareness. I don’t want my grandkids and their kids to ever ask, why didn’t someone do something back in 2008, when it was all so predictable?

Mr. Herman also feels I am reminiscent of Hitler ranting against the Jews. Close…but no cigar. If Mr. Herman would wake up from his coma, he’d see I’m reminiscent of Churchill and hundreds of others circa 1928-1936, who ranted against the Nazis on behalf of the Jews…and no one would listen.

Unfortunately for the six million exterminated Jews and 44 million others killed, the world slept just like Mr. Herman, as Hitler and his cohorts were making their ominous forecasts.