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Marshall Frank is the author of twelve books, seven fiction and five fiction. His experience has qualified him to morph into a proofreader/editor for certain genres and authors. Several military, elderly, police, and other authors have expressed great satisfaction with his work.

Marshall Frank is not an English teacher, thus his focus is on content, syntax, characterization, flow, organization and etc. While he can also assist with line editing and punctuation, he will mainly focus on getting your manuscript prepared for submission to an agent/publisher.

Editing services are available for:

  1. Any fiction and non-fiction books (including memoir) pertaining to all aspects of the criminal justice arena. Will not edit or review Sci-Fi, Romance, Religion, Para-normal, childrens, cook books fitness and text books.

  2. Will edit and/or review books authored by police personnel, attorneys, corrections, fire, military and government employees in general
  • Will consider editing books by former prison inmates or defendants in the justice system.

Submission requirements:

  • A short, one page synopsis of your book. E-mail is acceptable.

  • A short bio, on e-mail

  • First three pages, as an attachment. (Word Doc) Double spaced, 12 pt, Times Roman

  • Your estimated page count, or word count.

If your book is not of interest to Marshall Frank, you will receive a timely response. That doesn't mean the book is poor, it's simply not to the taste of this editor for immersing into a time consuming project. Marshall Frank accepts such proposals, not only for the income, but equally because he would enjoy the read.

When complete, will render advice in regards to possible publishing sources.

If your book is accepted for editing, a $100 deposit is required, which is deductible from the final invoice.

Fees: $2.50 to $3.00 per page - hard copy. (using 12 Times Roman, double spaced)

Send application/submission to:


Frankly Speaking Enterprises
P.O. Box 411841
Melbourne, FL 32941