What if the 9/11 attack was intended as a diversion? What if the true purpose of the attack was to draw our military and fiscal resources half way around the globe while our enemy infiltrates through the back door? If so, we — and our government — have foolishly taken the bait.

Food for thought.

This is not a wild theory. It is entirely possible. Most of my readers know that I have conducted extensive research into the Islamo-fascist menace around the world and in the United States. My book “Militant Islam In America” is a stark expose` about the inroads radical Islam is making within the borders of the U.S. and North America in general.

Wahhabi money from Saudi Arabia is pouring multi-millions of dollars into universities, public schools, prisons, presidential libraries, media and banks. Powerful Islamic organizations are arm-twisting politicians into concessions, ready at a heartbeat to charge anyone and everyone with political incorrectness. Scores of so-called “moderate” Islamists have been exposed as operatives for terror organizations, including some who have been honored guests at the White House. Mosques have doubled in the U.S. in the last five years, eighty percent of which are funded by Saudi extremist money. Many are not only religious centers, they double as money laundering facilities and war rooms where hate toward Jews, Christians and Americans in general is fomented among their congregations, with special attention toward indoctrinating children. I have referred to these mosques as the Trojan Horse. Some mosques and learning centers were opened where no Muslims existed. Now they do.

Expansion of sheer population numbers is a viable strategy of our enemy, whether through conversions, marriage, runaway birth rates or immigration. And it’s working. The seven million American Muslims today are expected to double by the year 2014. Double that in another seven to ten years. There are American towns where calls to prayer are being recited five times a day in Arabic, on loud speakers, like you’re living in downtown Tehran. Secretive Muslim enclaves have sprouted up all over rural America, self-governed according to Islamic law, and off-limits to intruders. One such in New York, calls itself: Islamberg. Google it.

In time, more and more of these people — the wolves in sheep’s clothing — will be elected to powerful government offices.

The purpose of all this? To impose Sharia law. To ultimately replace the constitution with the Koran. To establish an Islamic republic in North America.

Of course, most Muslims are good people and want no part of the Jihad mentality. But they, like the Germans of 1930, and the Russians of 1950, and the peaceful citizens of Somalia and Sudan today, have no control because the extremists are in control.

This is not happening by chance. It’s all part of a careful long-range plot mustered in 1982 by the Muslim Brotherhood. Little known as compared to Al Qaeda and Hezbollah, this is an immense extremist organization based in Egypt, with operatives in over seventy nations throughout the world. Thousands are here.

In a police raid of an Islamic banker’s home in 2001, the Swiss uncovered a document called “The Project.” Authored by the highest authorities within the Muslim Brotherhood, it spells out the global plan for establishing Islam as the only religion and form of government in the world by the end of this century. It outlines twelve strategies for accomplishing the overthrow of the U.S. government, only one of which involves violence. Strategies include: Posing as Islamic moderates and avoiding open alliances with known terror organizations; Using deception to mask the intended goals of Islamic extremism; Filtering huge sums of money into the infrastructure of other nations; Inflaming violence and keeping Muslims in a Jihadist frame of mind; Making the Palestinian issue a global wedge issue for Muslims; Supporting Jihad movements across the Muslim world through preaching, propaganda, personnel, funding and technical and operational support.

That’s a sampling. There’s much more.

With all this information and knowledge at hand, I recently had an epiphany. I thought about the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the $400 billion commitment, the drain on our military resources, the losses of more than 4,000 lives, the weakening of our National Guard at home. Have we fallen into a clever trap?

I imagined the top guns of the Muslim Brotherhood, in which Osama Bin Laden serves as one of its generals, sitting in their secret war room sometime in the 1990’s, brainstorming how they could overthrow the west. Certainly, not by military conflict, the U.S. is the most powerful military on earth. Certainly not by chronic violence, that only incites their enemy. The key, would be to infiltrate from within. Much like Stephen Spielberg’s, War Of The Worlds, the aliens would root underground — in massive numbers — for many years until the time was ripe for the overthrow. Meanwhile, it would be important to redirect the focus of national media, the focus of government and of the military away from that enemy infiltration. The answer: A major terror attack on U.S. soil. Our enemy knew that we would dedicate all our resources toward foreign lands, when in fact, the enemy is right here. And while the government and the media remains focused on Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, the enemy continues to build strength from within, using the protections of the very constitution it is determined to destroy.

We may win in Iraq, but are we winning on our own land. The infiltration has long begun in Europe. Is France winning? Is Denmark winning? Is the U.K. winning?

Before the Prophet Muhammed died, he issued a decree, to spread Islam throughout the world. This was taken quite literally. Extreme fundamentalists within that religion have existed for 1400 years, and are hard at work fulfilling the dreams of their prophet today. Islam now represents 1.3 billion people. They are not giving up.

Could it be that the reason we’ve not been attacked again in six years, is deliberate? After all, the infiltration is working, our resources are well diverted, and another attack would bring unnecessary attention and hostility.

Could it be that we lost the shell game? Look here, look there, but don’t look where it is.

My fear, is that we have been outsmarted.

What say you?