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This was a first, too important to not pass on, about a gutsy Texas Sheriff and an even more gutsy television talk show host. For those who missed the broadcast, I wish to share it with readers, adding only few words of commentary at the end. The repartee speaks for itself.

On November 8th, just two weeks past, I was viewing the Glenn Beck show on CNN when I caught some of an interview between Beck, Sheriff Rick Flores of Webb, County, Texas, (a border county in Laredo) and Congressman Henry Cuellar who represents that district.

The discussion concerned the out-of-control drug trafficking in the border region of southern Texas, the astronomical crime rate and the ill-reported kidnapings of more than seventy Americans in the last four years, twenty of whom are still missing. The issue is the lack of support for American interests versus uncanny support of the Mexican government by U.S. politicians.

The dialogue is much too long to publish in an article, but here’s the crux. To start, Beck is addressing the congressman:

BECK: You tell me the next time — you tell me, sir, the last time we won in anything with Mexico. You tell me the last time we actually got a fair shake, we actually got rule of law from Mexico. It doesn`t happen.
We bend over backwards for that fricking country, and I`ve had it up to here, and most of America has as well. Sheriff, I want to change the subject as well. And I`m sorry, I`ve got to go to the hostages. Can you please tell…

SHERIFF FLORES: OK. I need to say one — I need to say one thing, Glenn.


SHERIFF FLORES: I want to ask the congressman, who is he representing, President Calderon or his district here in Laredo, Texas, where we haven`t received any resources at the local level to be able to combat the problems on the border?

CONG. CUELLAR: Well, first of all, let me say this, Mr. Sheriff, what we`re looking at is you have got more money than you`ve ever gotten in the past, and we`ve got to keep in mind that the border will be patrolled by the Border Patrol and by the federal agencies. We will work with the local law enforcement, and we represent, but your job is to be a county sheriff, not a U.S. congressman, which is a big difference.
My job is to look at the big picture. Your job is to look at the smaller picture. And I will do my job as long as you do your job.

BECK: Boy, Congressman, I don`t think I have ever.

SHERIFF FLORES: I`d like to find out how much money has a congressman allocated to our county. How much money have you allocated for border security for Webb County or from the counties from Brownsville all the way to California? How much money have they allocated for border security? Nothing. They`ve allocated money for.

BECK: Congressman, I`ve got to get to the hostages. Guys, I have to tell you, Congressman, shame on you for that response. That was the most belittling response I have ever heard. Shame on you.

CONG. CUELLAR: Well, let me tell you, let me.

BECK: No, sir, I`m going to change the subject now and I`m going to go to the hostages. You`ve had your piece. Let`s talk about the 70 people that have been kidnaped now. I know, sir, you have spoken out about this. Can you tell me about the progress with the 70 people that have disappeared on the American and Mexican side? They are Americans. Can you tell me a little bit about them, sir?

CONG. CUELLAR: Yes. As you know, we have set up a joint task force with the FBI and the Mexican law enforcement. They have started to investigate some of the law enforcement — some of the cases we`ve had. As you know, Glenn, this is a different jurisdiction. You might call that a “fricking”country. And I appreciate your comments. But you`re wrong. We have to work with Mexicans to find answers, and that`s what we`ve been doing.

BECK: Yes, well, I.

CONG. CUELLAR: Glenn, let me finish. Let me finish, Glenn. I know it`s your show, but give your guests a little respect. And what we have to do is we have to make sure that we understand what has been happening down there. We have seen some progress. We need to do more. And we`ll continue doing that.

BECK: All right. Sheriff, please just tell me a little bit about the progress that has been made on the kidnapings. Can you tell me about that?

SHERIFF FLORES: Your answer is as good as mine, Glenn. We haven`t gotten anything regarding the missing Americans in Nuevo Laredo.


SHERIFF FLORES: And if the congressman is saying that we`re getting support from Mexico, please tell me who are the people that you`re working with across the border, because some of those people can`t even be trusted.

Three cheers for Sheriff Flores and Glenn Beck for crossing over the politically correct barriers toward truth. What the congressman, and much of Washington fails to acknowledge, is that when a 911 call goes out, it’s not the FBI that responds, nor the DEA or Border Patrol or Customs. It’s the local police officers, some of whom have been victims of murder. They are the ones on the front line who need support and obviously are not getting it.

I’ve written about this before, and I’ll say it again: Something stinks in Washington.

