For those who have any confusion about the path of radical Islam, please read, watch and learn. This is not happening on Planet Mars. It’s not a fairy tale. It’s real. It’s here. Comatose America better start paying attention.

A Dutch member of parliament by the name of Geert Wilders has produced a 16-minute movie titled, Fitna. Unless he hides in a cave somewhere, it is likely Mr. Wilders will go the way of Theo Van Gogh, another Dutch film maker who was brutally murdered in the streets of Amsterdam by a proud Jihadist shouting “Allah Akbar.” Van Gogh had produced a short film titled Submission, which depicted the plight of women in Muslim societies. No doubt, as I write this, agents of the peaceful religion are seeking Wilder’s head.

So much for freedom of speech.

Fitna is a chilling documentary that intersperses Koranic verse with scenes of Islamic atrocities, including the 9/11 attacks, the beheading of Nick Berg, honor killings of women and hateful rhetoric being spewed from clerics and leaders inside mosques all around the globe. One scene has a three-year old girl telling us that, according to the Koran, Jews are apes and pigs.

I urge everyone who cares about the future of America, to take sixteen minutes and view. It might be a bit disturbing in parts, but it’s worth it. (not to worry, the beheading is not fully depicted)

Click here: Fitna The Movie

Fed up with Islamic intimidation and a sad witness to the gradual diluting of European culture, Wilders intends on unveiling stark truths about the threat of Islamization and yes, to create fear in the hearts of freedom loving people around the world. For if the trends continue in Europe and the United States, Jihad will succeed and our great-grandchildren will be living under an Islamic flag. Our precious constitution will fall to the Koran. But we stand by, heads deep in the sand.

Wilders must either be reckless, or he owns gonads the size of boulders. I vote the latter. He should not only be commended, he should be given a Nobel Prize for courage. He is among the very few who have had the guts to stand up to this international menace.

As one could expect, Fitna is being widely condemned. Not only by Islamists, but by weak-kneed cowards who should be standing shoulder-to-shoulder decrying the litany of atrocities and the wave of fear instilled by radical Islam. The UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon called it “offensively anti-Islamic.” The European Slovenian presidency said it, “inflamed hatred.” The Dutch prime minister issued statements saying the “film served to other purpose than to cause offense.” Virtually everyone capitulates. No one — not one mealy-mouthed politician or other world leader — has had the guts to support Geert Wilders as telling the truth, not to mention defending his right of free speech and expression.

If anyone had made a movie critical of Christianity or Judaism, would the world shutter in fear of reprisal? Would world leaders be cowering like wimps in the school yard? Would they be defending the rights of free speech? You bet they would.

What do the Islamists say? Well, as expected, condemnation is rife with threats and instilling fear. Sabers are rattling. In Afghanistan, Muslims are already igniting Dutch and Danish flags and practicing “death to America” chants. Iranian officials are promising diplomatic rupture, or worse. Wilders is in hiding. More riots, styled after the infamous cartoons of 2004, are anticipated. The peaceful religion will undoubtedly show the world how unpeaceful it really is, yet we bow, we acquiesce, we apology, we shutter and we give in to intimidation with a constant flow of political correctness and Islam ass-kissing.

Apologists continue to claim it is only a small faction of extremists that are causing the problem, and the great majority of Muslims world wide are peaceful. Actually, that’s a play on words, depending on how one describes “Peaceful.” Once a society is completely immersed under Sharia law, it certainly becomes peaceful because no one dares utter a peep that can be considered non-Islamic. How many Christian churches and synagogues exist within Saudi Arabia? Is it peaceful inside of Saudi Arabia? You bet.

According to every scholar and expert I’ve read, (and I tapped into scores when I researched my book) at least fifteen percent of the Islamic world is either involved in Jihad or is actively in support of Jihad. (If anyone wants a bibliography, send me an e-mail. I’ll provide the titles of several books)

For those who don’t know, radical Jihadists strive toward world Islamic takeover. It is their duty. They are intent on converting or killing you and me. They are the enemy. They are actively seeking the overthrow of our government. They are very well-financed. And, their numbers are staggering. Fifteen percent of the Islamic world translates to about 200 million people.

Those numbers make scout troops out of Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan. At least Nazi Germany had a uniform, a country, an identity. Radical Islam has no borders, no uniforms, and they can look like anyone in America, black, Asian, white or Hispanic. Male or female. They have the numbers. They have the plan. (Which includes wide applications of deceit) They have the money. They have the will — of Allah.

Like most Americans, I will defend the rights of religious freedom and expression to the nth degree. But when a fascist ideology is disguised as a religion in order to use the First Amendment as a tool for attaining their goals, then all bets are off. At that point, it’s no longer just a religion.

Whether by threat of violence or by mass infiltration, radical Islam is making tremendous inroads throughout the west. Nary a word is mentioned of it during presidential campaigns, though it is the greatest crisis facing the free world. What the west needs are more brave leaders like Geert Wilders.

I hope everyone who views the video and reads this will take the time to digest, understand and pass it on to as many freedom loving people as possible. We must create an aware society. That’s ostensibly the message of Geert Wilders. Let’s hope he survives.