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Marshall FrankThirty years of law enforcement with a major police agency would provide any retired cop with enough career experience to write any book, fiction or non-fiction. I originally started by documenting true life experiences, then realized I could tell more of these stories by embellishing and expanding the fertile imagination, using those real-life people as composite subjects for fictional characters and real-life events as the basis for plots. As I delved more into fiction, I saw where I could not only tell a suspenseful story, but deliver messages to the reader about the many problems inherent within the police profession in today's complex world of crime and injustice.

Please explore this web site which has many interesting facets, including my list of books available for purchase (signed) most at a discount, plus music (violin), art, young talent promotions with the Creative Arts Foundation of Brevard, Seminars, Book Fairs, and my blog link (Frankly Speaking) where you will find on-going and stimulating articles about politics, radical Islam, criminal justice, movie reviews, and much more, and where readers are free to engage in comment and dialogue. 

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icon I am proud to announce:  On January 27th, at the annual conference in Cocoa Beach sponsored by the Space Coast Writers Guild, I was honored by being presented with the Don Argo Award for Fiction in 2013, for my latest crime novel "The Upside to Murder."

Don Argo Award

icon "The Upside to Murder" is currently being considered for a motion picture by a prominent producer. Option agreement (contract) has been signed by author and producer as the powers embark on securing funds and a production team.  Keep fingers crossed.



AMERIKASTAN - Conquest From Within


Everly Books Publishing Group| December 2016
ISBN: B01N5A1IXP | Trade Paperback: $17.98 | eBook: $6.99

"AMERIKASTAN - Conquest From Within" screams of political incorrectness pointing to the peril of Islamic religious ideology via jihad to convert and conquer America, and the world. This book eliminates all controversy and wipes the thin-line between Islamic fundamentalism and moderate Islam, as both feed on the same religious nourishment form the Quran, bowing to the Hadith,while wailing to the rise of Sharia -- the Islamic law. The author reveals the nefarious decrees of secreted manifestos as commanded by major jihad organizations which inexorably spell out the mission, objectives and methods being carried out today, "from within," laying the groundwork for ultimate conquest of the west.


Exclusive Price of $20 (includes shipping):
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The Way Things Oughta Be: The Untold Crimes Against American People

Criminal Injustice

Everly Books Publishing Group| December 2015
ASIN: B019HOJ9MO | Paperback: $18.99 | eBook: $6.99

What’s the politically incorrect solution to global terrorism? What’s wrong with the education system? Is there really a God? Why isn’t the U.S. Attorney General an elected position like it is in most states? Are all politicians corrupt? What’s right and wrong about the death penalty? Why shouldn’t elected politicians who lie under oath be arrested? Why are criminals allowed to run for office? Can we make airline security safer? What’s the real solution to ISIS? How can we improve the justice system, i.e. judges, prisons, juries, laws, police, racism, the war drugs? What’s the downside to gay marriage we hadn’t thought about?

In The Way Things Oughta Be, author Marshall Frank addresses numerous hot-button issues in today’s America with brief essays and lists of follow up bullets offering pie-in-the-sky but logical solutions to long-range problems. Thirty-five chapters, compiled in six major sections, address a myriad problems criminal justice and the political world, plus conflicts we experience with religion, families, love, sex and marriage, parenting and moral decay.

Frank baffles critics who want to label him a conservative or liberal, or perhaps, a “moderate” because he is all over the spectrum of pigeon holes. He prefers to identify the issue before attaching a label. He tackles many more concerns about corporations, global warming, entertainment, gays, professional sports, and the challenges of old age. Do people care about the under-represented minorities in America who have little or no voice in society? He raises questions and answers on how can we identify and solve these problems by offering readers an opportunity to think outside the proverbial box, that is, if we really want to.



"Brilliant. Frank cites amazing solutions to complicated problems." – Chuck Wilder, CRN Talk radio host

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Criminal Injustice

Aberdeen Bay Press | April 2012 | ISBN-13: 978-1-60830-078-5
Trade Paperback | Retail $16.95

Audio Upside to Murder

NEW: The Upside to Murder (Audiobook) by Marshall Frank |

After 16 year-old Cassandra is gang-raped, shot and left for dead, African-American Doctor Orville T. Madison, embarks on a stealth campaign to protect his daughter from reliving the terrifying ordeal through rigors of the justice system. His obsessive pursuit drives the Miami physician into a spiral of chaos as he desperately tries to resolve inexplicable conflicts between love of child and love of God. Besides emotional struggles and unending suspense, Upside To Murder offers engaging sub-plots with forensic investigations, social controversy and the power of love. A gut-wrenching drama pitting good versus evil bringing out the worst in the best of people.

