For those who don’t understand the metaphor: “Kool-Aid” drinkers, it’s an important story with a powerful message. Much can be learned.

Some folks tend to be blind followers, especially when a leader sends a message we desperately want to hear and that leader is dripping with charisma from head to toe.

The Rev. Jim Jones was one of those. In 1978, he led a strange church in California known as the Peoples Temple which ultimately changed its assembly location to a remote outpost in Guyana called: Jonestown. Jones was a good looking, powerful and charming man who spoke in resonant tones which no one could ignore. He lit the fire in everyone’s heart. Congregants worshiped and adored him.

Jones had many questionable periods of his life, much of which was steeped in communist ideology, wanton sexual promiscuity, thievery and radical religious teachings. But no matter how many questions surfaced about this man’s integrity and his motives, followers turned a deaf ear to anyone who criticized him. Those who doubted Jones were considered ignorant bigots.

The Jonestown enclave got the attention of United States Congressman Leo Ryan who flew down with an entourage to inspect the premises. He was given a tour of the encampment, everyone seemed happy and gay while Jones put on a good show of love and harmony.

Something went wrong. Some of the Jones followers wanted to leave and return to America with the congressman. On orders from Jones, armed guards began firing at everyone as they began boarding the plane, killing the congressman and four supporters on the airport tarmac. Thinking that the authorities would eventually be coming for him, Jones addressed his misty-eyed congregants and convinced them they should follow his lead. In a single day, 909 human beings, including 303 children, voluntarily drank poisoned Kool-Aid from a tub laced with cyanide, compliments of Rev. Jones.

It was the largest mass suicide in modern times.

Jones was an evil man struck with power. His joy was in controlling the masses, agog at how they would follow any of his commands without question. It didn’t matter to the congregants what evidence was produced about his mental instability. He was almost Godly.

Another example was Hitler himself. Germans were in dire straits following the Great War, and he told them all what they wanted to hear. He convinced everyone that Germany’s problems lied with the past leadership. He spoke with inspiration, power and conviction. Even the Jews were convinced that the homeland would become more prosperous “if you follow my lead.” His speeches and his charisma blinded the best of Germans from seeing the truth behind the words. They didn’t see the truth, because they didn’t want to see the truth. They didn’t want to be wrong! Knowing his anti-Semitic vitriol, many Jews still helped vote him into the Chancellorship in 1933.

So what is this message?

America is on the verge of drinking the Kool-Aid today. The array of unanswered questions and vast semblance of deceit concerning Barack Obama is documented from birth to the present. Even though many of his records have remained hidden or altered, we still know enough about his devious past, his un-American activities, his un-American associations, his deceit and quest for unabated power. Remarkably, we don’t care.

All that matters to his followers is charisma, color, oratory and fooling the fawning media.

Barack Obama personifies the cliche uttered by many of our past and present enemies, that we will be conquered from within. I could write volumes about his acquiescence to the Muslim Brotherhood here and abroad, coddling Brotherhood-connected Islamists in the government and in the White House, his hatred toward Israel, his calculated destruction of the U.S. economy, ignoring the constitution in upholding federal laws, suing his own states, his own tax-paying American citizens. Because of Barack Obama, a thirty-year peace treaty with Israel is on the chopping block. He never condemns Hamas for shooting rockets at innocent Israelis, but he condemns allies who have stood beside the United States of thirty years.

There is nothing better in America today than in 2008 when Obama was elected. Nothing. The economy is in shatters and the prognosis is worse than poor. We’ve lost our credit ratings, spending our nation into the fathoms of debt and he is more interested in protecting illegal aliens for the job market than hiring out-of-work Americans. The men of his own race are more unemployed than in 2008. States are at odds with his Attorney General who spends most of his time making sure anyone, legal or not, can vote, especially aliens and government dependents. Then there are his agency’s illegal actions which rendered him the only Attorney General ever to be held in contempt of congress, while the president does nothing.

The international scene is in shambles. Our long-term allies no longer trust us, and our enemies hate us more than ever. The Islamic world, who Obama sucked up to from the beginning, are burning American flags. The notorious Muslim Brotherhood, with Obama’s blessings and assistance, are taking control of the middle east. Israel has never been in more jeopardy than today, while the president shuns the prime minister of that small nation.

All we hear about is the hatred and violence pouring out of the Muslim world, while the president tells us our only enemy is al Qaeda.

His politics are about condemning successful Americans as though they are the bad guys. Meanwhile he cannot run on his own record. Freebees and welfare recipients create hordes of voters, thus the massive increases in entitlements, like food stamps.

Open your eyes America. Forget about the “D” and the “R” after a candidates name. Our country is in big trouble. It’s more important that a candidate is denoted “A” for American.

Opinion: Obama is not a Democrat. He carries the card to use for a power base.

Opinion: Obama is not a Christian. That, too, was necessary to get elected.

Opinion: Obama is not an American. There is too much smoke for there to be no fire.

Opinion: Obama’s heart lies with Islam, not Christianity. Just look at the evidence over his entire life and the last four years.

It is unbelievable – whether democrat or republican – that any American citizen who does any homework would cast a vote for this antithesis of Americanism, knowing he would then have four years of with no accountability — and more “flexibility” — to carry out his destructive agenda as a dictator.

I fear the misty-eyed followers will still drink the Kool-Aid in November.


  1. Ralph E. September 18, 2012 at 4:42 pm #

    Hello Pamela – I thought you were hiding behind Mzz Un-Reality’s Dirty Skirts.

    Same approach when a fine blogmaster exposes your celeb leader’s Hope & Change.
    Obama has a… New Empty Slogan Packaging… Let’s all move… FORWARD


    PAM prefers avoiding mention of factual details that impact every family in the U.S.

    * Long Unemployment Lines – Leading To Necessary Increase in Food Stamps

    * Another Downgrade In U.S. Credit Rating – Food Prices Increasing

    * National Debt Tops 16 Trillion Dollars ( Obama switches to “Gay Marriage” etc )

    * Our Continued Dependence On O.P.E.C. (Suddenly B.H. O’bla-bla discovers that Deep-Drill HydroFracking is a “good idea” two-months-before-election-day).

    Go ahead Pamela… Change the Subject… Bush Did It! – reb
    ___ ___

  2. reality September 18, 2012 at 5:16 pm #

    Chris writes: “we DON’T WANT your idea of a PERFECT UNION. What crap.” Our Founding Fathers wrote, “We the People, in order to form a more perfect union…”, as the first thing in the Constitution. Marshall seems to be insisting our president, and all those who voted for him, do not belong in this union. Like the Nazis demeaned the Jews, and blamed them for all of Germany’s inflation, denying the huge cost of WWI, which Germany started, it is really scary to be told we are not “real” Americans. President Reagan approved of helping the Mujahideen in Afghanistan fight the Soviet invaders, and gave them at least 500 Stinger missiles, that could shoot down armoured helicopters. After Bush I built lots of new bases in the Mideast, manned with 500,000 American troops, those now trained Muslims turned on their former “handlers”, and did 9/11. Ralph doesn’t know it was 3 MONTHS of TeaPartyRepublicans refusing to raise the debt ceiling, that made S&P lower our ratings? Bush didn’t have $400,000,000 for his invasion of Afghanistan, yet he sent even more troops to Iraq on our credit card, and you blame Obama? Saddam killed 1 million Iranians, and Bush eliminates him? Cheney said Iraq would spin off into chaos without Saddam, and Bush puts on a tuxedo and jokes about WMD’s, with 386 Americans already dead, in 2004. Romney’s plan is to cut taxes even more, for the rich. That’s what you want? Go ahead. Reject a good man who is trying to do what Jesus would do. Oh, His own people crucified him, too.

  3. Ralph E. September 18, 2012 at 8:40 pm #

    Snake Hunter Opines –

    What This Simpleton Does Not Understand, is… Marshall’s Kool-Aid Narative!

    So she chronically distorts recent history… to give us her boring left-wing-spin…
    with simple solutions to complex problems.

    * Vietnam was a 10 yr, no-win war, run by Democrats… LBJ & Robt S. McNamara
    58,000 fine U.S. Troopers died. McNamare belatedly admitted “We Were Wrong”
    in his book “In Retrospect”.

    * Bush And Obama never learned…. Ten Yr Wars Are A Waste, Accomplish ZERO!


    * Spin This One From Huff Post Business — > GM’s Volt: The Ugly Math of Low Sales

    If you are too damn lazy to look it up, the article reveals another Obama Huge Mistake
    This car’s total production & delivery cost is $89,000.00 and GM tries and fails to sell it
    at $41.000. It has a $15,000 Battery Pack. Ouch!.

    For those dim-bulbs that do not understand this fundamental, be advised:

    All business managers know that… Any Enterprise… Large or Small… Independent or Corporation… Must make a Profit… To Survive… To Grow… To Employ Willing Workers… So They Can Dream of Having a Better Car… A Better Home… a Good
    Education For Their Kids… A Two Week Vacation… Yes!

    All Of The Above… Needs A Business-Friendly Environment To Make It Happen.
    It will Never Happen w/ Obama-Mania – It might happen with Romney & Ryan.

    reb — (For More Logic & Reason) — >
    ___ ___

  4. JeremyGardens September 18, 2012 at 10:59 pm #

    I believe it is quite wrong to say that the Nazis blamed Jews for all of Germany’s inflation of the early 1920s. It is just as incorrect to say that Germany started WWI.
    Both thoughts are far too simplistic and do not stand up to a bit of research.

    It is my purpose to use provable facts to politely discuss more correct versions. This is with a spirit of hoping for the spread of serious awareness about parallels today.

    The importance to correct these two misconceptions is that proper awareness of historical fact is a sound start to well-grounded recognition of similar circumstances in the present. Thereby, we might have a basis to halt similar blunders. Maybe not to repeat the same horrible mistakes.

    The errors posted above in the post by “reality” that concerns this writer, probably stem from the age-old consequence of having the victorious write the history. Particularly the mass media version of history – typically just propaganda lacking academic scrubbing. This is the harm of our current media culture. Checking and study are key to truth and valid understanding. We are very blessed to have resources such as libraries, book sales and electronic archives of the internet. It just takes dedicated effort to find the truth. The truth that sets us free.

    I regret that it was with much age that I somehow came to realize the necessity to question the public media and the government education outcomes. That continual self-directed research and study is essential less I become a dupe. A serf. The more I do so, the easier it gets to see through the propaganda clouds of the central authorities.

