Call me Islamophobic. Call me a fear monger. Doesn’t matter. After a chilling six month research study into this issue, I came to one unwavering conclusion: The greatest threat to our nation, to our grandchildren, to our constitution, is the swelling of radical Islam within the borders of the United States. While there are good and moderate Muslims everywhere, their voice is rarely heard above the clatter of extremism.

We hear nary a word about this dire issue in presidential debates, as though it doesn’t exist. While the threat looms all around us, the question is never asked: What will you do, as president, to stem the advances of radical Islamic forces within our borders?

In the year 2050, when all is said and done, issues like social security, abortion, immigration, war and the economy won’t matter a lick if Islam establishes world dominion and the Quran supercedes the constitution. If anyone believes that is not the goal of Hamas, Hezbollah, Wahhabists and the Muslim Brotherhood, I have some oceanfront property for sale in Kansas.

Think back ten years. How much did we hear about the infiltration of radical Islam in 1997 compared to now? Little did we read about the growing menace in Europe? International incidents of terror are now commonplace. Europe is in the throes of Muslim domination. Denmark and other nations are frantically changing immigration laws. France is subjected to riots spawned by youths, but dare not identify them as Muslims. Germany and the UK are finding more and more Islamics being voted into parliament. (That will be happening here as well) In Sweden, Muslim kids wear tee shirts that read: “In 2030, We Take Over.” America’s mosques have tripled in ten years, nearly 80 percent financed by extreme Wahhabists from Saudi Arabia. They are the Trojan Horse of the 21st Century, and we stand by, comatose.

What will the next ten — twenty — fifty years bring?

I am often asked, “What can we do?” In my book, “Militant Islam In America,” I cite fourteen suggestions, the first of which is for Americans to become better informed. Seek beyond network news programs and the print media. Read books, like “Infiltration,” by Paul Sperry, and “Because They Hate,” by Brigitte Gabriel. Check the Internet for sites like Jihad Watch and the American Congress For Truth.

More than anything, vote smart. The upcoming presidential election may be the most critical in history. I listen with a cynical ear to the rhetoric and the carefully sculpted positions of candidates. My goal, whether Republican or Democrat, is to learn who is financing the campaigns of candidates, for it is the contributors to whom the politicians owe favors when the election is over.

Lobbyists in the construction, agriculture and hotel/motel industries contributed heavily to the Bush campaign in 2000, and in return, they received Carte Blanche for illegal immigrants in order to hire cheap and inflate profits. Corporate heads and top managers have been nearly immune from prosecution for hiring illegals. As a result, Americans are left with an unmanageable quagmire, not to mention gaping holes in our national security.

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, of Georgia, lost her last bid to retain office in 2006 after it was learned that her list of campaign supporters looked more like a page from the Saudi phone book.

Hillary Clinton has apparently accepted several donations from radical Islamics who are tied to international terror and/or Saudi Arabia. And while our president continues to tell us the Saudis are our friends, they make up approximately 50 percent of the insurgent fighters in Iraq, eighty percent of the mosque money in America, and — not that it matters very much — fifteen of the nineteen murderers that killed 3000 people on September 11, 2001. For more info, visit: WorldNetDaily: Hillary takes cash from terror suspects

Then there is Congressman Dennis Kucinich, ( D-Ohio) who, according to reports in WorldNetDaily, accepted many contributions from Islamic organizations in his 2004 bid and is believed to be cozy with the Muslim community for support in this election. See: WorldNetDaily: Kucinich headlines Muslim fund-raiser One web site unabashedly

supports him. See: Muslims For Kucinich

Do I possess concrete evidence of these allegations? No. But the reports from reputable journalistic sites leave me frightened enough to look elsewhere before I cast a vote. Pay close attention, as well, to other politicians named in these articles who are tied to Islamic organizations.

I will vote for no candidate, no matter how attractive, no matter how compelling, that owes his or her support to any Muslims or Islamic organizations. That’s the way it is. With thousands of their fanatical leaders, here and abroad, swearing to destroy our way of life, and so well financed, we can’t afford to take the chance.

There has been doubt raised about the motives, background and loyalty of Senator Barak Obama. Did his four year attendance at an Islamic Madras in Indonesia influence his leanings? Were his father and stepfather Muslims? How sympathetic is he toward Muslim issues? We are never told these things. They are never asked. Oprah glows in the presence of Obama as though he were the black John F. Kennedy of 2008. And, she is a powerful influence. In truth, Barak Obama may be American as apple pie and rejects all ties to radical Islam. But without knowing for sure, and his failure to address the issue, he is on my cross-off list.

Wariness toward presidential candidates should not only be focused on Islamic issues. I have enjoyed the straightforwardness of Congressman Ron Paul. I like much of his Libertarian-style platform. I was dismayed at learning that Paul is supported by the likes of David Duke, noted white supremist, other anti-Semites and many other neo-Nazis. Do the research and check: 

Click here: American Thinker: The Ron Paul Campaign and its Neo-Nazi Supporters

There are more. I urge all future voters to dig deep and look beyond sound bytes. Don’t settle for the same old answers. Do homework. We say we love our grandchildren, when they sit on our laps and play with toys, but do we care what kind of America they will be grappling with when they have their own children in the next thirty years?

I am a strong supporter of religious freedom and the first amendment. I don’t care one iota if someone is Hindu, Shinto, Muslim, Christian, atheist or Jew. But when religion is used as a disguise for a fascist ideology hellbent on the destruction of our nation, and other free nations around the world, then all bets are off. The enemy is within our midst. It’s time to stand up, take action and vote smart.

Had the world listened to the fear mongers of 1932, fifty million lives might have been saved.