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The Upside To Murder

" Marshall Frank has proved himself a master at suspense with a novel that weaves a twisted crime story around our most basic human instincts, emotions, and needs. Thumbs up."

—Bahia Abrams, author, The Other Half Of My Soul


"Marshall Frank knows murder for its complexity and surprises. Only a veteran homicide detective can communicate this fast paced tale to the reader."

           — Dr. Roger E. Mittleman, Chief Medical Examiner, Florida District 19

"Frank has penned a gripping story filled with real people dealing with real dilemmas of life: separation, pain, loss and grief. The reactions of his characters to these dilemmas drive a story that unfolds quickly with many a twist and turn. This book is hard to put down."

           — John J. Spiegel, Miami Attorney, Former Homicide Detective

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Dire Straits

Frankly Speaking Enterprises, second edition
April 25, 2013 | ISBN-13: 978-1484152041

A gripping, suspense-filled police thriller set amidst the exotic ambience of Miami, Florida, where sex, violence and corruption is the trademark of life in the fast lane. Cuban-born homicide detective, Mike Estevez, responds to a posh suburban mansion to investigate a grisly mass murder. The ensuing week drives the top cop to the edge of personal disaster as he not only hunts for a rampant serial killer, he must grapple with a gut-wrenching dilemma that no one else must know about. Meanwhile, the search is on for a surviving witness known only as Mirage who spends a harrowing seven days stalked by a relentless killer while she frantically conceals her identity from police and family. Tension remains high throughout this suspense drama which presents an engaging cast of characters in and out of the police ranks. The novel will be hauntingly familiar to many Americans who have dealt with obsession and conflict between love of family and love of career. It also tells about municipal politics, internal corruption, incompetency, prejudice, realistic crime scene investigation, sex and violence, Miami style. This novel is not for the light-hearted. The author is a former Miami-Dade County homicide investigator who brings authenticity to scenes of murder and violence, as well as the seedy side of police conduct only a cop would know.

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"...tension builds until it explodes in the end. You're on the edge of your seat..."
Leigh Neely, The Villages Daily Sun
"Marshall Frank writes what he knows and what he knows will take your breath away, heart pounding, pages turning long into the night."
--- Edna Buchanan, author of The Shadows.


Marshall Frank's Dire Straits is a suspenseful thriller with low-life characters gruesomely believable as he takes characters on a tour through South Florida's raunchy underworld. "
-- Annette Clifford, Florida Today


"In the style of Elmore Leonard, Frank delivers sensational details with realistic prose."
- Asheville Citizen-Times


"Frank writes with authority and verisimilitude creating a world that smells, looks, sounds, tastes and feels real."
--- Gary Carden, author of Mason Jars in the Flood.



Call Me Mommy

New Re-Release!
February 2013 , ISBN 0-9747-2786-5

One moment, one tragic event forever alters the lives of a young mother and her child. After being banished by an evil and politically connected husband, Laura Ramsey spends a lifetime in search of motherhood, pursuing love and acceptance from her growing son who is wrongly manipulated and introduced to a life of crime. Based in Miami, the story spans twenty-nine years of desperation, leaving behind death, destruction, murder, and drug addiction in its path.

Likened by many to the emotional powerhouses of author Nicholas Sparks, readers of Call Me Mommy are unable to put down this book until the final, heart wrenching chapter, which not only brings closure, it provides the ultimate in simultaneous grief and happiness in a single scene.

In Call Me Mommy, author Marshall Frank deviates from his usual police/thriller genre to chilling suspense built around compelling characters who evoke every possible emotion within the human spirit.

Read Excerpt....

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Call Me Mommy

“Call Me Mommy will break your heart, piss you off, make you smile, and, from time to time, cause you to throw the book across the room. Moments later you’ll retrieve it and continue to read. It is a masterful effort from Marshall Frank — who wrote through the pain.

“It is also, unfortunately, a book for our time and a “must read” for all parents. We live in a self-centered, drug-engulfed, divorce-riddled society. The fallout on our children can be deadly. Frank tells it like he sees it. That’s his style.”

           —James Joyce , Author, Retired Psychoanalyst


Messages: Short Stories ForThe Thoughtful

Criminal Injustice

AuthorHouse | April 26. 2011 | ISBN: 978-1-4567597-1

In MESSAGES: SHORT STORIES FOR THE THOUGHTFUL, author Marshall Frank describes his new novel: a small book of 18 short stories, written over a period of 15 years, and now assembled into one collection.  Nothing political or controversial, but snapshots into human emotion and expression as experienced over a thirty-year police career and a personal life full of trials and tribulations.