For a full transcript of the interviews, see: Click here: – Transcripts


I’ve concluded that at least 90 percent of the world’s conflicts are directly or indirectly related to a single establishment: Organized religion.

Thus, my recommendation to the human race is: Abolish all religious institutions.

Some will say that’s idiotic. Implausible, perhaps, but not idiotic. Without organized religions, people could still adhere to divine beliefs of their choice and worship to their hearts content. But the concept of “organized” religions, which are essentially sub-governments consisting of rules designed to regulate behavior, would be rendered obsolete. Therefore, without a pope, or a high rabbi, or an ayatollah, we wouldn’t have to worry about conflict, war, death and destruction. Maybe…just maybe, people would start getting along.

For all the good we like to think religion has brought the human race over the centuries, it has probably served to thin the world’s population more than old age and more than epidemic disease, thanks to wars and killing.

I wonder how many Jews there would be today, if there hadn’t been a holocaust or an Inquisition, when they were forced by the millions to convert to Christianity or face death. I wonder how many more Christians there would be if rival faiths hadn’t slaughtered them by the millions, starting with early Rome, until now with radical Islamics.

What I see, is three thousand years of people fighting over whose God is the right God. What I see is a vast history of church leadership who have not been so much bathed in the love of God, but intoxicated with power and an obsession to control the masses. The edicts have often been clear: Believe as we believe, or you’re dead. No wonder there were so many converts.

And just when we thought the world had modernized with the threat of Nazism crushed, and a United Nations that had convened to keep peace on earth, along comes a sect of power mongers within radical Islam telling us their God is best, and if we don’t conform to their beliefs, we are all going to die. And…they mean it.

The world has 1.3 billion Muslims and two billion Christians, plus hundreds of million Hindu, Shinto, Buddhist, Jew, and whatever. Many think that the adherents to religion is a matter of choice. Except in rare cases, that’s simply not true. The overwhelming majority of Muslims and Christians, Jews and Hindu are born and brainwashed from birth by family and culture as to what they must believe and how they must worship. Kids born into religious families do not have an option. By the time they reach adulthood, they’re loaded up with divine convictions and all the guilt associated with conformity and non-conformity.

I am among the rare lucky ones. Born of a non-sectarian Norwegian mom and a Jewish father I never knew, I was raised with no specific religious affiliation, no church or synagogue, and no indoctrination. I didn’t miss a thing, other than the Sunday picnics.

At age ten, I asked my widowed mother what religion we were. “There are many religions,” she answered. “Learn them all. Then choose.”

I later realized the profound nature of her words, for she had endeavored to educate her son with a broad understanding of faith, rather than brainwashing me with her own dogma.

She bestowed confidence that I would have the initiative to learn and make an intelligent choice. She truly loved me.

In my growing up, there was no right God or wrong God. No denunciations. No prejudice. I never felt a pang of guilt for failing to pray, failing to attend church, or failing to light candles on a Friday night, or to acknowledge what others acknowledged — just to belong. My mother had set me spiritually free, but not free of spirit.

I do feel a cultural tie to Judaism, not only because it was my father’s faith, but it is a religion that does not evangelize nor demand others to convert. But after years of learning what was offered in the vast world of religious domination, and all it’s hypocrisy, I made a decision. No organized religion. Not for me.

Today, my beliefs pertaining to the divine are a private matter. I don’t need to pray among masses. I don’t need a church to sing along, to be a good person. Thanks to a loving and able parent, I am as moral as any average Christian or Jew, yet filled with my share of imperfections. I taught my kids moral values and to be thoughtful of others. I truly love my fellow humans. Though I do not read ancient edicts or listen to sermons, I have no compulsion to covet, steal, malign or kill anyone. Neither do I insist that others to believe as I do. I am completely at peace with my convictions. I deeply respect the religion of all my fellow human beings, so long as they promote peace and harmony. I expect the same in return.

I am aware that these thoughts will not be welcomed by all and the tongue-in-cheek concept of abolishing organized religion is completely unrealistic. But if the world did adopt such an idea, wars would become obsolete and we would get overpopulated pretty quick.

Something to think about.


“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. TheQuran should be the highest authority in America.”

— Omar M. Ahmad, founder of CAIR (Council On American-Islamic Relations)

There is no such thing as a “War on Terror.”

Promulgated by media, journalists or politicians, this worn-out cliche` has been used so many thousands of times in the last six years that Americans are inured by utter repetition. As intelligent Americans, we fail to question what is being omitted.

