Where is the National PBA? The National FOP? The International Association of Chiefs of Police? The National Association of Police Organizations?

Why are the cops of America remaining silent? Where is the outrage?

In September of 2007, nearly 20,000 demonstrators marched on the small town of Jena, Louisiana to protest what they thought were discriminatory practices by the prosecutors office against local blacks. It brought national attention to an issue which is still yet to be resolved. But, it sure made a lot of people listen up. Perhaps the nation’s police officers should pay attention.

Whether it be issues of blacks, gays, Hispanics, women or even illegal aliens, people have been rising up across America to confront injustice, from suffrage to the civil rights movement to this very day. Most of the time, it renders results, because there is power in the people, and power in numbers. When numbers band together, government listens.

In the last seven years, police officers have been the target of federal prosecutions like never before in history. One case after another, scumbag drug dealers, thieves, robbers, many of them illegal aliens, are being given perks and rewards for no other reason than to testify against law enforcement officers. And for cops who are convicted, it’s often an automatic ten year sentence because of the minimum mandatory laws that are imposed on judges when anyone is convicted of a crime while in possession of a firearm.

Of course, police officers possess firearms. Yet, in virtually all these cases, juries are not informed of the penalties cops face.

One juror in the case against Officer Stephanie Mohr stated, after trial, had he/she known that a minimum of ten years would be her sentence, she would not have been found guilty. The “crime” did not warrant ten years in federal prison.

In truth, the “crime” did not warrant prosecution, yet the government went after her with a fervor.

A decorated K-9 cop in Prince Georges County, Maryland, Mohr was on the scene of an attempted burglary where two illegal aliens were caught at one a.m. atop a commercial building. After the subjects scaled down, it appeared one was going to run, so she released the dog. The man was bitten on the leg and apprehended. Five years later, one cop on the scene traded a long prison sentence for turning witness against Mohr, saying the bite wasn’t necessary. One day before the statute of limitations expired, Mohr was indicted. It took two trials, and mega thousands of taxpayer money, plus a search for the “victim” who had long since returned to Central America, just to secure his testimony. He never complained.

Mohr, a mother, is now serving ten years in federal prison, while her “victim” was afforded all kinds of favors compliments of the government. In the land of the free.

Everyone knows about the case against Border Patrol Agents, Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos, who shot a drug smuggler in the butt as he was running back across the border, leaving more than 700 pounds of marijuana behind. Nothing was considered wrong, until the Mexican government complained. The two career cops were then prosecuted after the smuggler, a lifelong illegal alien criminal, was given special treatment, medical care, a special pass to cross the border, and more, just for his testimony. Johnny Sutton, the prosecutor, forgot to mention to the jury, that the smuggler was apprehended again before trial, for more criminal acts in the U.S. These officers, both family men, were sentenced to more than a decade in federal prison. The land of the free.

Even if the officers had not followed proper procedure, it warranted administrative action, not a prison sentence. But who cares about ruining lives.

Johnny Sutton also went after Deputy Gilmer Hernandez of Rocksprings, Texas. On a dark night in 2005, Hernandez stopped an SUV filled with alleged illegal aliens. As he approached the vehicle, it sped off, nearly running over his foot. He fired at the tires. People bailed out. One woman was hit in the teeth by a ricochet bullet. Four days later, the Mexican consulate complained. Mexico snaps its fingers. America jumps. Sure enough, Hernandez was indicted and eventually convicted and served a full year behind bars, a convicted felon for life.

Americas Most Wanted, John Walsh wrote a letter to the president urging consideration of these injustices. See :Click here: | John Walsh:

Twelve year Border Patrol agent, Noe Aleman and his wife went about following legal procedures to adopt their three teenage nieces from Mexico. An apparent glitch in the issuance of a visa brought the wrath of prosecutor Johnny Sutton who loves nothing better than to wreck the life of a cop. Instead of clearing up the matter administratively, which was entirely possible, Noe was arrested and then convicted of harboring illegal aliens. He served six months in jail, his life a shambles. Read the story: Click here: Border Patrol Agent Noe Aleman

Johnny Sutton logged another victim in the likes of Border Patrol Agent, Gary Brugman, career cop, who did his job by chasing down illegal aliens and in one case, had to physically restrain a smuggler who appeared to be ready to assault another officer. Sure enough, Sutton praised the Mexican consulate in trial, as Brugman sustained a conviction and was made to serve two years in federal prison, while the criminal dirtbags laughed all the way to freedom, replete with benefits. Read: Click here: Gary Brugman – Another Victim

Border Patrol agent, David Sipe, of Pinedas, Texas, chased down twelve to fifteen illegals in 2000 and ended up in a scuffle with one. As the smuggler was going for Sipe’s gun, he hit the man over the head with a flashlight. In my day, it was legal for a cop to defend one’s self. Anyway, federal prosecutors managed to secure testimony of three illegal aliens who helped convict Sipe and end his seventeen year career as a law enforcement officer. But Sipe managed to get a new trial, and the case was thrown out. Seems that the prosecution filed to tell the jury about all the favors that were bestowed upon the aliens in exchange for their testimony, including green cards, cell phones, and more, not to mention immunity from prosecution.

The “Bush War On Law Enforcement” press conference was held in April of 2007, and sponsored by the Friends of the Border Patrol. I urge everyone to read the transcript.

Click here:

Rep. Ted Poe of Texas, in the House of Representatives, March 15, 2007: “It makes you wonder, Madam Speaker, why our Federal Government is so relentless in prosecuting border agents…Why must our Federal Government withhold and hide evidence that is favorable to the defense in a criminal case? Is it just so they can have convictions of border agents? It makes one wonder, does it not, Madam Speaker?”

I’m no bleeding heart for cops who commit criminal acts. The last arrest I made as a sworn officer was of five fellow cops in 1980, who had beaten a man to death for speeding. But the government is taking it too far, and too many of our nation’s sentries are wasting away in prison cells for no good reason, while their families languish. This is all known to us, but we sit by.

In years past, most of these valiant police officers, who risk their lives daily to protect you and me, would have been seen as heroes. Today, they’re seen as convicts. Is it any wonder why so many young men and women are reluctant to enter the filed of law enforcement in 2008?

It’s time for police officers everywhere, and those who support law enforcement officers, to rise up and let our voices be heard. Write the president. Write the Attorney General. Write your national and local media. Your senators and congressmen. There are over 800,000 cops in America, yet their voices are silent.