On the 27th of this month, I published the Worst Happenings of 2007. Now, it’s time to think positive. I know, nobody asked, but here goes.

* Regardless of one’s position on the Iraq war, there is no argument that the change in strategy and in leadership has produced positive results, with American deaths down from 121 in the month of May, to sixteen thus far in December, albeit sixteen too many. The rising outrage of Sunni and Shiia citizens within Iraq has led to revolt against al Qaeda, thus giving us hope for an end to the conflict in the near future.

* Long overdue resignations of Bush lackies, Karl Rove, Alberto Gonzalez and Donald Rumsfeld, all positive changes that will provide more confidence from Americans in the remaining year GWB is in office.

* Abortions in the U.S. have dropped to under 1.3 million, the lowest since Roe v. Wade in 1973. All this, as a result of more education and treatment, without enacting new and unnecessary laws banning abortions which would give rise to a black market.

* Teenage substance abuse. According to the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, teenagers are drinking less and smoking less than every before. Also, drug use among teens has fallen 23 percent wince the 1990’s, and more than 50 percent for certain drugs, i.e., LSD and Ecstacy. Another sign that strong messages and more education works.

* France elected a new president that is far more friendly to the U.S. than Chirac. That can only spell good news for the future if we nurture that relationship.

* Professional sports have given us outstanding role models with Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Tim Duncan, Bart Favre, Lance Armstrong and the likes of baseballers Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn, pure gentlemen and of high integrity, inducted into the Hall of Fame. As well, the sportswriters of America rightfully rejected Mark (“I’m not here to talk about the past”) McGuire’s bid for the same Hall. Hopefully, that will send a message to all the other cheaters, and to any kids who even think about it.

* The voice of animal rights groups were heard loud and clear above the fray of celebrity, when footballer Michael Vick was arrested and convicted for running dog fight arenas, and personally brutalizing animals for folly.

* Death rates from cancer are on the steady decline for men, women and children, dropping more than two percent a year since 2002, all thanks to advances in early detection and better treatment. All those donations for research are paying off.

* New Jersey lawmakers joined thirteen other states in outlawing the death penalty. That’s one more state where it is now guaranteed that no innocent person can ever be mistakenly executed by the government.

* Thanks to the ongoing efforts of experts, scholars and patriots like Brigitte Gabriel, Frank Gaffney, Robert Spencer, Harvey Kushner, and more, greater awareness is rising among the American people about the ominous threat of radical Islam within the borders of the United States, and what we should be doing about it.

* Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions were relatively silent in 2007. No national disaster ripped through America in the likes of Hurricane Katrina. (California fires are not considered “natural” disaster).

* My grandson, Jason Mekena Frank, now 22, joined 30,000 other soldiers who came home alive and safe from an overseas war.

Okay, that’s a few items for thinking positive. How about you?