    The proximate cause of WWI open conflict was the 23 July 1914 ultimatum presented by the then-powerful Austria-Hungary Empire to the Serbian government. They included unorthodox insertion into the sovereignty of Serbia by demanding how they must punish the assassin of the man who was heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, . The ultimatum embodied an assumption that the Serbian government was implicated in the assassination in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914. The aggressive purpose of the ultimatum was the demand for a reply only two days later. The Serbs gave a measured reply that (if you read it) you will find very accommodating. They concluded the list of intended actions with a commitment that, if Austro-Hungary were not satisfied the Serbs would “. . .accept a pacific understanding, either by referring this question to the decision of the International Tribunal of the Hague [i.e., the World Court], or to the Great Powers…” The Austro-Hungarians not only were unsatisfied, they used dissatisfaction with a couple of the terms of the Serb reply as a pretext to declare war on 28 July 1914. The aggression of Austria-Hungary was the real start of WWI.

    The insertion of the Austro-Hungarians into the sovereign affairs of Serbia have some resemblance to the recent demands of the US of Libya and other Muslim states to punish those wreaking violence against American citizens and facilities. Political purposes make the US stupidly wrong. All of us.

    The background causes of WWI was from the interaction of numerous countries over decades – not Germany alone. Singular blame of Germany is self serving propaganda by the victors. The overarching factor was the relationships of the British Empire with the various Continental empires. This means the limitless efforts by the British to maintain the status quo -their global dominance. This meant having an overwhelming military machine (British Navy) to enforce the Empire objectives. Very much like the US national strategy in recent times. The manifest burden of the “only superpower.”
    Bismark embraced the strategies of Admiral Tirpitz and began construction of a battle fleet for regional, limited control of German territorial waters and to keep free the lanes of commerce with German colonies in Africa and in the Pacific. The global dominance of the British Navy was never in contention by the military growth of Germany. (This is indeed uncomfortably parallel to what is happening between the US and China today in the Western Pacific.)

    Britain chose to find this unacceptable and a great arms race began that sucked in all the major powers, including Japan. The various nations established a set of pacts or formal two-party agreements to join in war support under stated outbreak circumstances. It was under the mechanism of her treaty with Austria-Hungary that Germany declared war against Russia (only) after Russia had declared war in support of Serbia against the Austria-Hungary attack. France, Britain and Japan, in sequence, tumbled into the fray and the Great War was on. There is ample fundamental blame to go around, with Germany being just one of the incompetent and amoral culprits with their central leadership acting in national self-interest. They were as much victim as antagonist.

    As to Jews being blamed by the Nazis as the sole cause of the early 1920s hyperinflation, this is without foundation. For one thing, the hyperinflation period was well over before the Nazis established much political presence. The German public firmly blamed the French for the economic ruin wrought by the Treaty of Versailles, including the hyperinflation of the early ’20s. Any economic history of that time agrees that the Versailles Treaty was the single most factor. The treaty required that Germany accept full responsibility for WWI and that it pay for the entire cost of the war. The cost penalty was greater than the total German GNP.

    NOTE: Our furiously expanding national debt has similar relationship with American GNP.

    Germany was forced to accept the treaty in June 1919.They were being ruined by the seldom-mentioned British blockade imposed in violation of its deceitful commitments to the Armistice agreement of 11 November 1918. From the breakup of the German army until signatures at Versailles, Churchill pushed the remorseless blockade to force submission to the terms of the final peace treaty at Versailles in June of 1919. Some reports are that more Germans died from that immoral British “post-war” blockade than died in the WWI battles. Should we wonder if there was influence by this upon future German actions? If you agree that it probably did, then do some thinking about the impact of what the US is doing to the populations of the seven Muslim countries on our attack agenda.

    This blockade was an economic disaster with powerful ripple effects in postwar Weimar Germany, years after the Germans were forced to knuckle under at Versailles. The French hosted and orchestrated the Treaty writing and acceptance. They got the blame of its impacts and the Nazis did not change that viewpoint of their citizens. The Nazis got public acceptance of Jews as scapegoats more from events in the Soviet Union. The eastward lebensraum campaign of the Nazis was underpinned by the perception that Jews dominated the inner circle of Stalin. In particular they were appalled by the 1932—33 genocide in which Stalin’s regime murdered 7 million Ukrainians and sent 2 million to concentration camps. This little mentioned Soviet holocaust destroyed many more innocent Christian lives than did the Nazi holocaust against innocent Jews and other ethnic groups such as gypsies.

    This was under the oversight and direction of Lazar Kaganovitch, a Jew. Along with Commissar V. Molotov and NKVD secret police chief G. Yagoda, he sealed off Ukraine. He seized all food supplies and livestock. NKVD death squads executed those guilty of property and business ownership under a quota of 10,000 executions a week, set by Kaganovitch. Eighty percent of Ukrainian intellectuals were shot. Germany was allowed only a total of 100,000 in their military by the Treaty of Versailles. This made them defenseless against the dreaded Soviets (Jews?). In summary, the Nazis joined in blaming the outside force of the French-generated Treaty of Versailes and exploited fears of the Soviet foe. Said foe (seen as under Jewish control) had just eradicated millions and millions of innocent people “guilty” of having a farm or commercial activity and/or property – people much like the majority of Germans. I do not say this was all correct; just that it then was the general perception of the German public.

    This reply is necessarily long. I have tried hard to boil down a very complex, large topic. The motivation is to surface that parallels exist today with those circumstances; the blunders by national leaders in the early 20th century. The Empire of America has supplanted that of Great Britain. No surprise that its leadership also strives to maintain its dominance, at all costs. We may pose as a republic or democracy with noble objectives. We are an empire governed by self-interests of the leadership.

    We have debt buildup very similar to that of Germany after 1919. A result of wars? We see military buildup based upon fear of and in reaction to external enemies just as was done by the British, French and Germans a century.

    By the way, the more terrible hyperinflation in 20th century Europe was not in Germany. Little recognized is the far worse hyperinflation in Hungary between August 1945 and July 1946. The general level of prices rose at the astounding rate of more than 19,000 percent per month. There was even a paper bill printed in the denomination of 100 quintillion pengo toward the end, during 1946.

    Those who fear that the Obama regime has a fundamental motivation to establish a Soviet Union style socialist utopia – maybe a one world government agenda – should study the postwar Hungarian experience.

    A lesson to present-day Americans: the Hungarian nation was easy prey for piecemeal takeover by soviet stooges. There are a number of sources claiming that the societal destruction of the hyperinflation was purposely started by trained Marxists in order to destroy the Hungarian middle and upper classes. In the November 1945 elections the communists who gradually would take over Hungary garnered only 17% of the vote.

    The Soviets were given a despicable agreement by Franklin Roosevelt at the February 1945 Yalta conference that they could include Hungary in their territory of occupation. This was only one of the numerous shameful agreements made by FDR at Yalta. Thus, we ensured death and misery for additional millions under the Soviets.

    They captured the Hungarian capital a few days after the conclusion of Yalta. Total occupation of the country was completed in April 1945, as last resisting units of the German army collapsed. They put a guy named Mátyás Rákosi in place as head of the Hungarian communist party. The Soviet military commander refused to allow the winners (57% majority of the vote) in the November 1945 election to put a government in place without having key positions occupied by communists – the ones with only 17% of the vote. Yes, Rakosi was one of them! He later boasted how he had eliminated the partners in government by piecemeal stages.

    Now look at DC with that in mind and in light of our post – AMERICA DRINKING THE KOOL-AID.

    A lack of careful study with wise truth as the foundation for dialog. Economic devastation of hyperinflation from expanded money supply by central authority to stimulate weak economies. Complacent acceptance of propaganda. Leadership without accountability. Failure to keep faithful in the struggle for freedom and liberty – to be self-directed. Designation of ideological, religious or ideological foes as threats to justify military power. Organized and motivated foes.

    You find those factors above in the history covered by this post. Those factors are among the major factors leading to the historical outcomes I have tried to illuminate.

    They are all much present today in our world.

  5. Pamela Jarvis September 18, 2012 at 11:47 pm #

    To Jeremy: So what are you sayin’ we should do now???

  6. Pamela Jarvis September 18, 2012 at 11:53 pm #

    To Jeremy: So what would you recommend as an intelligent plan of action for our poor besieged country……and what, if anything do you think would work now in today’s world. A far different one than before, eh?

    • JeremyGardens September 19, 2012 at 4:06 am #

      To Pamela.

      Thanks for the honor to express that I might have something worthy in the way of an action plan to suggest for these readers.

      As it happens a respected friend recently solicited my thoughts in much the same way. The difference was that his original stimulus for dialog was an open Internet video that seemed to say we must move toward planned engagement in violent resistance because the other available options would not succeed.

      This is not so. Campaigns to reform government and other institutions have been hugely successful without being based upon, or seeking violence. Many times. Two major ones we all have observed are the withdrawal of India brought about mostly by peaceful efforts of Mr. Gandh and the general nature of the dissolution of the Soviet Union. A peaceful choice was made by a core, organized group in both examples. Many more exist. We are wise and far more likely to succeed with an organized plan of peaceful action.

      Well, I already have been considering a reply containing some form of plan. Certainly a plan of action is needed. My posts above were not to call for any plan of action and was an effort to seek and spread truth. This was with expectation that an informed citizenry will make wiser decisions and will take far better action when riding on truths.

      I firmly believe that it is imperative for each citizen of our Republic to seek and share information about public affairs. It is a function of how we should embrace the First Amendment. In this light I often forward writings and links that do not actually have my acceptance. Maybe in part. The idea is that we need to be aware of and participate in the ongoing conversations. That is how we become sufficiently informed and give our voice (vote) to those who may bring about the outcomes we choose.

      This thinking was behind my posts above.

      Presently I am just an old geezer staying for a few months in a motor home in prime Wyoming fishing country. While bothering the trout I also contemplate some rather deep facets of our lives. The American Condition is a prime topic of these thoughts.

      The bottom line to your question is that I am working on it.

      Maybe I will write a book. There certainly is enough material and topics within the scope of this fine blog important enough to make such an effort.

      A man I much admire and applaud was John Boyd of the US Air Force. He may go down in history as the best military strategist of history to date. I vividly remember the couple of hours the two of us spoke in private over 30 years ago. John developed, as one of his innovations, the OODA Loop. This has variations in terms expressed under many circumstances by various agents and groups.. The first “O” stands for Observe. The second means to Orient. Then come Decision and Action. The loop continues to repeat! The basic idea of the OODA loop is to run through your own faster than the opposition can do theirs. John used to stand before an audience and talk for hours about how to do just that.

      Right now, in the context of your query, I am maybe finishing the first “O” and in transition toward the second “O.” You are suggesting taking on the the whole OODA concept. Your reaching out is understood.

      I will give your solicitation respectful attention and inform you of any meaningful progress toward a strategy and maybe even a plan.

  7. reality September 19, 2012 at 8:23 am #

    Dear Mr. Gardens: “Triple Cross”, by Peter Lance, and “Charlie Wilson’s War”, by George Crile. Is John Boyd in them?

