Imagine owning a baseball team and, as part of the employment terms, your players must wear baseball caps. Along comes Abu Dabu who applies to be a ball player but he says he will only wear a turban, not the cap. It’s all about his religion. He’s not hired.

Abu sues the baseball team for —get this — discrimination. He wins! Baseball must pay “damages” for hurting Abu’s feelings.

Fiction? Think again.

Hindus, Buddhists and orthodox Jews are not known for initiating civil litigation when their prayer practices or clothing are in conflict with job requirements. It’s all about private enterprise, and they keep their religious tenets a private matter. Employers have a right to set reasonable rules and standards for people if they want a job. Applicants abide, or they find another job.

Tell that to the extremist Muslims of Great Britain.

A woman recently was turned down for a job at a London beauty salon that specializes in funky hair styles. As part of the terms of employment, they require hairdressers to wear funky styles as selling points. Sounds reasonable. We sell Mohawks here. If you want this job, wear a Mohawk.

Along comes Miss Muslim who is ideologically opposed to the display of women’s hair in public, but who wants to be, of all things, a hair dresser. She’s interviewed. But she refuses to take off the hijab. (head scarf) She doesn’t get the job.

In the rest of the world, that would be end of story. But, Miss Muslim claims she was emotionally wrecked over being turned down for the job, and files a suit for discrimination and “hurt feelings.”

Hold on to your seats. She won! A wimpy London court ordered the owner of the beauty shop to pay the offended Miss Muslim $8,000 in damages.

The name of the game in 2008, is don’t offend. No wonder some schools in England have removed the Holocaust from their curriculum. Why? They don’t want to “offend” Muslims.

Muslims were “offended” by a Danish cartoonist that depicted Muhammed. Five months later, they rioted around the world killing, maiming and destroying. The result: freedom of expression was successfully repressed.

What wins, is fear and intimidation. And now that the slippery slope has arrived, we will be seeing more law suits and acts of intimidation, not only in England and France, but in the United States. Schools are refraining from leading the Pledge of Allegiance in deference to offending Muslims in the classroom. Universities are installing foot baths to accommodate Muslim prayer requirements. Those same schools are closing gymnasiums during certain hours to accommodate Muslim women’s needs, which dictate segregation from men. In Minneapolis, CAIR initiated a law suit against civilians that would prevent airline passengers from reporting suspicious persons and/or behavior. Authors and writers are being sued by representatives of CAIR for allegedly writing about Islam in a critical tone.

For them, it’s not the winning that matters. What matters is scaring the heck out of all of us, writers, politicians, business owners, school administrators, cops, journalists and even the clergy. What matters is backing us down. What matters is losing our freedom of speech, not through the constitution, but de facto.

Our enemies don’t have to win in court. They have plenty of money to splurge if it furthers the cause of inciting hatred and instilling fear. By losing, they win. And as every small victory adds up, they become more emboldened.

My heart goes out to the woman who owns the London beauty salon. Eight thousand bucks is a major slam to a small business person trying to pay bills and make a living. If anyone was damaged, it was her.

Keep your eye on the slippery slope. England is not that far away.

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