If America has an Achilles Heel, call it “Greed.”

Same with Western Europe.

Folks from American companies and universities can gripe all they want about the oil crisis, Arab intrusion, American politics and international Jihad, when it comes to waving money in front of their eyes, the response is Pavlovian drool. Who in their right mind can turn down $20 million, no matter the consequences to our country? Right?

University campuses all over the United States have been accepting huge donations from Arab nations, mainly Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. What’s the big deal, you ask?

Well, money buys influence. Money buys compliance and capitulation. The enemies of America are slowly inching their way toward their stated goal: The Islamization of America, even if it takes 100 years. Meanwhile, America snoozes.

Organized Crime Bosses often pay professionals $50,000 up front for special services not yet rendered. It’s like insurance from “mob lawyers and mob doctors.” When they’re needed, no questions asked, the lawyers and doctors are there, no matter what. They’re paid big, and they owe back, big.

It’s no different than paying off Harvard and Georgetown for services asked.

Americans continue to lose sight of the big picture. The Muslim Brotherhood, most powerful Islamic fundamentalist organization in the world, has been striving for more than twenty years toward implementation of “The Project,” the master plan for establishing world dominion. One of their listed strategies (only one of which is inciting violence) is to establish financial networks to fund the work of converting the west. What better place to manipulate the fertile minds of our youth.Click here

In 2005, Harvard and Georgetown each accepted $20 million from the Saudis. Millions more, before and after, have funneled into Berkeley, U. Of Missouri, Rice, Arkansas, UC in Los Angeles, Columbia and so forth. It started in 1976 when the Saudi government gave one million dollars to USC. Since, no less than one hundred institutions of higher learning have come under the spell of Islamic financial influence.

What’s the payoff for the Islamic world? More Islamic study courses. More Islamic professors. More Islamic recruitment and conversion. More demands for Islamic foot baths, prayer breaks, Islamic dietary demands, and in the case of Harvard, closing the pool and recreation area for several hours a weeks to accommodate Muslim females.

The MSA (Muslim Students Association) didn’t exist before 1963. Today they are the largest and most influential student organization throughout the U.S., (and the world) firmly entrenched in hundreds of colleges and universities. In April of 2004, the Chicago Tribune exposed the radical student group as an American branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Among other notable achievements, the Muslim Brotherhood took part in the murder of Egyptian President Anwar El-Sadat as well as the shootings at the Temples at Luxor. Click here: Brotherhood in America

MSA is the same student group that often shows up at scheduled speeches by Brigette Gabriel and Daniel Pipes, and other experts on Islamic Jihad, a hootin’ and a hollerin’, disruptive and threatening the rights to free speech. Ms. Gabriel must often be escorted in and out by armed police and then check into lodging under an assumed name at a secret locale because the religion of peace isn’t so peaceful after all.

The endless well of Islamic wealth from petro-dollars is reaching out to European universities as well. At least eight schools in the UK have accepted monstrous donations in the hundreds of millions of pounds, including Cambridge and Oxford. Are we to assume that the world of Islam wishes to see better educated Brits? Or is there another motive?

I think we all know the answer.

But don’t tell that to the short-sighted greedy bastards inside the walls of higher learning who will sell our country down the river for the big bucks. Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood and their minions laugh all the way to the mosque, sharing stories about the rapacity of western civilization and how easy it is to bribe us all. It’s all about the money. Click here: Islamist Money Buying Clout

Government institutions, banks, prisons, big business and yes, many politicians, are equally guilty in accepting huge bundles of dough from those who would like to see America fall in one hundred years. But they don’t care about our grandchildren. They care about the moment.

It is all so clear, yet Americans everywhere don’t see it happening. It won’t be bombs and terrorists that bring down the west. It will be our own undoing, via the Achilles Heel.