  8. Pamela Jarvis September 19, 2012 at 10:03 am #

    Jeremy: Sounds like you have an opportunity to relax awhile and fish awhile. I’d probably opt for that instead of trying to figure out what madmen will do next. I have some old Bill Upperman bucktails that the Vermont trout used to be intrigued with. Sigh. A different state of mind…that trout fishing. But I digress…..and will be scolded by Snakey and his Gang for not sticking to subject matter. I’m rather much not wanted on this blog anyway….different philosophies….but speaking truth to power or to the mis-informed can help shape this world into a better place for everyone. Curious to see your OODA results.

  9. JeremyGardens September 19, 2012 at 10:12 am #

    Hello to reality: I am unable to know at this time if he is in either book you mention, having yet to actually read either one. Charlie Wilson’s War is on my list. Will have to take a look at Triple Cross to see now that you bring it up. Thanks.
    The current Wikipedia coverage (I just checked) is fairly good for John Richard Boyd. It has a few errors such as being off on his retirement year a bit and wrong about why John was called the Ghetto Colonel. My few hours of time in person with John was during a key F-16 factory design review in 1975. This was a wonderful moment of vindication for John, as well as for Harry Hillaker, who was head of the factory design team, using Boyd’s Energy-Maneuverbility concepts. See: btw…I got the fork in the road speech that night by John. He made it intense…heh,heh. You can find out about that is some of the Internet tributes to John.
    That Wikipedia piece is also deficient in the part about Energy-Maneuverbility. This was a Boyd creation and development. It has been the basis for the layout of every fighter in the world designed after the F-16. The F-18, like the F-15 had some tweaking based upon E-M but does not count in the list because it was a rehash of the YF-17, laid down in the early 1960s as the P-530 by Northrop. In addition to the basis for layout of all fighters today, Boyd’s E-M continues as the starting foundation for maneuver tactics development for their aerial fighter machines by most air forces, if not all. It was how we trained to maneuver against Soviet designs from the middle ’60s.

    More are starting to acknowledge that John was architect of the 1991 Gulf War sweeping strategy. He did this as consultant to Dick Cheney, then Secretary of Defense. Cheney would not approve the Desert Storm plans until they got it right, by Boyds judgement – using his feedback through Cheney on each of their iterations. The fundamental plan was much like the German invasion plan of Belgium and France in 1940. Just oriented by about 90 degrees, on a different axis. Boyd was extremely well read in the history of military battles. A thorough scholar.

    I can say that one book about John Boyd that is just right in details and spirit is: Coram, Robert (2002). Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War. Little, Brown & and Company. ISBN 0-316-88146-5. Amazon sells it in paperback and kindle versions.

    • paul vincent zecchino September 19, 2012 at 9:50 pm #

      Dear Jeremy Gardens –

      Thank you for your detailed and enlightening historical analysis. What so many mistakenly believe to be ‘history’ as taught is merely PC spin. A loose analogy, a well seasoned broadcast station owner remarked that too many ‘engineering white papers’ of late are just sales pitches bolstered by junk ‘engineering’ jargon.

      Previously unaware of John Boyd, read the article you linked over. Col. Boyd was clearly well ahead of his time and the article answered a question I began asking during the early 80s as to why newer aircraft, the F-15’s, -16’s and -18s all ‘look that way, so different from predecessors’.

      Looking forward to spending enjoyable evenings researching Energy-Maneuverability, and discovering why F-16 intakes so closely resemble those of P-51s. Always been one to ask annoying questions like that, such as, ‘why do F-105’s have that little notch, like an alley cat’s ear-notch, in their vertical stabilizer…

      I ask questions of this sort constantly, why I’m such a hit at parties…

      Paul Vincent Zecchino
      Manasota Key, Florida
      19 September, 2012

      • JeremyGardens September 20, 2012 at 4:10 am #

        Mr. Zecchino,

        At risk of going off topic, apparently you notice both the P-51 and F-16 have their intakes some distance away from the fuselage. Despite that P-51 intake was only to flow cooling air over a radiator and the F-16 intake was to provide air for engine combustion the separation is for the same aerodynamic reason. The air flow right along an aircraft surface such as the fuselage, called the boundary layer, is turbulent. The flow inside an intake is much improved by mounting it in smooth-flowing air away from the boundary layer. In the case of the P-51 the distance was first one inch. Wind tunnel testing revealed rumbling turbulence that was “cured” by increasing the intake standoff to 2 inches – got it away from the boundary layer.
        I was much involved in the F-16 development.

        I am familiar with the F-105 but am unsure what the ear notch is? The one at the back, near the base?

        Maybe there is another thread or other way to discuss such topic?

  10. Ralph E. September 19, 2012 at 8:11 pm #

    PAMELA – When You disgress… it’s “Snakey and his gang’??? – Gang..What Gang?

    Better if you stick to Vermont trout fishing, as long as you are addicted to “off-topic” subjects here. You’re chronic left-of-center harrange does get a bit tedious.

    I have been known to “wet-a-line” in the Eastern High Sierra Range for Rainbow & German-Brown, plus Steelhead in the North Fork of the Salmon River.

    The best ever for Nell & I has been fishing Albacore off of the west coast of Mexico.

    Landed a 66 lb OPAH… a rare hook-up for rod & reel; a georgeous, deep-water tropical off Punta la Banda (Ensenada). My wife’s first ever Deep-Sea Trip in 1983.

    Ck LAMPRIS REGIUS, “Brilliant King” w/ Bright Orange Fins & Lips, No Teeth. Deep Blue at Dorsal, fading into Silver, w/White Polka-Dots. A Real Beauty; we mounted it!

    reb –
    ___ ___

  11. Ralph E. September 20, 2012 at 1:49 am #

    Snake Hunter Sez,


    For Catching Pamela Jarvis/Unreality (and HER Gang’s) Tired & Worn Out – Off-Topic

    Strategm – Of Switching The Focus Of 9/11 And This Progressive Administration’s Attempt To Point The Finger-Of-Blame at…. “a few radicals in Bengazi, Libya”…. for the true story of ISLAMIC KILLERS SUCCESSFUL ATTACK ON ANOTHER U.S. EMBASSY, MURDERING OUR AMBASSADOR, HIS INFORMATION OFFICER & TWO SECURITY PERSONNEL!

    It’s curious… that Sweet Palema has an old friendship with a Mr Jeremy Gardens -?- and that Mr. Gardens is VERY VERBOSE and capable of “seeing through the propaganda clouds of the central authorities” PLUS a DOZEN OTHER SUBJECTS… for endless paragraphs of JABBERWOCKY… ‘Til the Blog Administrator Decides To
    Put An End To This LEFT-WING IDIOSY. – REB
    ___ ___

    • JeremyGardens September 20, 2012 at 4:44 am #

      Dear REB;

      I confess. I am guilty of writing with mostly whole sentences and having structured paragraphs. That has proven to be the best for discussing complicated subject matter. I regretted the length of my posting but did have good faith offering the historical information that is seldom known and understood in our society.

      You writing style of blurting topics in a scattered way is difficult for me to understand. Easy to get confused about what you are trying to say.

      I am not attacking you. it is just my opinion that better communication results from clear and structure writing that uses accepted English. I encourage you to keep writing in the same way if that is how to keep you involved in this information exchange.

      As to the confusion … it seems you say I am writing left-wing idiocy? If so, you are welcome to think it is idiocy. This is not what I think so, guess we will just disagree on that. It will not block my willingness to share dialog with you.

      However!!! If you think I am a left-winger then we must be just wasting our mutual time. If that is what you think, then you just do not comprehend my viewpoints and I do not know what to do to change that.

      To be very clear: I am firmly devoted to libertarian concepts. I would say that I am even an anarchist in the sense of not wanting any government. However, I know that it is common to label violent mob activity as anarchist. That seems to be part of a smear effort to discredit true anarchists. So, I will just be a libertarian for now.

      I hope this more brief post better fits your attention span…

  12. Pamela Jarvis September 20, 2012 at 3:28 am #

    Dear Snakey: Methinks you don’t get Mr. Gardens’ eloquent perusals on the topic of the most idiotic subject matter that human kind has evolved to……the mindless wars and war machinery that will continue to corrupt our better senses until we find a way to stop them all and exist on the planet in peace.

  13. Ralph E. September 20, 2012 at 3:43 am #

    – Snake Hunter Follow-up –

    Why Would People Like Pamela Jarvis.. Concoct Such An Elaborate, Long -Winded Piece of Trash… Unless There Was A Hidden Motivation? Obfuscation? Changing
    the Topic… To Detract Attention… Like a Fish Story?

    Well, I just viewed the grim and disgusting photos of our U.S. Ambassador’s Body
    In Graphic Detail… on the BLAZE and FRONTPAGEMAG.COM. Apparently, Chris Stevens had been beaten, tortured and raped before he was killed, and his body dragged through the streets of Bengazi.

    I also learned today that this same Bengazi Consolate Building was Bombed this June, but the Obama Administration Did Nothing To Beef Up Security For Our Diplomats.

    Pamela Jarvis, and friends should be ashamed of themselves, and at least have the decency to move their comments to MoveOnDotOrg or Huffington Post… where their
    Kanned Kilbasa Sausage and Dollar Donations will be… Greatly Appreciated! – reb
    ___ ___

  14. Ralph E. September 20, 2012 at 4:59 am #

    Dear MZ PAMELA-Environmental-Peace-Alliance-No-Fracking-Whako-JARVIS…

    Try This:


    Ask your new friend, the Articulate AirCraft Engineer… to design a Super-Vectored-Jet

    -Space-Mobile-With-After-burner…. To get you, and your goofy friends, the hell off to

    visit our Roving Robots on Planet Mars… to help them find some potable water.

    And, coax some “moderate”, peace-loving ISLAMIST IMAMS to join your group…

    so they can build a… Cordoba Victory Mosque in Space! – Bon Voyage! – reb
    ___ ___

  15. Ralph E. September 20, 2012 at 5:09 pm #

    Snake Hunter Response:

    Mr. J. Gardens,

    Being a literate person, I’m certain you are familiar with the old truism “birds of a feather, flock together.” For too many months, the regulars on this fine, informative website have endured the far-left historical distortions of an anonymous female, plus those of her more literate, but equally biased friend, Pamela Jarvis.

    These far-left sentiments are mostly unsavory, and clearly devoid of good intentions, or a desire for a meaningful dialog. They seek to destroy, rather than build goodwill.
    Their negative agendas are wildly Pro-Demo/Progressive… and heavy with ridicule for those of us that openly defend conservative fundamental values.

    Marshall Frank, our gracious host, has written many well-documented articles for this weblog, and all of these efforts are open to critical review by serious investigators.

    Since I first read your expansive commentary on multiple subjects on September 18th,
    I must say that, being a suspicious old rascal, I wondered at your choice of friends, and your rather odd motives, in writing these overly lengthy paragraphs.

