I know. Nobody asked. But here is my list of the worst happenings of 2007.

* Over 900 American heroes brought home in flag-draped caskets, (bringing the war total to 3,900) plus another 3,000 blind, legless, armless or otherwise maimed for life. This tragedy, from a war even more controversial than Viet Nam, where so many scholars from both sides of the aisle tell us how an administration cherry-picked and manipulated intelligence to justify the unjustifiable.

* Osama Bin Laden remains at large and powerful as ever. This, more than six years after the 9/11 attacks on the shores of the United States. Yet, we spent fifty times as much in lives, money and military resources going after another depot who did not attack America.

* The presidential campaign. Countries like Canada and the UK dedicate four to eight weeks on a political campaign. In the U.S., with the primary system, the presidential campaign is a drawn-out, two-year, media-driven horse race with a new poll virtually every day.

* The debates. Dumb questions take up the time that should be allotted for more important issues. “What does America mean to you?” Please. “Do you accept the Bible as truth?” Would any candidate dare say, No? Same old rhetoric, too many candidates spread too thin. It’s pure media, no substance. (Not much in the way of candidates either)

* Radical Islam continues to infiltrate the infrastructure of this country while America sleeps and government turns a blind eye wishing not to be seen as offending a “religion.” Meanwhile, the Trojan Horse has rooted in, in all four corners of North America, sure to become a monumental issue in future years, as it has in Europe. Yet, not one question is asked about this urgent issue in the debates.

* Dishonesty in government insults the intelligence of the American people. With a housing market collapsed, the crisis in mortgages, gas prices soaring over $3 a gallon which will surely spark infLation, and an $8 trillion debt, the government has the gall to tell us the economy is good.

* Media sensationalism. How many times do we have to know about the substance abuse and driving habits of dingies like Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton, who are constantly jammed down our throats by networks who obviously can’t find anything more important to report on.

* Illegal immigration continues unharnessed as government continues to talk and do nothing. More than 12 million illegals are melted into the nation, mainly by a government that has refused to prosecute employers who hire into the construction, agricultural and other labor-intensive industries. While the anti-amnestors neutralize the amnestors, our social and health care services are raped, non-taxpayers are using our educational services, and illegals occupy 21 percent of cells in federal prisons. (That doesn’t include state prisons)

* A Justice Department that has chosen a policy of supporting and coddling thieves, robbers, rapists, drug dealers — many illegal alien — just to convict police officers who have dedicated their lives to public service. Numerous career cops, oft decorated for valor, have been targeted by rabid prosecutors to pacify governments of other nations, most notably, Mexico. The most famous of whom: Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, are serving more than a decade in prison for doing their job. There are many others.

* President Bush pardoned thieves and crooks from prison, many with political connections, but not Ramos and Compean, despite the pleas from thousands of Americans and overwhelming evidence that the Justice Department acted wrongly. Meanwhile, Scooter Libby never serves one day in jail, as the president calls his sentence “too harsh.”

* The tragic Virginia Tech shootings/killings of 32 people by a certified psycho who still managed to get his hands on a pair of guns after passing through background checks that had no record of his mental history. NRA, where are you?

* The War on Drugs continues to fuel an exhausted criminal justice system which now houses 2.3 million people in jails and prisons, more than half of whom are serving time for non-violent crimes, mostly possession of drugs. More than $185 billion a year is expended to support this crisis, not to mention the ancillary ripple effect it has on our social services and welfare systems. Yet, we continue on with a losing strategy, and it’s not ever mentioned in the presidential debates.

Did I leave something out?