Terror is a method. Terror is an emotion. We can’t be at war against a method and an emotion.

We will never win any war until we are prepared to identify the enemy. We don’t do that. Neither does the media, or the government.

That works very good — for our enemy. That’s the way they want it. We play right into their hands helping our enemies perpetuate the propaganda machine that points the fingers of blame in every direction but the right direction for fear of being politically incorrect. We are at war against a cliche`.

On September 11, 2001, our nation was invaded by a foreign enemy who was willing to die for the joy of killing us. It was the first time in nearly two hundred years that our mainland was under attack, killing three thousand of our citizens. It was clearly a declaration of war. In 1941, we identified the Japanese Imperialists as our enemy. We identified Nazi Germany as our enemy. In southeast Asia, North Viet Nam . There was no ambiguity — then.

In 2001, we were not attacked by “Terror.” We were attacked by radical Islamists who represent a powerful and well financed enemy that is duty bound to convert our beloved country

into an Islamic republic by the end of the century. And while our armies fight in foreign lands, our enemies are rooting in within the borders of America to not only perpetuate acts of terror, but to infiltrate our educational facilities, our government institutions, our neighborhoods, our prisons and our infrastructure in general. “Terror” is but one means by which they aim to carry out jihad.

In doing this, the enemy makes good use of the First Amendment as a tool for carrying out their goals, exploiting the freedoms of speech and religion which will cease to exist if and when they have their way. And when that ever happens, all the progress made by women in America will take an about face. Jews, Christians and infidels in general will be relegated to dhimmitude status, or killed, and the constitution will be become a mere blip in a history book somewhere.

In truth, radical Islam is a fascist ideology that masquerades as a religion to suit their purpose. While they exploit religious freedoms, they proliferate Wahhabi financed mosques and other radical Islamic centers which serve as a Trojan Horse, surreptitiously plotting the demise of America. Bear in mind, in nations where radical Islam rules, there is no freedom of religion. There won’t be here, either.

One only has to examine the enormous inroads they have made here in the last twenty years. We can only imagine what the next twenty will hold.

This enemy is the same radical Islam that bombed the World Trade Center in 1993. They are the same who murdered seventeen of our soldiers aboard the U.S.S. Cole in 2000, and who bombed our Kenya and Tanzania embassies in 1997 killing 223 people, who bombed our Marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983 killing 241 servicemen, who murdered 191 people in Madrid in 1994, and another 52 in London in 1995. Bali, Sudan, Algiers, Somalia, Chechnya, the carnage goes on. They are the same radical Islamics that partnered with Hitler in WW II to eradicate the world of Jewish people, long before Israel existed. They are the same who were commanded by Muhammad to spread Islam throughout the world.

It’s time for America to declare our true enemy. The free world is not at war against terror. We are at war against Radical Islam. The sooner our government owns up to that realism, the sooner we will begin to make inroads.

Yes, the majority of Muslims throughout the world are peace loving people who do not subscribe to these tenets. Even if the radicals — and their supporters — represent one-tenth of the world of Islam, we face a formidable enemy of at least 150 million people, with nuclear materials at their doorstep and an unlimited ocean of oil money belching from the mid-east.

Nazism in the 1930’s was a mere pimple compared to the foe we will be facing down the road. At least we could see them.

In 1932, they called people like me, and like CNN’s Glen Beck, authors Brigitte Gabriel and Paul Sperry, mid-east scholar Daniel Pipes and others, “fear mongers.” Those fear mongers were dismissed, but they were right. Adopting the pacifist approach, Europe turned a blind eye until they reached the slippery slope. By then, it was too late. The momentum was in full force. And 50 million people went to their graves.

Michele Malkin called political correctness, “The handmaiden for terror.” More correctly, it is the handmaiden for radical Islam, here and abroad.

In researching my book, “Militant Islam In America,” I was shocked to learn the scope of our enemy’s resources, their wicked goals, their vast organization, strategies and sheer numbers that are destined to grow. The government knows about this, so does the media. But very few are telling you. The focus of our government is ten thousand miles on the other side of the world as the Trojan Horse grows more ominous every day.

Radical Islamists are organized in more than seventy nations world wide, including many in Europe. And they are here.

The Los Angeles Police Department recently formed a plan to map Muslim neighborhoods in order to identify and monitor the actions of radicals among them. That’s what good police agencies do, pinpoint locations of potential criminals and track them.

