Like most cops, I spent the majority of my career discerning truth from fiction. After a while, you get pretty good at it. Folks who work in the field of criminal justice deal with liars every day and develop a strong scent for deceit. It’s part of the job.

Such provides, in my opinion, an advantage in deciding who to vote for in a major election. Those of us in career law enforcement and other justice jobs, tend to weigh evidence, and not be guided by impressions and eloquent oratory. What’s most important is the sum of evidence, not one or two items by themselves, but the whole.

We live in a time of hype and idolatry spawned by media sensationalism. It trumps common sense. Evidence meant nothing in the O.J. Simpson trial. The jury was swayed by the aura of celebrity and charisma, not by an amalgamation of facts which pointed toward his guilt. Five months of listening to testimony took a back seat to sound bytes, like, “If the glove don’t fit, you gotta acquit.” Blinded by awe, the jury disregarded solid evidence and voted in favor of the killer.

Mind boggling.

The mayor of Washington D.C. was caught on a surveillance camera in 1990 smoking crack cocaine and sent to prison. The citizens didn’t care. When released, he ran for office again and — unbelievably — the people re-elected him. Talk about chutzpah. Marion Barry, a criminal, was a confirmed addict and tested positive for cocaine. Yet, voters turned a blind eye to evidence and elected this charismatic man to be in charge of Washington’s governmental service, including law enforcement.

All politicians either exaggerate, skew facts or downright lie, so there’s no sense in arguing who’s the most prolific liar. What’s more important, is the consequence of their lies. When Americans are lied to, how will that affect our standards of living, the economy, the saving of lives around the world and the future for our grandchildren?

Bill Clinton lied about receiving sex from an office employee. Consequence? The citizenry was not affected very much, other than the squandering of taxpayer’s money trying to prosecute the president.

The Gulf of Tonkin was a lie, and as a result, 58,000 Americans were killed in Viet Nam over eleven years. That’s consequence!

There’s many more, of course.

What would be the consequences of electing Obama versus Clinton versus McCain…given that they will all stretch the truth to one extent or another?

I fear the blind eye syndrome is happening in today’s presidential campaign.

To my mind, there are five essential issues:

* That we elect a president who will always put the best interests of the country ahead of any other interests.

* That we elect a president who will care about all Americans, and not impose favoritism to one group over another, whether along religious, racial, economic or ethnic lines.

* That we elect a president who has displayed a sense of patriotism and love of country.

* That we elect a president who will ensure the security of our nation, including the maintenance of a ready defense.

* That we elect a president who has established a history of accomplishments from which to weigh these factors.

In the opinion of this former career cop, electing Barack Obama would be an utter catastrophe from which the future of this great nation will suffer greatly. He certainly fits none of the above. Yet, people, en masse, are responding in support of this political rock star while ignoring all the evidence. No, he’s not a killer, but it all reminds me of the O.J. case as well-meaning people totally disregard facts and evidence and allow themselves to be sucked into celebrity euphoria.

In a nutshell:

* Obama is obsessed with race. Here we are in a society that works toward being color blind, and we continue to be reminded of this man’s race. One only has to read both his books and get beyond the rhetoric to see that they are both written by a angry man overwhelmed with racial issues. The books are totally infused with matters of color, and far from the issues of what is right for the nation’s future. I cannot imagine a Colin Powell or a Condi Rice hammering the racial issue as their primary identity.

* When Obama gave his now-famous speech in defense of his association with Reverend Wright, he pulled off the ultimate coup, diverting the issue to another subject. In truth, he was being questioned about his relationship for twenty years with a church that espouses racism, anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism and Louis Farrakhan. Instead, America sat agog as he gave a speech about the history of racial divide and his own colorful background. And we fell for it.

* Anyone who researches that church — which Obama has had his family attend for twenty years — cannot ignore the evidence that its leader is an angry, anti-American, Jew-hating bigot that has embraced the Nation of Islam’s leader, for twenty years as well. No one, especially someone as prominent as Obama, would be a part of that environment, unless they feel a part of it. Certainly, Obama will distance himself in 2007 and 2008, because he wants to be president. But there is no denying the anti-American association since 1988.

* Obama’s camp has employed members of the Nation of Islam in his campaign rooms, including his campaign treasurer. Those who belongs to the Nation of Islam are devout followers of the race-baiting, Jew-hating, anti-American, Louis Farrakhan.

* Until recently, some of Obama’s campaign offices have proudly displayed pictures of Che Gueverra, communist rebel who, under Fidel Castro, is responsible for his own number of terrorist killing.Click here: BARACK.htm

* Obama’s attachment to his African kin is more than worrisome, and tells us more about this presidential candidate that some people wish wasn’t true. Obama’s Luo cousin, Raila Odinga, received Obama’s support when he traveled to Africa in 2006. That support has helped Odinga in his quest to seize power. And in doing so, Odinga has pledged — in writing — that within six months of assuming power, he will impose strict Sharia law in Kenya and turn it into an Islamic nation. What does that say about the priorities of our near-future president? Click here: pdf

* Michele Obama – the future first lady – said much in very few words. “For the first time, I’m proud to be an American.” First time? This is the woman with whom the possible president sleeps and shares the most private thoughts and feelings. Are we to believe this is another one of those comments/thoughts where he wasn’t around at the time? Thus, we are about to embrace a first lady for the U.S. that was never proud of being an American until her husband ran for president. Doesn’t that make us feel warm and fuzzy?

* Then there is the allegiance Obama may have toward the Muslim community in a time when Jihadists are overrunning Europe and threatening to replace the U.S. Constitution with the Koran before the end of this century. There is no evidence that Obama is a Muslim, but there is evidence — considering his family background and other associations — that he would be soft on Islamic issues, and capitulate to their demands as they intensify. (And they will) Meanwhile, the number of Wahhabi mosques in the U.S. are doubling every five years. It’s also a stinging red flag that Obama is the choice candidate of American Muslims. Click here: Muslims for Barack Obama ’08

* Obama would weaken the defense status of the Unites States, as indicated by his own words during a recent video, by cutting back on missiles, weapons and the nuclear arsenal. I’m sure the international enemies of America will jump for joy when and if Obama is elected, including al Qaeda.

Click here: YouTube –

While I could extend the length of this article, I must keep it within a reasonable word count.

Suffice to say that the evidence — in sum — is pretty strong that:

* Obama has no history of accomplishments from which to measure his competence and sincerity of purpose.

* Obama’s sense of patriotism toward the U.S. is suspect, at the least.

* Obama would put the interests of radicals, discontents, racists and anti-Americans ahead of the best interests for all Americans.

* The issue of race — here and abroad – will weigh heavily on any decision he makes as president. Just read his books. Listen to his speeches. Attend his church.

* Obama would weaken the defenses of our country.

Eloquent words mean nothing. Candidates will say whatever is politically correct and advantageous to get elected. Some say it better than others. What is most important is to follow the evidence.

Will America turn a blind eye? Let’s hope not.