    For the reasons stated above, and because my own profile, along with Marshall’s, is open to public view, I would be more inclined toward a friendly discussion, if we had
    a better view of your location, and more detail on your background, as you already have on ours… simply by exchanging profiles. – reb
    ___ ___

  16. Ralph E. September 21, 2012 at 4:09 pm #

    Snake Hunter Sez,

    It seems that both Pamela & ‘Reality’ have swallowed the mysterious J. Gardens inane
    jabberwocky,.. hook, line & lead sinker. They seemed to relish his “OODA Solution”,

    Which the eloquent genius Jeremy has described as ‘The OODA Loop’.

    GollyGee! The 1st ‘O’ is Observe,.then Orient.. the ‘D’ for Decision and ‘A’ for Action.

    Well, now that “Imperfect Mankind” has the ‘Boyd/J.Gardens Formula’… all we need do now, is to pass this vital info along to our Celebrity Hero, Barach Hussein Obama,
    and then Barry can immediately inform Secretary Hilly Clinton to forgo current efforts
    ….order all high-level envoys home… for a re-Orientation .. (As per above formula)… so that we can at last… Begin ……

    To Build-Bridges-To-Understanding-With-Hurdreds-Of-Moderate-Imams. OH BOY!

    Finally — We Can Have HOPE and CHANGE–That We Can Believe In….

    *** Halle-looo-jah Baby — Peace, Love and Co-Existance… With ISLAM!!! ***


    reb –
    ___ ___

  17. chris September 21, 2012 at 5:27 pm #

    Building bridges with “moderate Muslims” is like training an alligator to take food from your hand without it biting you.

    Forget OODA. Lets have OWATWEE. As in Oh what a tangled web we weave, (as Barocky continues to deceive). Or, WTHDWGOIWEETGRK, as in what the heck did we get ourselves into when we elected the great “redistribution king”? Hey Ralph, we could come up with some doozies, if we gave it some thought, but they might not be suitable for blogdom.

    We have had one lie after another spewed from the evil palace known as the W H, on this attack on our embassy. It is disgraceful, disgusting, and dishonest. But the lame stream media – including UNNNNNNNNNNNDREEEEEEEEA MITCHELLLL, PMSNBC news (one of the sickest), keeps kissing the administration’s … uh … well, you know. Wonder is she drinks the grape flavored, or the orange flavored Kool Aid?

    Canada is looking better and better.

    You know Ralph, it is a funny thing. The camel jockeys are not happy in their flea infested land. They get to riot there, burn embassies, burn American flags, sodomize and torture and kill Americans, and act like idiots, but they are not happy there. They ARE generally happy in countries that do not advocate that sort of lifestyle. Hmmm. And they wish to change things here in the US. If we became more like the dung filled countries they come from, won’t that make them unhappy again?

    In psych class, we studied people who married folks who were completely different than themselves, and they were happy. Then, they spent most of their time trying to change their spouse. Then, the spouse became unhappy, because they were no longer their old self, and then the one who proposed the change was unhappy, because the spouse had changed. Maybe having a prophet who is nothing but a child molestor and war monger, makes you unhappy…
    just sayin’

  18. Ralph E. September 21, 2012 at 8:12 pm #


    i have an even better solution for Mz Unreality, and her pal Pamela Jarvis.

    It’s a Peace Mantra… are you ready to achieve instant enlightenment PAM?. Try it!


    (Slowly) O00o- WAAaa …. TA- Guuuu … Siam! — (Repeat twice)

    (Now faster) Owa Taa-Guuu SIAM … OWA -Taa-Guuu SIAM!!!

    Ahh, Enlightenment… For All Pinheads! — Now, pass it along to your friends. – reb
    ___ ___

  19. Pamela Jarvis September 22, 2012 at 12:33 am #

    Dear Jeremy: Snakey’s blog on September 20, at 4:59 a.m. was pretty hilarious…..he has a knack, don’t you think? He should have been a stand-up…..but I digress again.

    As far as government of the people, by the people, and for the people……what has happened here? Greed and more greed seems to have corrupted the finest thinking…..and so now we have……SNAKEY! (And his gang). We also have a huge military industrial complex we cannot afford that grows larger & larger as we speak, and more dangerous. Snakey makes fun of complex environmental issues that will soon impact on all of us; Chris misinterprets what his psych professor was trying to teach him, while he also makes fun of the very thing he should learn the most. Peace, love and altruism will always win over fear and hatred….with a lot of critical thinking and analysis of factual reality thrown in. With that in mind, we all have our dark side that must be acknowledged. We should be aware of it and act on it with impunity.

  20. chris September 22, 2012 at 1:25 am #

    And here I thought that breathing all that salt air was healthy for you. Pam, you have no idea what you are talking about…I am completely aware of the futility of attempting to change people, and if you in your teeny weeny narrow mind for one second think that I don’t desire peace, and would rather have hatred and war over love, you are more delusional than I originally thought.

    Go ahead with your peace and love with people who you apparently do not and never will understand. Take your Woodstock mentality, and the smoke you must have inhaled, (unlike Billy Bob), and live in the twilight zone. Go ahead, like our dear leader, and sit down and have talks with people who desire only to kill you, or enslave you. Be like Chris Stevens. Yep, he is a true example of what peace and love and Kumbaya is all about. I cannot imagine a more brutal example of what these sub humans did. How many people do we sacrifice to terrorists before we put a stop to it? How many Jews should we have allowed Hitler to kill, before we put a stop to him? Don’t forget, we were isolationists back then, and we ignored the rumors about the concentration and death camps. Ask most Muslims today, and they will still tell you the holocaust was fake. How many of our soldiers in WW2 should we have allowed the fanatics in Japan to kill, before we dropped a bomb to end the slaughter? Why did we have to resort to it? Pearl Harbor was just the start, and we did not ask for it, but we sure as hell ended it. Still, had it not started because of the actions of the crazies in Japan and Germany, the bombs would not have been dropped. You cannot love your way out of the kind of fanaticizm that existed then, and unfortunately, exists now.

    You are no kid, and you still are so naive enough to actually believe what you write. You cannot wrap your mind around the absolute FACT of EVIL. OH, how I truly wish it wasn’t real. But after 28 years of seeing first hand what man does to his fellow man, I know evil is absolutely real, and while occasionally you can get through to the evil person, and change their ways, that is the exception, and not the rule. Oh, how I wish that was not true.

    We are talking about people whose social skills are hundreds of years behind the times. They are indoctrinated in hate schools to teach them to hate Jews, Christians, Athiests, and homosexuals, (and about anyone who doesn’t believe THEIR exact way) and yet the men have no problem having homosexual sex with boys. These kids…just kids, are taught at a very early age to strap bombs to themselves, and kill as many people as they can. You can’t be serious that you think love and kindness is going to deter them? They live in some dirt floored flea infested dump, get abused by pedophiles, and are promised that they are headed to nirvana when they check out, but only if they take a bunch of non Muslims with them. And, they truly believe that. When you think about it, blowing themselves up may be preferable to being boffed by some smelly old dude. Kind of sick.

    I am dealing with the dark side of that mentality by being prepared. I am cautious, suspicious and I question people’s intent scrupulously. I would defend you with my life against these terrorists, because that is what I believe in. As for love…don’t you ever dare consider for one second I would prefer anything over it. You have no idea who I am, what I am like, and your flip answers to Jeremy, or your alter ego, are obnoxious, and have as much basis in fact as quicksand would make a good foundation for a dwelling.

    Ralph spent his time during WW2 inorder for you to spout your leftist bullcrap without fear of reprisal, and yet you call him names and try to belittle him as much as you can. He has done more for you than you can ever thank him for, as has every vet, and yet you look down your patrician nose at them.

    Jump a plane, and head over to Egypt. I would even find the money to buy you a plane ticket. Spread your peace and love concept with the Muslim brotherhood. Teach their kiddies about art, beauty and all that good stuff, and let me know how that works for you. Sorry I cannot be there to help defend you, but my ability to carry ends at our borders. BUT hey, if your ideas work, I will convert to being a card carrying left wing zealot. Or, if it doesn’t, I will come to your memorial service, and speak out against the violence that was perpetrated on you by the very people you tried to help, but who did to you, what they did to Stevens.

  21. Ralph E. September 22, 2012 at 5:34 am #

    Chris Jay – You seem to be a decent fellow, but trust me. Pam’s hard-core. wears the Progressive Party Label, like a badge of honor. A person like this simply doesn’t understand the fanatical idolitry of Islam. Reading the most violent passages in the Qur’an will not matter. reading Dr. Wafa Sultan’s book,,”A God Who Hates” or Nonie Darwich’ fine book “Now They Call Me Infidel” will not impress Ms Pamela Jarvis.

    Notice how Pam and Reality clung to the words of long-winded Jeremy Gardens, as if
    his rambling gibbirish had elonquent substance. I doubt if J.G knows how to construct
    a concise paragraph… says he might write a book. Need a heavy doorstop, Pam?

    I’d make a wager… These two people have never been to a war zone, never seen what a large hunk of shrapnel does to a young body, or never visited to see trucks coming in to an army graves registration site filled with young, dead bodies. Damn.

    I’ve had people like this tell me that… I’M A WAR MONGER And they talk, and they Pretend to Know something about Islam’s “Dark Side”… and about War. – reb
    ___ ___

  22. chris September 22, 2012 at 10:31 am #

    I DARE reality, Pam Jarvis, and Gardens to go to this web site and watch this short video.

    Peace out, everyone.

  23. Pamela Jarvis September 22, 2012 at 10:36 am #

    Chris/Ralph: I have no allegiance to any person on this blog as I don’t know any of them. Why do you guys keep making those ridiculous accusations…..they sound a little paranoid. I haven’t called Snakey anything worse than the stuff he throws out there. Actually, my stuff isn’t nearly as obnoxious…..obnoxious being the word that Chris just called me by the way.

    Please make a note that not all Muslims are bad. Not even the majority. Not all “Americans” are good. We have blood on our hands as well….we’ve done some bad stuff that the rest of the world may have also considered “evil”. What makes you think we have the monopoly on righteousness? But it stands to reason that if it’s okay for Snakey and Chris to insult and deride and condemn others for doing what they do, then they might think it’s okay for our country to invade a sovereign nation illegally and kill a few hundred thousand innocent civilians and expect no repercussions. “Frankly Speaking”, I want my loving, peaceful country back. I want to see it escape from the clutches of extremists of all persuasions. Jesus Christ said love works…are you going to deride his words? I didn’t find much love and compassion in Chris’ words…..but a lot of anger, fear & troubled thinking… much anger. That kind of behavior isn’t conducive to world peace and winning hearts and minds.

    • Pamela Jarvis September 22, 2012 at 10:52 am #

      Watched the video Chris. Nothing new there…..especially any ideas on how to solve problems…..just more of the same stuff the far right-wingers keep hammering on. What are you suggesting for Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the “others” …..what would you do with these cultures? I fear the worst….too horrible to speak. Dumbing down our country even more will do the trick….oh yeh.

