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Marshall FrankDear Reader,

Thirty years of law enforcement with a major police agency would provide any retired cop with a tremendous reservoir of experiences from which to tap in order to write any book, fiction or non-fiction. I originally started by documenting true life experiences, then realized I could tell more of these stories by embellishing and expanding the fertile imagination, using those real-life people as composite subjects for fictional characters and real-life events as the basis for plots. As I delved more into the realm of fiction, I saw where I could not only tell a suspenseful story, but deliver messages to the reader about the many problems inherent within police agencies, and by police officers, in today's complex world of fighting crime and injustice.

My intention is to not only entertain my audience with clever twists of criminal investigation, but to unveil the personal side of many cop's lives. After all, there is often much that affects a cop's life off-duty, as well as on.

As a side note, I wish to thank all those fellow officers and other members of the criminal justice community for their friendship over the last forty-four years, virtually thousands who I consider an integral part of my police family. And, last but not least, thanks to the wonderful folks of the United States who continue to ensure that social laws exist that are intended to legislate morality and regulate human behavior. For without them, there would be much lower crime rates, less criminals, a weaker organized crime cartel, and in turn, less material for writing books.

Marshall Frank


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Militant Islam in America

Fortis Books | ISBN978-0-9718709-2-5
| $24.95 | April 2007

In From Violins To Violence, Marshall Frank bares all about his transition from a classical violinist, dancer and stepson of a Miami Beach mobster, to becoming one of Miami-Dade County’s premier homicide detectives. In a most compelling autobiography, Frank shares many personal and professional experiences.

Read about:

  • The connections between his mob-tied family and corrupt officials
  • How an unlikely candidate became a law enforcement officer
  • The struggling heart, mind and family life of a homicide investigator
  • True murders cases, rapes, suicide and other major criminal investigations
  • The arrest of five police officers for murder and the political fallout that followed
  • The truth behind the Liberty City riots of 1980
  • Crushed marriages, alcoholism and the bane of drug addiction
  • The influence of music in life of turmoil
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