When extremist Muslim organizations, such as CAIR, protested, local politicos caved in to the hue and cry. Intimidation continues to succeed and political correctness continues to offer sanctuary to our enemy.

This is but one of hundreds of examples, too many to list, in which America is succumbing to and inevitable horror which our children, and their children will be left to deal with.

This coming election, I will cast my vote for whatever candidate who is not afraid to clearly identify the enemy. For if the enemy ever has their way, all the other issues in debate won’t matter any more.

Come to think of it…when was the last time someone like Wolf Blitzer asked the question:

“As president, what will you do to stem the rising tide of radical Islam inside the United States?” It’s probably the most important question regarding the future of America, but it’s never asked.

I’m not holding my breath.

Abortion: The Black Market Awaits

Three cheers for crime. If moralists have their way, it will only get worse.

How coincidental that within three short weeks of Justice Sam Alito’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court, the anti-abortion lobby of South Dakota convinced state lawmakers to pass a sweeping bill outlawing abortion in all instances, except to save the life of a mother. Louisiana followed suit, and at least twelve other states are introducing similar legislation.

Progress v Regress?

With only 800 procedures performed a year in it’s lone clinic, South Dakota has one of the lowest abortion rates in the country. But backers of the bill say they intend for it to reach far beyond the state’s borders and into many other states. The movement for overturning Roe v. Wade is now well on its way. The pro-life lobby has the jump start its been waiting for over the last thirty years.

Who said there was no litmus test for Supreme Court appointees?

According to the most recent Gallup polls, 53 percent of the population consider themselves pro-choice and 42 percent pro-life. Never mind that a whopping 66 percent say they do not want to see Roe v. Wade overturned. Those figures have remained relatively constant for the last twenty years, despite all the baby billboards, unsolicited guilt trips, screaming protesters and violent acts against providers.

So much for the will of the people.

It amazes me that so much emphasis is directed by media and political circles on the issue of abortion, as though it had anything to do with the future welfare of America in the domestic and/or international arena. A president can do absolutely nothing about criminalizing abortion other than appointing pro-life justices to the Supreme Court. We all know that president’s don’t use litmus tests for such appointments, right? Meanwhile, in nearly every political debate on both sides of the aisle, candidates pander to lobbyists and single-issue voters by professing their stances; pro-life or pro-choice.

I truly believe there are fanatical voters out there who would vote for a candidate willing to sell America down the river, so long as he/she was pro-life.

While the debate drones on, I rarely hear politicians and lobbyists allude to the consequences of relegating abortions back to trailer parks, ghettos, butcheries and third world countries. For that’s where 1.2 million illegal abortions a year (according to the Guttmacher Institute) were performed before Roe v. Wade ruled that a woman has the right to choose. That doesn’t include the thousands who attempted self-induced abortions. Unsanitary procedures and incompetence often resulted in serious medical complications and even death.

I well recall the days, pre-1973, as a Miami-Dade homicide detective when investigators were specifically assigned to handle illegal abortions, jamming court dockets and jail cells with participants in the abortion business, including desperate mothers. In truth, it was a thriving enterprise for the black market. Criminals loved it.

Today, abortions in the first trimester — accounting for 90 percent of all terminations — cost an average of $400. If made illegal, they will cost $2,000 to $5,000 causing even further trauma for women who are without means. That often leads to more crime.

For those who believe that making abortion illegal is going to prevent women from having abortions, I’ve got some cheap beachfront property to sell them, in the Klondike. Just like using drugs and alcohol, there is no amount of legislation that is going to prevent it, not in a free society. Desperate women will continue terminating pregnancies, forced into the clandestine netherworld of crime where physical dangers prevail instead of open and safe procedures performed by qualified professionals.

Criminals are in wait, licking their chops, hoping and praying for a complete ban by the Supreme Court so they can declare themselves open for business. By driving abortion procedures into the underworld, the black market will yield upwards of $2 to $3 billion a year, a lowball estimate. And the taxpayer will foot the enormous costs of medical care for victims, plus police investigations, courts, lawyers and housing inmates who are unlucky enough to get caught. That’s not to mention the ancillary costs of welfare, disability and maladies stemming from emotional disorder.

There’s certainly more to this issue than meets the eye, far beyond questions of morality. The true answer lies, not in caging people as criminals, but in compassion and education for women who feel desperate enough to end a pregnancy. Numbers of legal abortions have declined steadily, though slightly, over the last ten years as more alternative information through counseling has been made available to women.