      • chris September 22, 2012 at 12:26 pm #

        What do YOU suggest? Offer to send you to Egypt still stands. You moan and wring your hands about conservatives not having answers, but you have no answers either. Your answer is to ridicule conservatives who want to be ready for the worst case.


        Obnoxious? Your word, not mine. But hey, old Forest Gump’s mama may have said it best.

        Never suggested here that you know anyone (except Marshall). Don’t know, don’t care. I don’t know Ralph. Never met him. Yet, you always put us in the same sentence too.

        Have to go. Going to watch the Pakistan day of love and peace on the news. Fascinating. Moving. Encouraging.

  24. Ralph E. September 22, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

    Snake Hunter Opines –

    A Majority Eagerly Bought Into An Empty, One-Word Slogan In 2008… “CHANGE”

    Too few of us bothered to dig into the power-base… that funded Obama’s promise to “fundamentally change” this 235 yr old successful republic into something else.

    So now, we must do the tough analysis, dig for the fact-based evidence of what has
    happened, the positives and the negatives now in place, since January 20, 2009.

    Egypt, the largest muslim nation in North Africa has “changed” from secular control to that ugly, radical mentality of… The Muslim Brotherhood, that intends to spread their hate-filled doctrine to every corner of planet earth; to dominate all non-believers (infidels), through forced conversions… with mob-terror, embassy attacks, and death.

    Also,with clever solicitations, by “moderate imams” offering “peace, love and an unlikely “co-existance” to replace the violence… of a continuation of wars!

    Moderate Imams, All Merchants of Death, Cry Out… “Peace!” – “Love!” – “Co-Exist”
    Their Qur’an Says… “War Is Deceit” – – – > Vol 4, Book 52, Number 269

    Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been made victorious… with terror.” Pamela & friends Will Not spend one hour to read Bukhari, Vol 4, Book 52 to get this solid information. They prefer to remain… willfully blinded… to the 1400 yr old Death Cult… they stubbornly ignore “The Muslim Brotherhood “Project” Scheme, that’s quickly available on S/H April Posting,.. or on their own PC Search Engine.

    Chris Jay wonders why these “left-of-center notions” are set in cement. Well, he might want these folks to take a hard look at… reality. It could force some real… Change…
    Awareness… Accentuating Positive Thinking… Eliminating Negative Foolishness.

    But I Doubt It. Once the human brain is ‘Conditioned to Accept False Doctrine’ it might take a personal family tragedy, or violent event, to alter their deeply felt emotional ties… who can say? We earn wisdom, only through our personal life experiernces.

    Some Folks Must Learn The Hard Way… By Suffering… Ignoring Obvious Truths.

    — “What Fools We Mortals Be” —

    reb — >
    ___ ___

  25. Pamela Jarvis September 26, 2012 at 7:45 am #

    Chris: Glad you said “you have no answers either”. “EITHER”…..meaning you don’t have even a teeny weeny answer from YOUR teeny, weeny narrow mind that is obviously much narrower than mine. I’ve already expressed my ideas, my answers….that you ridicule and deride. They are the antithesis of what your philosophies are. But nothing intelligent from you or your kind on solutions. Just mad ravings about how President Obama is the “Food Stamp President”, UN-American, socialist, etc. You are the problem in this country. Shameless and arrogant. You must love that Republican candidate that scorns the 47% …. the largest part of them being working people with children. Shameless. I observe that you and Snakey are the ones that have been conditioned to accept false doctrine. Fools will be fools for sure….and do any of you think we have the monopoly on tragedy? How arrogant of Snakey to suggest that violence and tragedy bring enlightenment. Truth being….the only thing violence and tragedy can bring is resentment, fear, hatred, and more violence and tragedy. It just doesn’t work . Proven. Somehow, the pattern has to be broken. You scorn the words of the great religious leaders and philosophers….so it begs the same old, same old question: What great ideas/solutions do you have?? Throw them out there for all to see. Or shut up.

  26. Pamela Jarvis September 26, 2012 at 7:51 am #

    Chris: Don’t you preach to me about not appreciating what soldiers have done for our country…..members of my family served many years fighting for you and Snakey as well.
    Accusations without facts don’t fly very far. More arrogance.

  27. Ralph E. September 26, 2012 at 2:57 pm #

    Snake Hunter Sez,

    IF Ms Pamela Jarvis is as sincere as she claims, and has the innate curiosity to carefully examine Marshall’s February 7th Post, with three dozen verifiable points of interest… on B.H. Obama’s profile, that would likely be more impressive than above
    negative rants… and name-calling. – reb
    ___ ___

  28. Ralph E. September 26, 2012 at 11:11 pm #

    Snake Hunter Sez,

    The American Eagle is the vigilant symbol, aloft 24/7 for 235 yrs, protecting our laws,
    and all of it’s citizens… from those that seek to destroy this incredible republic.

    To stay aloft, and this is what Ms Pamela Jarvis does not seem to understand… this noble bird needs two healthy wings (two opposing parties) to maintain guardianship
    over “willful blindness” & complacency at home, and various totalitarian dictatorships that are always present, ready to exploit weakness. That’s the “ever-present danger” than mankind has been forced to confront… since the dawn of history.

    Military families understand, perhaps better than most, and have chosen to be a vital part of those that… protect and serve The families in the law enforcement branches also see the ugly side of human behavior.. every day. They choose to protect & serve
    Pamela. Did you take a few value minutes to read Marshall’s Feb 7th “MOSAIC”?
    Thirty-six Facts, ready for your careful analysis, ma’am… Probably not. – reb
    ___ ___

  29. Ralph E. September 27, 2012 at 4:25 pm #

    Snake Hunter Sez,

    Long ago, as an 18 yr old, I was assigned the responsibility of dealing with long-eared mules, that carried 75mm Pk Howitzers in support of mountain trained infantry. and In those two years of mountain & winter warfare training in the high Rocky Mountains of
    Colorado, I learned that mules were physically tougher than horses… stubborn too.

    I also learned that mule psychology has an independent streak; both jack & jenny can be led to the water tank, but cannot be forced to drink clean, clear water.

    Human mules, once conditioned by far-left popaganda, have parallel traits; they avoid the refreshing cold water of truth… and eagerly accept the poisoned kool-aid. – reb
    ___ ___

  30. Chris September 27, 2012 at 8:12 pm #

    Gee Pam…you sound a bit verclempt. A wee bit excited or overwrought. Sorry it took me a day or two to get back to you, but so sorry, I am not one of Owebamas welfare toads, I have to work, and that means sometimes I don’t get to get on the computer like welfare slugs.

    BTW, don’t be jumping on your high horse about your family fighting for me. I spent a good deal of my time in the service, and the majority of my civilian time protecting the good, the bad, and the ugly. How much time did you spend in the service? Did you ever strap on a gun and patrol the streets? Did you ever deal with deranged and armed people, who would kill you as soon as breathe? Comon, Pammy, tell us about your illustrious history in the military and the police. Or you could tell us about how one of your art students once almost put his eye out with that nasty pointy paint brush.
    You have the audacity…the gall…to take credit for what your FAMILY did. You make me want to barf.

    Your rant above stated I called Owebama the food stamp president. Another one of your lies. I have never used those words on this blog. Never. You, like Owebama, just make crap up, and expect others to believe your lies. Typical.

    You keep talking about YOUR solutions to the problems. Then, you say you have written them. I have never read your so called solutions. You criticize Romney, and suck up to Owebama, the pathological liar, but you have yet to ACTUALLY WRITE down your solutions. You keep saying love will conquer all, but how does that work when someone is about to chop off your head? SO, Pammy, tell us…tell us all just what your solutions are.

    As for the 47% remark, you, like the rest of the lying deranged media, have totally taken what Romney said out of context, and used your leftist wacko spin on it. The incredible fact IS that 49% (not 47) of the people in this country receive benefits, welfare, food stamps, etc., and that is a disgusting thing. It is disgusting because Owebama has run us so far into the ground. People would like work. People would like to have meaning in their lives. People become mind numbed robots just sitting on their inflated butts collecting from Uncle Sam…WHO IS INCIDENTALLY, the rest of us who are working and paying taxes. What a sad state of affairs. But hey, don’t drill for any energy resources we might have to reduce the cost of energy and put millions to work…just go ahead and give more taxpayer money to cronies of Owebama who can start up a solar energy company and then go bankrupt, after the bosses line their pockets with taxpayer money. Yep, sound fair…and after all, it is about everyone getting a fair shake, and having a fair chance. Or hey, we could give more of OUR money to a company like Fisker…the electric car company we paid for that employs people in Europe. And it turns out the car is one giant p.o.s. Or, hey, buy a Chevy Volt. Neat car. Costs $80,000 to build, they sell it for $30,000. And, we paid for that fiasco, too. Hogwash.

    I am surprised you ask AGAIN for my ideas. You apparently cannot read or comprehend what i have written in the past. So, I will write it slower, so you maybe can read it and understand it. BTW, you might be a bit careful about who you are telling to shut up. Just sayin’…

    I have repeatedly said, we must be prepared, and be vigilant. Strength does not invite attack. Weakness invites attack. We have a spineless wimp who is in the White House, who panders to the uber left, the communists, the socialists, the nazi’s. Weird. He panders to the Muslim Brotherhood. Oooops, I said nazi’s already. Tsk tsk. Shouldn’t be redundant. Anyway, that is where we really have a problem. The Muslim Brotherhood has one intent, and that is not to join hands and sing Kumbaya. (Can you say World D O M I N A T I O N ? (I wrote it slow, so you could understand) I also state…the US is not a middle eastern country, and we cannot allow Sharia Law to be considered here. Surely even you can understand that. Then again, you might like being covered from head to toe in your burka. You might like to sit home and serve your husband…aka your master. Good lord, woman, do you think they have any OTHER intent?
    We have…so far…even with your rants about shutting up…freedom of speech in this country. Well, apparently for everything except making comments about their so called prophet. So, now Owebama wants to change the 1st Amendment…so NO ONE can criticize Islam? Guess that means no one can criticize Christianity? Or, does it? Maybe the freedom of speech thing will be partially retracted. So, for you, Pammy, does that mean that if the political incumbants in DC change to something you don’t like, that then the freedoms of speech exceptions might change too? Hmmmm, bet you would be the first one to scream bloody murder about that.

    We have a Constitution. What I propose: we adhere to it strictly. I can repeat it if your finite mind did not understand it. Owebama has made it part of his ludicrous regime to go around the Constitution as much as possible. We absolutely should allow freedom of speech, and freedom to worship, BUT NOT FREEDOM TO TRASH OUR CONSTITUTION WITH ISLAMIC LAW. There is a difference, and if you can’t see it, I was wrong saying you had a narrow little mind. You have no mind if you fail to comprehend the difference.