Each story sends a message. Each is about struggle, love, humor, life and death. And each story is based on true events, more or less, as rated by the truth-o-meter at the start of each chapter.

Great book for the bathroom.

Some titles:

"A Cop's Toughest Job? Nothing To Do With Crime."

"Hubert Survives His First Colonoscopy."

"There's more To Being bullied. There's The Bully."

"Discovering a Mother Discovering A Child."

"An Old Violinist's Moment In Carnegie Hall"

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Messages: Short Stories For the Thoughtful

" These Novelettes linger in the mind, each an exploration into human nature and human relationships: Loss, tragedy, struggle, youth, old age, the gift of love, the denial of love. Make you think, they do. And more important, they make you feel. Don't miss it."

—Neal Stannard, Author, Radio News Anchor


"Frank's vast experience in law enforcement and classical music elicit the full spectrum of emotions from readers; Joy, sorrow, resignation, regret, anger, desire.  Stories are packed with believable, three-dimensional characters, not plastic heroes. Frank has provided that perfect combination of entertainment and something to ponder."

           — Lou Belcher, Editor of Florida Book News

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Available Now
Criminal Injustice in America: Essays by a Career Cop

Criminal Injustice

AuthorHouse| ISBN-13: 978-1-4389206-2-7 | $19.95

In CRIMINAL INJUSTICE IN AMERICA, author Marshall Frank presents a powerful argument for amending laws and process regarding the war on drugs, prostitution, abortion, capital punishment, sex offenses and more. Frank points out how narrow thinking has created an irreversible justice quagmire which not only creates more crime, it serves a prison industrial complex that has grown into a cheap labor pool for corporate America. Only a non-politically correct, thirty-year career cop with the muzzle removed can dare offer such candid and startling alternatives to a failed system that now houses 2.3 million inmates in America’s prisons, at least a third of whom do not belong there.

Readers with interest in the American justice system will find this a stimulating and fascinating collection of essays on subjects never before tackled in this manner. Definitely a book for thinkers."

Read Preface...

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Criminal Injustice in America: Essays by a Career Cop

“Challenging and daring. Marshall Frank gives us all much to think about. These essays should be discussed and considered by criminal justice professionals, lawmakers and academic thinkers everywhere.”

—David Waksman, author and Ass’t State Attorney, Miami, Florida

“Marshall Frank challenges conventional thought and policies that are not working. He uses the criminal justice system as a mirror of where our society has been, and a window of where we should be going. Buckle up for a thought-provoking episode of Frank talk.”
           — Douglas W. Hughes, Retired Police Major, former Florida Drug Czar


"Frank’s suggestions make Criminal Injustice in America a book well worth reading. Few readers, liberal or conservative, will agree with everything this former Miami homicide detective says in his critique of our laws and courts. But he will make you think". — Jeff Minnick, Smoky Mountain News

"Criminal Injustice in America is a provocative book that challenges readers to consider possibilities for legal reform that are beyond the capacity of our current justice system. The author's suggestions for an over-haul of America's justice system are logical, well-researched and supported by statistics. Frank's ideas are also controversial and go against the conservative ideals upon which several of the laws he challenges are based. I highly recommend it."Melissa Levine, Independent Book Reviewer


Militant Islam in America

Fortis Books | ISBN978-0-9718709-2-5
| $24.95 | April 2007

In From Violins To Violence, Marshall Frank bares all about his transition from a classical violinist, dancer and stepson of a Miami Beach mobster, to becoming one of Miami-Dade County’s premier homicide detectives. In a most compelling autobiography, Frank shares many personal and professional experiences.

Read about:

  • The connections between his mob-tied family and corrupt officials
  • How an unlikely candidate became a law enforcement officer
  • The struggling heart, mind and family life of a homicide investigator
  • True murders cases, rapes, suicide and other major criminal investigations
  • The arrest of five police officers for murder and the political fallout that followed
  • The truth behind the Liberty City riots of 1980
  • Crushed marriages, alcoholism and the bane of drug addiction
  • The influence of music in life of turmoil
  • Read Preface

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    From Violins to Violence: A Memoir

    “A fast-paced humorous read...filled with unforgettable characters.  Frank has a great tale to tell.”
                                              -----   Cathy Mathias, Florida Today
         “Readers of Frank's fiction will thoroughly enjoy learning the background that he brought to his novels.““”
                                              ----  Jeff Minnick, Smoky Mountain News
         "Fascinating, riveting, revealing. One of the best police memoirs ever."
                                              -----  Jeff Pate, author and former police officer