Now that the president has met his political commitment to loyal supporters by appointing two — ostensibly — anti-abortionists to the high court, it’s likely that a revised challenge to Roe v. Wade will soon follow. And should the moralists have their way, regardless of public opinion, crime will once again raise its ugly head in due appreciation.

We never learn.

Christians Who Spread Hate

“God Hates Fags!”

These words top the home page of an Internet web site.

Is it the American Nazi Party? No.

Radical Islam? No.

Ku Klux Klan? No

Good Christians? Why, yes.

This despicable message comes from a standard bearer of Christianity, the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas. Check out:

We all know that this particular church is an exception that does not represent the majority of Christian churches across America. But it sure leaves a bitter taste for Americans who are caught up the winds of bigotry, as it did Albert Snyder, the father of a fallen soldier in the Iraq war. Here’s how the gospel-spreading evangelicals of Topeka caused misery to one innocent victim of religious fanaticism.

Matthew Snyder was only twenty when he died in Iraq in March of 2007. The funeral was held near his home in Westminster, Maryland with all military honors. But there were some additional attendees that the family had not counted on.

Representatives of the Westboro Baptist Church saw fit to travel all the way to Maryland, not to show respect to a young American hero, but to march, protest, shout and hold signs that read: “Thank God For Dead Soldiers” and “Semper Fi Fags.”

The church’s founder and pastor, Fred Phelps, has led his membership of seventy-five on numerous occasions throughout the country to picket funerals of military personnel killed in the current wars, claiming the deaths are punishment for this country’s tolerance of homosexuality.

This time, Pastor Phelps ran into a Fred Goldman-esque victim who said, enough! The demonstration caused so much grief and misery to Albert Snyder and his family, he filed a law suit against the church claiming mental and physical sickness as a result of those actions. He told Fox News, “They turned this funeral into a media circus and they wanted to hurt my family. My son should have been buried with dignity, not with a bunch of clowns outside.”

The defense, of course, is unapologetic as the worms of ignorance hide behind the First Amendment’s right to free speech. On the witness stand, Pastor Phelps said it was important to warn this country, “that your wicked ways are going to be your doom shortly.”

Not this time. On October 31st, the jury decided that free speech has it boundaries and awarded the Snyder family $11 million. As a result of hate activities spawned by Pastor Phelps, at least twenty-two states have enacted laws that limit the rights of protestors at funerals.

Until now, the Westboro Church web site posted a list of scheduled military funerals which they intend to picket. Under the heading:”Memorials”, they refer to the military dead with such loving terms as “Matthew Shepard has been in hell for 3302 days. Diane Whipple has been in hell for 2465 days.”

I’ve studied radical Islam and wrote a book about it. I’ve written about Nazis, Communists, barbarians and radicals from all sides of the planet. Those who espouse or defend the wretchedness that emanates from the Westboro church wallow in the same pit of hatred and intolerance as the Nazis and radical Islam, only they use the Bible as justification.

Can Christians, in general, allow this stain — or the perception of such — upon their religion? Can Christians stand by and allow this to continue, unabated, unchallenged? Should the Albert Snyders of America be left to go this alone?

More is needed to show disdain for the Westboro church fanatics, and those like them. The American Baptist Churches of America, and all Christian denominations throughout the land should stand up and speak out against these contemptuous cretins to show unified rejection of bigotry and hatred. Nothing would please the Snyder family more, than to see thousands of letters pour into Topeka, Kansas, denouncing their lurid practice.

There will always be bigotry in this world. There will always be people who oppose homosexuality, or abortion, or people who are black, yellow or red. Opposing is one thing, but to single out and deliberately bring misery to families of fallen soldiers who have had nothing to do with a specific cause, is nothing short of criminal.

I don’t believe homosexuality to be a sin. Even if it was, the good members of the Westboro Baptist Church might look into the mirror before casting those stones.

Hate crimes are becoming a major element of the nation’s justice system. The Snyder family of Westminster, Maryland, were the victims of a hate crime at their son’s funeral in March of 2007. Their crime is no less egregious than those kids who hung nooses from the tree in Jena, Louisiana, or anyone who draws swastikas on synagogue walls.

Reverend Jesse? Reverend Al? Pat Robertson? Joel Osteen? What say you?

Let’s hear your voices.