    Oh, finally, for this entry, I DO feel we need to exit Afghanistan immediately. We need to exit the middle east completely. I would have one hell of a military presence in Israel, if they would allow i, however. We need to be there for our ally, Israel. We have no other allies there if they cannot protect our embassies, and our people from terrorist attacks. Oh…one more thing. I would also insist that Owebama tell the truth about terrorism. This crap about “we killed Usama and saved GM” is nothing but horsepucky. Want to know who is buying the cars from GM? The government. US. The taxpayers. Once again, we been Owebama’d.


  31. Roger September 28, 2012 at 9:41 am #

    Hear. Hear.

  32. Chris September 28, 2012 at 2:11 pm #

    More wonderful statistics from the Owebama regime that have come to light today, or very recently:

    1. The Liar-in Chief knew that Libya was a terrorist attack within 24 hours of the massacre in Libya, where one of our Ambassadors was SODOMIZED, TORTURED, then KILLED, along with three others. Yet, Owebama the Liar continues to spew out his garbage about some stooopid video being the cause. ALL HAIL BARRY THE GREAT ADOLF…

    2. The economy is about to go into another recession. Our GDP for the year is a hair above 1%. WOW, what a recovery. Oh, income for Americans rose 1 tenth of 1% for the month of August. WOW again. Buckle up America. Don’t spend your largesse all at once. Oooops, too late for that. Americans had to spend at an increased rate of 5 tenths of 1 percent. Hmmmm, could be because of the rediculous gas prices, and the resulting food costs. So, WOW AGAIN, we are 4 tenths of one percent in the hole for August. Great job Owebama. Great job.

    3. On a recent survey, the majority actually believe the government is lying to them about the Libyan massacre. Can you imagine that? The people don’t believe the government. I am shocked and awed. What was really amazing is that about 17% of the public have no opinion on whether we were lied to or not. Folks, that is amazing. But then, if you have watched any of the man on the street interviews conducted by Howard Stern in NEW YORK CITY about the upcoming election, and why people are going to vote for Owebama and Owebama’s new black running mate Paul Ryan (yep, ya gotta see this to believe it), I guess I understand why just shy of 20% of the public can’t make up their minds about the government lying to them. And as one highly literate woman in Cleveland said…I love Owebama…he gave me an Owebama phone…and dat is why I is votin’ for him again. When asked why she did not like Romney…her answer…a very literate and eduacted….Romney sucks! Maybe it is time to instittue a basic IQ test to be allowed to vote. Unbelievable.

    Owebama’s new campaing slogan is almost right on…but it should be LEAN FORWARD…because someone is about to come at you from behind.

  33. Pamela Jarvis September 29, 2012 at 11:52 am #

    Chris: Boy…you act like an angry spider…….sorry I touched such a sensitive nerve. It’s too bad you couldn’t be a bit more sensitive about other things outside yourself. Maybe you could use a few art lessons…it might take your mind off your hateful agenda against our President.

    I don’t profess to know answers….but I observe that Pres. Obama has been trying to handle a lot of the problems caused by your party which I assume is the Republican one. People are fed up with the backwardness and ignorance that consumes those who want to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Let’s try something that would save our world instead of the same old ideas that will blow it up. Bottom line…if we don’t respect others, they will not respect us……that would be a good place to begin. You have been involved in a world of violence…..that changes perspective….I understand that. But it can also stamp out thoughts of better ways to do things…..and war is one of the most detrimental and antiquated solutions on the face of the planet. Your rhetoric seems to be rather convoluted……we should all watch out that we don’t become the very thing we hate the most.

  34. Pamela Jarvis September 29, 2012 at 12:09 pm #

    Chris: By the way…you said we have freedom of speech but you wrote the following:

    “BTW…you might be a bit careful about who you are telling to shut up….”.

    That had a rather threatening ring to it…..but I know you didn’t mean it that way. Or did you?

  35. Chris September 29, 2012 at 1:27 pm #

    Again, you assume things not in evidence or fact. Such as my political party affiliation.
    And, you assume that I am angry. Well, ok, the last sentence is PARTIALLY right. I am angry with the spinless wimp who bows to foreign countries. I am angry at the debt he has put our nation in. I am angry that he is debilitating our military at a time when kids run around Muslim countries wearing shirts depicting the planes hitting the WT towers, and when an ambassador gets kidnapped, SODOMIZED, tortured and killed. Oh, when was the last US ambassador killed? Yep, during the CARTER regime. I do agree with one thing you said as it is liberals who keep making the same mistakes over and over again, and they genuinely expect different results. The mass stupidity of people like that does make me angry…because we are better than that.

    You now admit you don’t have the answers. Yet, you criticize others who cry out against what O-b is doing. Quite interesting. If you in your darkest moments of denial think that conservatives or those that oppose O-b wish to blow up our world, well, I cannot wrap my mind around such insanity.

    No one will argue with understanding and mutual respect being a good idea. It is a wonderful idea, and a concept our country operated under since our beginning. Then we got involved in WW1. I don’t know if that was the best move back then…but one of the early idiot progressives…Wilson—got us involved. As for WW2, and ending our isolationism…which I likened to leaving others alone (or mutual respect) until we got our butts kicked at Pearl Harbor – well that sort of got us permanently involved in world situations, especially since nuclear destruction now is a whole lot easier. Still, I am always ready for MUTUAL undestanding, and MUTUAL respect. It is AN answer, but not THE answer. In case you haven’t noticed, we are financing hatred against us by buying oil from the very nations who have NO respect for us, and want to kill us. Not all of them…maybe not half of them, but hey, when you are talking about over a billion people, half of that number is pretty daunting. The point is I RECOMMEND we use OUR ENERGY RESOUCES…something we have an abundant supply of. We do not need to finance terrorism. We do not need to be in the middle east (except to defend Israel), and I would go one further…we do not need to be in Germany or Japan with our military. If Israel allowed it, I would have a huge presence in that country, and bring everyone else home. EVERYONE. Where in your little mind is that doing the same old thing? Just askin’

    The reference to you telling me to “shut up”, is clearly a reference to the liberal concept of the first amendment, which is that freedom of speech is only for liberals, or liberal ideas. You are quick to silence others, in any way you can. Take, for example, the arrest yesteday, September 28, 2012, of one of the video makers of the alleged reason the Muslims went nuts in Libya. The current regime pressured L A County to charge the man with a violation of his parole for BAD CHECK CHARGES, and he was committed to jail WITHOUT BAIL. Renowned liberals such as Bob Beckel even called it a very bad trend. If you cannot see that freedom of speech is a two way street…meaning if you allow a viewpoint you don’t like to be stifled, than one day your viewpoint will be stifled. If you perceive it as a threat, in a roundabout way, you are right. The threat is from our government though, and not me. The threat is one day, you might be the one that is silenced. Where is the outrage in uber leftist Hollywood that a video maker was arrested and tossed into jail for a bogus charge? Oh, yeah, charge a scum sucking pig like Larry Flynt with anything, and the leftist Hollywood elites would be screaming and crying and have gnashing of teeth. OMG, they would cry, how could you deny him his freedom of speech. And KNOW I am right.

    There is nothing convoluted about my reasoning, and you know it. I do not want my kids or grand kids to have to fight a war…and when I think about the tens of thousands of our volunteers who have come back from the middle east maimed, disfigured, and suffering from PTSD, I grieve for them and their families. The only thing I can do is donate whatever small amount I have to Wounded Warriors, which I highly recommend that anyone who reads this take a moment to send them something. Anything. So, no, I don’t want my family to go down that road. That is why I advocate PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH…a concept that has worked since the beginning of time. We looked weak enough before Pearl Harbor, that a tiny country like Japan decided to attack us. We looked weak enough in 2001, after 8 years of a decline in our intelligence gathering, and a diminished military, to attack us in NY and DC. We end up fighting when we appear to be spineless and gutless, which is where O-b has taken us, and wants to continue to take us.

    Your conclusions about who I am and what I believe are wrong. I have a zest for life that you cannot comprehend. My glass is always half full…and filling up. I detest corruption, however, and that has no party affiliation. Liberals deny that they can be corrupt, but they point their fingers at the right. I don’t care which side of the aisle one sits on, corruption is corruption, and that is all I have seen from O-b. Now, it is time to get rid of that corruption.

    You ranted and raved about me not offering solutions. I did. I aksed for yours, and you said you don’t have the answers. Kinda looks like game set match, to me, and probably to all the readers of this blog, save the drive by bloggers, who I don’t count as valid anyway

  36. Pamela Jarvis September 30, 2012 at 12:49 am #

    Chris: “Shut up” is only for liberals to say?? How about all the insults you say are just fine to throw my way…..are they only for whatever philosophy you represent to use on someone you have a difference with?? Same old stuff….everyone is equal except some that are more equal than others.

    As far as energy… about solar, wind, ocean, air, and other inventions now in the works. We don’t have to destroy our water with fracking. We have alternatives we aren’t even pursuing due to the walls the Republicans have built to prevent progress. We could have had a jobs program if not for them. But why bother with talking to the far right….they are so far away they cannot hear the voice of reason anymore…only Fox news, Rush Limbaugh, the Koch brothers, Rupert Murdock, Karl Rove, and the rest of the pack of the rich and richer. Maybe you don’t mind paying as much in taxes as Romney, but there are many that do. They want to pay MORE….those that have some money to give that are Democratic and know what the score is. As for the Wounded Warriors who are part of the 47% that don’t pay taxes, I also give generously to their cause. They are the forgotten and mistreated. It must change.

    I don’t think you are a bad person Chris…..but for all your knowledge of history, you should know that the last administration made some horrific mistakes we are now paying dearly for. That is fact that you don’t want to acknowledge.

  37. Ron Kenerly September 30, 2012 at 4:29 am #

    All of these dissertations are wonderful to read but if none of you people are not willing to defend your positions with your lives, then all of this verbiage is noting more than hot air talk and bullshit! If you are not willing to put your lives on the line to defend your position, then you need to shut your mouth!
    Ron Kenerly

  38. Pamela Jarvis September 30, 2012 at 11:23 am #

    Dear Ron: What could you possibly be talking about….”putting your lives on the line” for a position?? What position?? Not everyone believes that killing each other is a good idea….however, if I had to defend my children and grandchildren from harm, I would certainly put my life on the line….as I’m sure you would too. And if you served in the military, perhaps you already have put your life on the line, and I hope with much appreciation from those you served your country for. I do believe that solving problems peacefully is the better plan though….less collateral damage.

    • Ron Kenerly October 2, 2012 at 1:43 pm #

      Next time you run into a mad dog or a irate Muslim, then you start talking and see how long it is before your blood is on the street. The military was originally designed to go kill the enemy, reap the spoils of war and come home. Now liberals have changed this so that they have to go appease the enemy, kiss their ass and come home to ungrateful people.
      My position is, if your confronted by an enemy, kill him or be killed…stops the problem for one of you immediately and that situation will never be repeated.

  39. Chris September 30, 2012 at 2:29 pm #

    “As far as energy… about solar, wind, ocean, air, and other inventions”

    Pam…back away from the kool aid pitcher. Good lord girl, there is not one person who won’t embrace these. The idiot in chief obviously does, not just blindly, but he embraces them with MY money…along with all other taxpayers. And he embraced them to the point of his cronies getting rich, while the companies went bankrupt. This is nothing but corruption, something liberals cannot admit happens on their side. Your defense of corrupt politicians, and corrupt people will get you every time. I refuse to defend corruption from the right or left. Libs deny, deny, deny. So far, none of your ideas are viable: THEY DON’T WORK YET. Oh, it is a wonderful idea to have all this energy. Let’s address this stuff.

    1. Solar. Absolutely a non starter so far. Oh, you can get some power from solar panels, but not nearly enough to power a house yet. It might power your lights, if you switch to 12v lights, but there is no way it will keep your food cold. A refrigerator takes about 1300 watts of start up power, and settles in to 850 watts. And forget about heat or cooling. There just isn’t a solar panel in the world that will generate that. Then, you have to store power for the night hours.
    Is solar a good idea? Of course, but until we perfect it (and private enterprise WILL perfect it when it is economically advantageous) we need cheap sources of energy. Buying war oil from the middle east is not an answer. Under o-b, we import MORE oil, instead of less. He promised us independance from mid east oil. LIE.HE is making his campaign contributors rich, and we pay for it. That is the difference between the free enterprise system and socialism. Socialism costs everyone money. In a free system, only the investors suffer. Oh, well. Under o-b, not one thing has been learned to help us. If you want a list of the lies of o-b, we need to do it on another blog.

    2. Wind. This works to a degree, but certainly does not meet our needs. It also pollutes. Surprised?
    Wind power turbines require a great deal of lubrication. Oil. They develop leaks, and pollute the very ground they are mounted on. No where in the US is it legal to dump oil into the ground. But, turbines do spill oil, and a lot of it. Also, they are maintenance nightmares requiring a lot of it. I have driven through wind turbine farms, and generally 25% of them are stopped. They aren’t generating a darn thing when they aren’t turning. Is it a bearing freeze? Are they out of oil (lubricant?) Or is it something else. Also, you take the uber rich like the Kennedy’s (oh…wow…a liberal family who made their money running booze during prohibition), who stopped a wind farm that they would have to look at. So, wind power is good as long as a liberal is not inconvenienced.

    3. Ocean. Do you realize the difficulties in attempting to harness power from the tides? Corrosion tops the list. If you are looking to make the ocean into a giant battery, then what do you do to the ecosphere of the ocean? Do you change the salinity? Do you effect aquatic life? Right now, we are better off trying to extract the energy from UNDER the ocean, without the help of the DOE who btw gave permission for BP to do what they did which resulted in a catastrophe in the gulf. So, we do it with an abundance of caution. Another btw, how many people died as a result of the oil spill in the gulf. Not the blow out, the result. In case you don’t know…NONE.

    Natural gas is abundant and very inexpensive here. It is available now. We can use it in our vehicles, and it pollutes less, makes the internal combustion engine last longer, and gives us better mileage. We can walk and chew gum at the same time. No one says quit on solar or wind. Heck, I have proposed a novel method of solar energy in the form of a sterling engine here on this blog. It is far more promising than solar panels. We have to grow up sometimes, and admit we are taking the wrong approach. Sometimes we have to change course. No one in the world would be happier than I to see a cheaper electric bill, based on the use of a renewable source such as the sun. For now, though, we need to wean ourselves from the wackos in the mid east, and stop financing terrorism which ends up being directed at US. That is just stooopid.

    That you would state…STATE… that I refuse to admit that the prior administration made mistakes, shows you really don’t read. I have been highly critical of Bush and many things that happened. Mistakes were made, and ideas were promulgated that I spoke out against then, and would now. As I said above, the uber left has failed to admit that o-b and his corrupt administration have made ONE MISTAKE, let alone mega mistakes, and have done waaaaay more to harm us than Bush. This is…so far…a Republic…and while we practice democracy, we are not a democracy per se. We are at best a Democratic Republic, and NOT a socialist or communist country (yet). O-b is attempting to finalize the turn in the road, and make us a homogenous socialistic mess, which will only further remove any entrepeneurship and inventive spirit we have. The best and the brightest want to come here, because they have the ability to make it. They want to go for the brass ring. We ALL have that chance. O-b wants to make American exceptionalism a thing of the past. He wants to dumb us down, give our assets away, and put us on the level of a European socialist country. WOW. That seems to be working well now in Greece, Spain, and France. What is it about the mentality that you can keep doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results? O-b has such a tremedous ego that he thinks he knows better than anyone else. Balderdash.

    Finally, I don’t get your jealousy of those people who are rich. I have no animosity towards anyone for grabbing that brass ring. You pick on Rush Limbaugh…but only 24 years ago, he was probably poorer than I am. He picked a course of action, and did well with it. Kudos to him. I don’t care if you are worth millions. Kudos to you. I don’t care that the Kennedys and before them the Roosevelts, and John Farquar Kerry (who served in Viet Nam, mind you) are rich. I certainly don’t hold Romney’s wealth against him…he EARED it all himself. He gave his entire inheritance to charity. His income is now based on investments, but when he worked in civilian life, he paid the top income tax rate. Now, he gives mega amounts of money to charity, but does not claim it all to reduce his taxes. Don’t start on me with Romney’s wealth. That is nothing but class warfare, and it has no place here in America. You should have a much bigger problem with HOW the Kennedys made their money. That could be argued. We have to stop this weath envy, this class warfare.

    Heck, my daughter, who educated herself, is now employed by a company who has seen the genius in her work, and in the next 8 years, she will make more than I did in my lifetime. Should I be jealous of her? HELL NO…she earned it. ANYONE who WANTS to, should be able to. To punish them by making them pay a punitive income tax is UN AMERICAN, and those people are patently unfair. The wealthy pay a higher rate than the lower income people, many of which pay NO income taxes. IS THAT FAIR? Shouldn’t everyone have some skin in the game? Shouldn’t everyone pay a bit towards their defense…towards their roads…towards the overall costs of the federal government? Why should anyone be exempt? What is FAIR about that?

    I know I am not a bad person, and appreciate you pointing that out. I have been blessed by having a wonderful family, and enjoy them immensely. From my mom, to my grandkids, I only want a better life for them. My desire to know history was a gift from my dad…and it tells me we cannot lower our guard, EVER…if we want to survive. We should keep communications open to our enemies, as well as our friends. Peace is only possible, if we have a bigger stick than the guy who wants what we have. That guy might think a whole lot before he tries us. Why can’t the left understand that?

  40. Pamela Jarvis October 1, 2012 at 10:50 am #

    Chris: I can concur with your thoughts on energy with the exception of how they are now extracting with new and dangerous toxic methods. We should be investing in research for safer alternatives which President Obama tried to do with the solar thing….sometimes first attempts don’t work but we must keep on trying don’t you think??

    Your view on taxes doesn’t fly….there are so many people working their butts off to stretch their meager pay checks to pay the bills….for instance: Walmart employees who are mostly hired for part-time work….the disgraceful greed of old Sam Walton’s gang. Then we have the Wounded Warriors themselves who mostly don’t pay taxes and can’t. How about the elderly generation barely living on Social Security. Then how about Romney giving 4 million or so of his income to the “charity” of the Mormon Church….. and hiding accounts in the Caymans and Geneva. Is that American?? And where the heck are his tax returns?? (You should watch the documentary, “The Mormon Candidate”, which goes into Romney’s attachments to his religious ideologies among other shocking revelations). Also….if you have the time and the courage to watch the documentary, “The Koch Brothers Exposed”, you may be surprised at what’s going on in that little corner of unadulterated economic manipulation of the far right kind.

    I too love my family above all else…and I want my peaceful and compassionate country back. Obama is trying against terrific opposition to make right what has been so wrong in so many areas. I don’t believe he is the monster the extremists say he is. We are slowly coming back from a very bad place…..the facts are out there, no matter what you want to believe.

    P. S. Posturing around with that big stick and daring anyone to start something doesn’t do us any good….much too arrogant…especially after Iraq. It may just cause us to be viewed as something our founding fathers never wanted us to be….and it may take a long time to recover from our mistakes in the past in that respect.

  41. Pamela Jarvis October 1, 2012 at 11:10 am #

    P.S.S. Where did you get the idea I am jealous of people who are rich?? I think having money is great if you know what to do with it and you’ve come by it honestly. I never said it was the root of all evil….who was that anyway??

    • Chris October 1, 2012 at 3:34 pm #

      “P.S.S. Where did you get the idea I am jealous of people who are rich??”

      Ans: From the post you wrote before the question… your other post.

      Once again, you rail against wealthy conservatives. Is Debbie Vassssssermaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn-SCHULLLLLLLTZ different than Romney? She has a plethora of her wealth in foreign countries, As a matter of FACT, so do several of your key uber leftists now in Congress. You might want to do some fact checking before you point fingers. Also, because YOU don’t like the Mormon church, does not mean it isn’t a legit charity, that feeds the hungry, etc. Of course you could use Joe Biteme Biden as a prime example of how to give to charity. (hahaha)

      As usual, you totally get me wrong and spin the big stick comment. We SHOULD NOT POSTURE, we should not swagger. We ALWAYS will need the bigger stick if we want to be safe – they just need to know we have it. There is no need to strut around and brag about things like…”we killed Bin Laden, and saved GM” Having the big stick is sufficient. To have less than the most power, means we will be targets of the great unwashed out there that want what we have. If we cannot give them a good reason to leave us alone, we invite attack. This is exactly what happened in Libya. This is exactly what happened on 9-11, after 8 years of gutting our military by Billy Bob of the Oral Office. This is exactly what happened on 12-7-41. When the apologists take over, we get the shaft. Then, in o-b’s case, we get lied to repeatedly. This guy is such a cretin, I cannot believe anyone other than the illiterate ilk could support him. Unless you believe in all that redistribution crap.

      The “facts” are NOT out there that shows we are coming back from a bad place. The facts are that we are about to enter a double dip recession. Our GDP is so dismal it is almost not worth a look. A hair over 1% for this year is not a recovery. Hey…you live in Florida. How is the real estate market down there? How many houses are underwater? How many people bought the lunacy of Barney Google and Chris Dudd…that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are fine. BTW, it was AFTER the uber left took control of Congress in 2006, that we went down the tubes. They lied, and people were screwed. It all goes back to Bill Bob of the Oral Office…he and that slime Andrew Coooomo wrote and signed the law that allowed anyone with a pulse to borrow money…no income verification…no down payments, all with “FAIRNESS” in mind. Hogwash. THAT is what caused our economy to tank, and you of the uber left blame Bush. What a joke. And the lame stream media goes along with it, agrees with it, and after all, what that bunch of scum says is taken as gospel. Please. Don’t make me barf.

      I am no longer going to watch some leftist documentary about a Mormon president than you are going to watch 2016, the story of where we are going to be if o-b gets four more years. The old will have death panels to go before, if they need operations or procedures that are costly. You KNOW I am right, and that was verified by a NY Slimes op ed piece last week. You keep throwing your spears against the Koch brothers, but fail to mention anything about the Kennedy family, all of o-b’s crooked pals in Chi-town – many of which are now in jail like Tony Resko, and Gov. “buy me a senator seat Blogo”, and the current illustrious mayor of Chicago. What a disgusting bunch of crooks and thugs. Oh, I can go on and on. If you want to keep harping on the Koch brothers, stand by. As usual, you can only find “bad rich people” on the right. There is never a bad leftist rich person in your book.

      You will never convice me that o-b is anything but a self serving egomaniac of a slug who has used taxpayer money to line his own pockets, as well as the pockets of his supporters, like George Soros. Oh, how about old Georgie? What a prince among men. He is the p.o.s. who as a teenager, in occupied Austria, went around ratting out the location of Jews to the Nazi’s. And old Georgie a Jew. Hey, with friends like that, who needs enemies. BUT hey, we gotta finance Brazil’s search for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, so WE can be their biggest customer. RIght. Other than that making Soros the Slime very rich, (a payback from o-b courtesy of the American taxpayer), I fail to see just how that employs Americans, how that ensures safe drilling in the Gulf, or benefits us by getting cheap fuel? Maybe you can shed light on that for me, and for everyone.

      O-b is evil incarnate. Period. Your support of him is worrisome to me, as I cannot wrap my mind around anyone who has a modicum of intelligence could vote for a socialist, unless of course that is your thing. If that is what you wish for, well, we have nothing else to discuss.

  42. Ralph E. October 1, 2012 at 4:49 pm #

    Snake Hunter Sez,


    * Do The Research

    * Display Verifiable Facts

    It’s a waste of time to begin a discussion without ‘fact-based evidence’…
    *** It’s putting the cart before the horse!!! ***

    Read my 20 pages of BIO on Valerie Jarrett — Find One Error — Jan 1st Post…

    And I’ll buy the man a.. Cuban Cigar… And the ladies a Bottle of Perfume!

    reb –
    ___ ___

  43. Ralph E. October 2, 2012 at 3:11 am #

    Snake Hunter Sez,

    October! – Now we shall have the substantive debates that will coax the “undecided
    independent” to weigh the evidence… that will determine whether we still have a “Constitutional Republic” with limited governance… Or, if we shall choose a full-blown Progressive/Democratic, Cradle-to the-grave Nanny State…run by appointed
    mini-czars, doling out favors to Union Bosses at SEIU and it’s ACORN Affiliates, and
    Nationalized Auto Manufacturing run by the United Auto Workers… all with directives
    issued from the Oval Office by a “Senior Advisor” and “Acting President of the USA”
    so the Elected C.I.C. can have “more flexibility” to negotiate a “Peace Agreement”
    with Iran’s Grand Ayatollah… plus a “Nuclear-free Disarmament Treaty” with his good friend VLADIMIR PUTIN… a’la Uncle Georgie Soros’ … NEW WORLD ORDER. – reb
    ___ ___

  44. Pamela Jarvis October 3, 2012 at 7:28 am #

    Dear Chris & Snake: Did you hear the latest on the voter fraud?? Much worse than Acorn. At least Acorn reported their own discrepancies….not so the GOP.

    Chris: Safe drilling in the Gulf?? HAHAHAHA! You must know something about the BP disaster as well as other horrible leaks & spills that are destroying our water. (Fracking).

    I DID see the movie “2016” for your information …. what a fiasco it was. Produced, written, and directed (very poorly done) by a smug and jealous little egoist with no facts or proof to back up the accusations that were intended to bring the viewing audience to a false conclusion about Pres. Obama. Shameful. Now…are you up to watching some of my recommendations? No, I thought not. That is why you don’t know what’s going on in the backyard of what I assume is your party affiliation. Too much Fox and Rush..I reiterate. Anyway….Pres. Obama is trying his best to overcome the outright slanderous and racist propaganda that abounds, while trying to save our country from the extremist name-calling uninformed.

    Another thing you are way off-kilter on….the housing market is coming back strong in South Florida. No research here from you Chris.

    By the way, Romney was a Bishop in the Mormon Church…..any connections there? Separation of Church & State….in the Constitution. Do you not think the Mormon Church spends some of that cold cash on Mr. Romney and it’s own agendas? As far as off-shore accounts….is that the REAL American Way?? This is one of the richest candidates to ever to run for President of the United States …. you would think he wouldn’t be shipping his jobs overseas……or would you condone that too. Everyone is equal except some that are more equal than others. Hmmmm.

    • Roger October 3, 2012 at 9:39 am #

      I’m not at a loss for words but no one in their right mind could respond to this ramble.

  45. Pamela Jarvis October 7, 2012 at 8:34 pm #

    You are at a loss for words “Roger”, because you read facts. Not lies.

  46. Ralph E. October 7, 2012 at 11:47 pm #

    Snake Hunter Sez, – Pamela, As usual, it’s you, the sleazy little snake, that chronically calls people names, and distorts facts. We’re not at all certain what “roger” thinks, or which party he prefers, he’s said nothing yet. Another anonymous pal of yours, Pam?

    I guess you haven’t noticed, but President O-Bla-bla has recently changed his tune…
    now a month away from his waterloo… he’s suddenly decided that FRACKING IS O.K.
    He probably found out that Deep-well Hydro-Fracking is at least a couple of thousand feet below the water table.

    Did You Know.. that major truck fleet operators are in the process of converting form high-sulpher Venesualan black-smoke deisel… to clean-burning Compressed Natural Gas? Ryder Trucks, United Parcel Service, and the U.S. Post Office? It’s not only safer for the environment, but will save these fleet owner 40% on annual fuel bills?

    A “bishop” in the LDS is not an upper-echelon position in that church; research it.

    No big threat there Pamela; there’s only 15 million Mormons world-wide; The Roman Catholics claim 800 million, and the blood-thristy Islamist have 1.5 billion that would enjoy enslaving as many unaware infidel females as possible… because the dead shahid warriors need more groups of 72 goofy virgins to keep their flocks of suicidal warriors happy.

    Finally Pamela, if Mitt Romney has some money stashed in off-shore accounts, it cannot compare with the loot Uncle Georgie Soros has… It’s billions & billions, cuz SOROS NEEDS BIG BUCKS… to Influence Progressive Chicago Politicians and MSM Journalists… to keep Pumping out Pablum to Move FORWARD… with Obama-Mania, plus his scheme for — > The New World Order.

    Now, Put on your Dunce-Cap …and go sit in the corner Pamela. – reb
    ___ ___

  47. Ralph E. October 8, 2012 at 6:20 am #

    Snake Hunter Sez to Baby Rattle-snake Pamela:
    Stop making foolish remarks… do a simple comparison…

    * Barry Obama’s Four Years of Abject Failure;

    * Mitt Romney’s Lifetime of Brilliant Success. – reb
    ___ ___

    • Pamela Jarvis October 10, 2012 at 9:43 am #

      Oh Ralphy: I am the one calling names??? It’s you, baby-cakes that calls the names most foul. As far as facts, you divert the attention from the issues as usual….and come forth with more lies and distortions of what I wrote. I never have said natural gas was a bad thing if extracted in a safe method. President Obama is now vigorously investigating the safety of fracking……or didn’t you know that? As far as the Mormons are concerned, I am only concerned with the 4 million charity donation Romney made to his church…..and how much of that came back to Mr. Romney’s campaign. Two wrongs don’t make a right for Mr. Romney, no matter what Soros does…..George Soros isn’t running for the president of the United States. Romney is showing his true “Americanism” with his off-shore, out-sourcing agenda. Romney has also shown in the last debate that he has tremendous “salesmanship” abilities……. snake oil type…..which should give you pause, being the snake hunter you are.

      • Roger October 10, 2012 at 10:10 am #

        “Obama is now vigorously investigating the safety of fracking”

        How does he find time for this when he’s been focused like a laser on creating jobs the last 3 1/2 years?

        • chris October 11, 2012 at 3:47 am #

          Hey Roger…Obama is seriously and vigorously investigating how to apply his college doctrine of freedom of speech… well, freedom if he likes it, but censorship if he doesn’t like it. Just like the rest of the liberal slime…they want to hear it if they agree with it, but want to stifle it if they don’t.

          People died…and Obama lied. But what is new?

  48. Pamela Jarvis October 10, 2012 at 10:22 am #

    P. S. Ralphy: Obama has had four years trying to correct the damage done by the last 8 years of the Republican administration….and please don’t tell me not to talk about Bush & his gang….it is most relevant to talk about it so that it can’t happen again. It took eight years to put us in tremendous debt…and you want President Obama to cure the problem in four??? Baloney. As far as Mitt Romney’s lifetime of brilliant successes…..they seem to be all for himself and his cronies. Did you forget about the thousands he put out of work shipping his businesses out of country?? How about how he works putting people out of work in this country after he buys and closes their work place. He was okay letting GM and everyone else go bankrupt. We would love going to the bankrupt bank to get our money out…..oh yeah.

    Oh Ralphy… need the dunce hat…not I. Privatization of Social Security, (and everything else they can privatize) – de-regulations that will put us back in the hole we are trying to climb out of, tax cuts for the most wealthy, vouchers for medical insurance and “choosing your own insurance provider” – (did you ever try to negotiate with an insurance company for a treatment?) – no pre-existing conditions clause for those not on medicare at the present time (which he blatantly lied about during the debate) – and a policy that will end up costing more in taxes for the 99% – more taxes than for the 1% of the most affluent among us. Then there will be stripping funding for public broadcasting, education, the arts, policemen, firemen, teachers, etc., the list goes on horrifically. He wants to cut funding for the Public Broadcasting System who’s yearly amount equals what our country pays every 6 hours to the Pentagon and the bloating of our military budget. What are you guys thinking of……voting against your best interest. Or maybe you fall in that category of people who have income over $250,000./year that will have to pay a few pennies more. If you can dispute any of this….let’s hear some of your so-called “facts”. And where are Romney’s tax returns???

  49. Pamela Jarvis October 10, 2012 at 10:26 am #

    Roger: For your information, President Obama has had a jobs bill in Congress forever, that would have provided hundreds of thousands of jobs…..the Republicans have stymied and obstructed this bill for the sake of bringing Obama down….do you not know that? It’s party first and the heck with the country.

  50. Ralph E. October 11, 2012 at 5:50 am #

    Snake Hunter Sez…

    PammY – Do You Believe In Coincidence.. and Connecting A Mile of Dots.. and …. Ominous Warning Signs… and Evil People… On Board a Hell-Bound Train?

    ___ ___